Monday, November 08, 2021

UPDATE Week of Nov 8

the irony of wearing Cobra Kai "No Mercy" shirts at Micah 6:8 did not escape us

The Week

it was a relatively seamless week of transition for the Fellows as Hef stepped into the director role and Ned pivoted his focus toward community engagement at Novant.

we know there will be bumps along the road - but all in all - everywhere got where they were supposed to (I did forget to take Anna Rose to school on Thursday. Oops) but all in all - the future is bright.

Round Table - Lego Style

JT Turner has a "hobby" Not sure when a hobby turns into either a second profession or an obsession, but man is this physician good with tiny bricks. 

He also cooks a mean rib. The Fellows feasted.

We also had the chance to celebrate this beautiful woman's birthday. Happy Birthday Elisabeth Anthony!

Leader Lunch - Richard Daniels Style

Richard Daniels gave us his three words - "Dedication, Commitment, and Perseverance"

His story is one of the most inspirational I know. Thank you Richard!

Beloved Community - Dr. Anthony Jones Style

Dr. Jones began his class on the Beloved Community with us on Friday. 

Work Space

The Fellows sent pictures of their work stations on Tuesday. Here is Sydney, the sweetest workstation.

Molly in her classroom

Ismael at Love Out Loud

Ned bringing some Fellows traditions to Novant.

I finally got my badge! Very descriptive wouldn't you say?

My counterpart at Atrium. It is going to be a true delight to work with him. 

Ashlyn at Fast Med rolling along

Elisabeth had the whole library to herself

Deep Clean

The dishes had gotten slightly backed up and the kitchen was in need of some reorganizing. Never fear - Ashlyn, Molly and Sydney came to the rescue!


Micah 6:8 Regional Conference

Thirteen of the thirty-three Fellows Programs convened in Oxford, NC for the 19th annual Micah 6:8 conference. 

My good friend, and Wake Forest Law Alum, Ambassador John Richmond, spoke for three of the four sessions.

He spoke while I ate cookies.

A great time was had by all in a fully-vaxed environment.

No Mercy

We had a good showing at the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament - making it all the way to the finals. We came up against some stiff competition from the Colorado Springs Crew. "Orange Sleeves" in particular. The guy was a menace.


We had our first two interviews this week. We are in conversation with about four more strong contenders. The future truly is bright. 

If you are in contact with a college senior or someone who has recently graduated, please put them in contact with us at

Thank you!


Financial support is an essential part of keeping the Winston-Salem Fellows strong.

Send your checks to 

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as always - thank you!

Looking Ahead

Monday - Back to work and a quiet Round Table at the Fellows (also the Young Life Banquet)

Tuesday - Work and Rotary Club and Tuesday Night Pickleball League

Wednesday - Leader Lunch with Chuck Spong and Love Out Loud and Bible Study and Community Service

Thursday - Work and Beginning of Fellows Reunion Weekend

Friday - Seminar with Dr. Clay Cooke and Fellows Reunion Weekend

Saturday and Sunday - Fellows Reunion and Church

More Photos 

Thanks all! Keep sharing the story and spreading the love!