Monday, November 12, 2018

UPDATE Week of Nov 12

Lanie and her Guardian Angels
This week Lanie asked if we could come help her move some furniture. I played more of an advisory/supervisor role...Ha!


Isaiah tries on his wedding present.


Working through the details at Round Table

A special thanks to Trey and Roonie Craig for hosting us Monday night for Round Table. We had a blast! Laughter, song and prayers filled the house.

Splitting up for prayer
A new thing: We are instituting a "Daily Office" for the Month of November. We are keeping it simple at first with a morning, midday, and evening reading. 

It is not as easy as you think!

Mathu sent the group a picture with the caption "Let's Do This!"

Beautiful Lookout from Black Mountain

On Tuesday, I had the opportunity to travel up to Montreat College for their Symposium on Work and Vocation. I was able to meet a ton of students and teach two sessions on "How to Figure Out God's Will for Your Life!" Both sessions were packed! My second workshop was better than my first. Ha! 

A quick run to the top of Lookout and back before heading home

That evening, me and some of the Fellows went to hear a House Concert featuring Kyle Cox and Cory Quintard in the basement of Daniel and Sarah Johnson. I doubt if better music was being played on Tuesday anywhere in town! These guys rock!

Kyle Cox and Cory Quintard

Leader Lunch with Bob Baker

Bob and the gang

Bob Baker (he leads Wake Forest's Academic Development Team) was an outstanding Leader Lunch speaker. 

Here are a couple nuggets from our time together:

"The key to getting the next job - do the job you are given."

"Be more excited about praising others than being praised."

"If you can't change, you can't lead."

"You can't win all the time, but you can build relationships all the time."

As my friend Clyde says: "BOOM!"

Thanks Bob!

Chapel Thrill

My second Ehlinger of the week!

Tim Spangler and I went to Chapel Hill to meet with potential Fellows at the NC Study Center and later at RUF. Brandt Berry put on a great event for us. Tate Heisler showed up! So great to see him. 

Then, it was off to RUF where Tim was pretty much a celebrity. The dude is LOVED!

Did you know that Tretorns are coming back?

Who Nose?

The Ericksons - a red nosed family

My friend Tripp and I went to Juggheads for a beer Thursday night and ended up supporting the Ronald McDonald House! Ha!


The 2018-19 Fellows
 I finally got a good picture of all the Fellows! It was harder to capture than you would think!

The funny picture...ha!


Mathu reads scripture at church

Mathu during a fun run at school (I met with Mathu's boss this week - no spurprises - THEY LOVE HIM!)

Mathu with his boys from Wingate

Garrett back at his Alma Mater for the weekend


Hernan and Ned

Hernan Sabio and I went east to run the OBX Marathon. Conditions were great. A slight cross wind, but all in all could not have asked for a better race. 

We stuck together for most of the race. At the end, Hernan ended up winning his age group and I ended up getting 3rd overall in the Masters (aka the old person club)! Ha!

We went to mass the night before - I really enjoyed it


It's hard to believe that it's already time to talk about next year. We have one outstanding applicant that we are praying accepts. We are interview another next week that we are pretty excited about. Just got off the phone with a fabulous young man from Texas. 

Hoping our trips to Montreat and Chapel Hill return some fruit. 

Join me in prayer for a full class of just the right Fellows. 



First of all, now that I finally have a good photo of our Fellows, I will be able to send out proper thank you letters to all of you who have given this year. My apologies for the delay. 

You are SO appreciated. 

If you would like to be a member of this exclusive club - send checks to 

Winston-Salem Fellows 
851 W. 5th St. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Or give on line at 

As always, Thanks!


David wants to know what's going on this week

Monday: Round Table at the Raineys. 

Wednesday: Leader Lunch with Lia Erickson - the best!
- Bible Study
- Serving around the Community
- Attending a Discussion on Science and Faith with Dr. Tony Atala

Thursday: Mission Emanuel Fiests

Friday: Classes with Clay and David

That sounds fun!

Thanks All! Keep sharing the stories and spreading the love!

