Monday, April 05, 2021

UPDATE Week of April 5

Family Friendship

Meghan Beck joined her Family Friends, the Welshes for their Easter Morning tradition

We have moved to community living this year, so in place of Host Families we now have what we are calling Family Friends. It has been one of the sweet surprises of the year seeing how these relationships have blossomed. 

Upper Room with the Mauzys

In honor of Easter? we had a special Round Table this week at the Mauzy's Barn and Headquarters of Threshing Floor Brewing. 

Courtney and Kim rock

They joined us for dinner and worship. 

We talked about freedom and what it means to be set free by Christ. 

What a night. 

Thank you Mauzy family!

More than an Assist Man

Bo Brookby was the point guard for his high school basketball team, but he was more than an assist man - though he was that, too. 

His life of service and Kingdom work in and outside of the banking world really inspired us. 

And it is great to be face to face again!

Saving Strawberries

Crossnore sent our a distress call because of the freeze that was coming through Thursday and Friday. 

So the Fellows joined Barry the groundskeeper to save 20,000 plants

It was not easy!

So when you come to get your strawberries this year - remember Barry and all the hard work of the Fellows!

Personal Finance with Dr. Trolly

Jeff Trollinger is not a doctor - but the guy gave us good financial medicine this week. 

It was the first of two weeks that fall into our Adulting category of classes. This week we focused on Budgeting, Saving, the joys and perils of Credit Cards, and letting Time do the work. 

It was a Good Friday.

DC Party for Reiley

Speaking of Friday. It was Reiley's Birthday!

several of last year's Fellows came over the house to celebrate her. 

As did our newest Fellow's baby

Happy Birthday Reiley. We love you! She is heading to DC to study Public Health at George Mason. We are so proud of her but she will be missed!

Asheville Road Trip Quickie

Several Fellows took advantage of the longer-ish weekend and road tripped up to Asheville for part of the weekend. 

I love how we can do this in North Carolina!

Easter Celebrations

Emily sent this from Hope Church

Tori visited family

So did Michelle

The annual easter basket at the Schapiras

Outdoor church

Grace Mezzy sighting

Sam's parents came into town - among other wonderful things.

The Many Angles of Owen Woods Easter Cookout 

Owen decided to create a new tradition - grilling out for his family and friends. He even made a poster invite.

And he dialed up about the best weather ever!

Recruitment Update

This picture is making me cry - but it is with GREAT joy that I get to welcome Louise Wittenburg to the 2021-22 Winston-Salem Fellows. 

I have known this beautiful person since near the beginning of her journey with Doug and Jen. Doug is one of my heroes and greatest friends. He fought cancer and lost but won a crown of glory that will shine on forever. How I love him and miss him. 

Louise graduated from Grand Canyon University in December with a Psychology Degree. She is going to be an amazing Fellow. Welcome!


We are growing something huge here in Winston-Salem. 

We need the equivalent of water and sun to help us - it's your support!

Pray always. 

and Send Financial Contributions to 


Winston-Salem Fellows
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Then and Now

Nine years ago we had our first East up in the mountains

Nine years later - same porch. same people.

This Week

Owen Wood is pumped about this week. 

Monday - Round Table at the Raineys

Tuesday - Vaccine Clinic. Rotary.

Wednesday - Leader Lunch and Workout with Curtis Harrington of the FAST Tribe. Bible Study.

Thursday - Directors Meeting

Friday - Classes with Jeff Trollinger and Nigel Alston.

Saturday - Hydrating for Humanity 100 miler. 

Owen pulled a prank on April Fool's with this faze stud earring. There is no faking that Owen himself is a stud, though.

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