Monday, November 05, 2018

UPDATE Week of November 5

Chanice and Kelly

It is Great to be a Fellow!

...just ask Christian McConnon who just got back from an eight day business trip to Germany and Austria. 

Christian McConnon
Christian had the opportunity to participate in the Quo Vadis Institute's international conference on Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. 

Listen to deep thinkers

Participate in Panel Discussions

Serve refugees from Afghanistan and Syria
and have a little fun!

OK...a lot of fun

Meanwhile...back in Winston-Salem

Tripp Wilson nailed Round Table 

Mathu, Aly and Kelly

Obviously no fun was being had back in Winston-Salem

Leader Lunch at the Truth Network with Stu Epperson Jr.

We made a memory!

My friend Stu has more energy in his left pinky knuckle than most people I know have in their whole bodies. But let me tell you - Stu was in rare form this Wednesday for Leader Lunch. BeforeI knew what was happening we in back in the studio recording a 20 minute program for Truth Talk Live. 

Tom Massamucci was in costume playing flute. I was thrown behind the mic and we just had to let it rip. 

Here is some photos and footage!
can you see the what have I gotten myself into look on my face!

see the look of concern on my face!

Tom - oh boy

the parking lot at the studio
 A truly classic moment.

After that our Fellows went to Bible Study.

Some praising going on

Then, it was Halloween!

The Fellows hung out on Oaklawn with a third of Winston-Salem. 

The Ericksons had a neighborhood holiday bash and went out trick or treating in Old Sherwood.

David wanted to be a "cereal killer" this year. 

he was serious about it too!

Anna Rose was a horseback rider (which is not even really dressing up)

Lia was a witch. I think you are allowed to say that about your wife!

I dressed up like one of my anscestors

Thursday, the Fellows band played jazz at the Bottle Shop.

Shout out to Jenny Fulton who came by!

Then, Friday it was off to the Regional Fellows Micah 6:8 Conference in Oxford, North Carolina

Andrew Miller under a tree on fire

We had a great time with Fellows from around the country at our annual regional conference.

Laura got to catch up with friends from Furman

I got to see Jack Taylor (a Capital Fellow - from Winston-Salem)

Garrett had the chance to see Suby Wildman (the Falls Church Director who also credits Garrett's mother for leading her to the Lord!)

We also had the chance to welcome back Christian from his world travels

This year we went Christmas themed for the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

We made a good showing, but in the end lost in overtime

The plus side of losing - more free time!

relaxing under beautiful blue skies
Bryan brought the house down in the talent show

I love these guys!!!!
 Our speaker John Richmond has some great Winston-Salem connections. He recently became the US Ambassador of Human Trafficking (we are against it - he doesn't run a program for it). I think he is the first Ambassador I've ever met. Pretty amazing.

Like I said: it is great to be a fellow

right Christian?

We have extended our first offer for next years class already! What!

This week, I'll be heading to Montreat College to present a workshop on vocation for a conference for their student body. That's Tuesday.

Wednesday, I'm off to Chapel Hill to participate in a panel for Fellows Programs at the NC Study Center.

I'm also meeting with an interested Wake Student.

Hoping for more than a few!


Chanice wants your support!
 We simply cannot do this program without the financial support of this community. Please join the team if you haven't already.

Checks go to
Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Or give online at



It's fall. Have you noticed?

MONDAY: This week we have got Round Table with our friends, the Craigs.

TUESDAY: Voting!
- then spending the day in Black Mountain at Montreat College
- then going to a House Concert hosted by some friends

WEDNESDAY: Bob Baker, Senior Associate Vice President of University Development at Wake Forest (now THAT's a job title) will be speaking at our leader lunch.
- then Bible Study,
- then Serving
- then going to Chapel Hill

FRIDAY: Classes with Clay Cooke and David Speakman resume

Church stuff this weekend while the Fellows Director runs the OBX Marathon!

Oh! one other thing: you may be wondering - Where's Mathu? Don't worry about him. He was in the Bahamas at a friend's wedding! 

Like I is great to be a Fellow!