Monday, November 25, 2019

UPDATE Week of November 25

Brianne's peeps

Brianne was our last Fellow to commit. Boy oh boy are we glad she did. She has taken this year from an A+ to an A++ 


It was chili time at Dustin and Holly's for Monday's Round Table. 

We were greeted by Owen

the dread pirate Owen - or is he a knight?

The fire was cooking

Hannah and Mattie warm themselves by the fire

Greg, as it turns out, is the child whisperer

Dustin pulled out the guitar and I got to accompany him as he led worship. 

We answered the question "Where are you?" and talked about meeting God in the present. 

Retro Modern at its finest

A great night was had by all. Thanks Heaths!


Hef and I spent Tuesday morning working alongside Brianne and the Habitat for Humanity team

Brianne works in development, but she might be moving over to construction

We only had to redo everything three times!

We are so glad that God gave us people skills because we sure as heck don't have hammer skills


Tuesday evening we had representatives from every class of Fellows come over and munch on chips and salsa while laughing our way well into the night. 

Couches as they were meant to be

Bryan Pardue, who had to leave early, and I had been cooking up this new thing for about a month now. I'm so glad we did!

Oh how I love the Fellows! It was so good for my soul to get some of the gang back together. 

This is the beginning of what I am expecting will be one of the lasting impacts of the Fellows Program. The Alumni Council will help us 
- keep in touch
- care for one another
- continue our journey
- build our network
- grow together both in Winston-Salem and around the world. 

It is not easy keeping tabs on Fellows, but thanks to this new initiative that task has just gotten a little bit easier. 

AND! A whole lot more fun. 


David outpaces Bryan and Mathu at Alpha and Omega Farm


Allan Younger and the gang

Allan Younger is a smooth operator if I ever saw one. I love this man. I love how he does life. I love how he thinks about who he is and what he does. What an honor to spend a few hours with him. 

And what a gift it is that we have such a strong community college here in Winston-Salem. Forsyth Tech is nationally recognized for its job preparation and business development. Allan is a big part of why this is the case. 

Thank you, my friend, for your service to our community, and your friendship to me. 

Jacob and Mattie put their heads together in a meeting of the minds


Applications have been coming in at a steady trickle. As usual, the ladies seem to be ahead of the game when it comes to being on the ball. Let's go gentlemen!

As of this morning, we are celebrating our first two Fellows for the 2020-21 year!

Lots more on these friends to come, but here is a glimpse of what we have in store next year! I CANNOT BE MORE EXCITED!

Bailey Yerby

Meghan Beck

Who will be next????


Anna Rose put together a Frozen party Friday for her friends - so cool
It started with goats

Then segued into a Frozen movie marathon


lifting up Haley this week
Haley Westerveldt had a really tough week. On Tuesday morning, her godmother Anne Schaefer passed away after battling cancer. Haley was at her bedside every step of the way. 

Then, she had to head to Washington DC for another medical school interview. 

Then, this weekend there was the viewing and funeral. 

Most of us went down Sunday to be with her for the funeral. It was standing room only at Macedonia Methodist Church. The service was one of the most beautiful I have ever been to. What an amazing woman Anne Schaefer must have been. I am excited to meet her in heaven someday. 


If you ever wondered how we do all that we do - well, we do it through people like you donating time and finances to the cause!

Now is the time!

Send checks to 

Winston-Salem Fellows
PO BOX 20514
Winston-Salem, NC 27120

or give online at

We have just started a big fundraising push! Help us reach our goal in record time by giving today!

How much do we need? Our goal this year is $70,000. We can get there with your help. 


Super volunteer Michelle Schapira shares my favorite sandwich in Winston-Salem with her beautiful daughter

love these guys

love these girls

love these guys, too!

and this guy

I stopped by the old house to visit Jody and Amanda and give them a welcome gift. They have done so much to 381 Dover Dr. It looks AWESOME! So much better than it ever did when we lived there. I'm so glad we left so they could do that address justice. What a gift!

love this flower

love these guys

and these guys - they're the same guys - but you know what i mean

Monday, November 18, 2019

UPDATE Week of November 18

Three Tigers
Just to show that we in Winston-Salem do not hold grudges or hard feelings - our front page this week is of three Clemson Tigers. For those of you who don't know - Clemson thumped Wake Forest this week 52-3. Ouch!


I stood on one leg in solidarity of my friend Andrew

Fellows and friends of Fellows
On Saturday evening, we celebrated Andrew and Abby's engagement! The big day is scheduled for the end of February. Cannot wait!

Jess is a pro at the selfie. Hootie is a pro at obscuring part of her face always. Michael has perfected the double thumbs up (Trending right now). 


Reese reps the old 469 shirt
Winston-Salem repping in Arequipa, Peru

Back in Winston, I got to hand out with one of Julia's beautiful bridesmaids, Natay!
We are sending well wishes to Reese and Julia as they celebrate a shade over two months of their new life together in Peru working for an NGO. Life is bueno. 


The Costens slaughtered Round Table
Round Table Monday night was at the home of Jade and Jessie Costen. It was soooo good. Lots of laughs. Lots of beautiful conversation. 

Their dog Sunshine had never heard or seen a guitar before - so that was an experience. We also almost had to do the Heimlich on her after she choked on a bone - that would have been a first!

The kiddos joined in the fun

JM made himself at home

Jessica gave the dessert a thumbs up

Jackson, Johnny, Reiley and Branne make a perfect diagonal

A great night was had by all - thank you Costens!


We had a blast with this crew

Brad and Halston held the room on Wednesday at Leader Lunch

I love when we get to visit our friends at the Budd Group. They are an amazing company that in so many ways exemplifies what we teach our Fellows.

It has become a great partnership. There are now four programs that employ Fellows at the Budd Group in four cities! 

Here in Winston-Salem, he have two Fellows alum who are working with them full time. That's exciting stuff!

Brad and I reliving our glory days back when he was in college
So much love going around the room

Not sure why they leaned in. Lots of wall. Lots of wall. 


Visiting Christian on his new campus
After Leader Lunch I hit the road and drove up to JMU to visit Christian McConnon (alum) and speak at RUF where he is currently working. I met a bunch of amazing guys, including this guy next to Christian. His name is Paul. I hope he applies!


Chris Lambert and Byron Williams
Sometimes you just have to wonder: what did I do to get to live a life like this? But here Greg and I were solving the world's problems with Chris Lambert, CEO of Life Remodeled and columnist, talk show host, author, professor and all around wonder man Byron Williams.

Introducing Greg to some of the finer things
I have not inhaled so much smoke in my life!  Ha!


Haley, Hannah, and Reiley solve Health Care during Friday morning's class
Sophie Earle and Jacob rethink politics

Jessica, Brianne, and JM reform church


Anna Rose and her friends sang the Star Spangled Banner at the Wake Girls Basketball Game Friday night. 


Brianne had the chance to introduce her host family to her real family. They kind of look all related don't they?

These guys don't get along at all


Anna Rose accidentally put the milk away in the pantry instead of the fridge. Imagine my surprise this morning! 


Jessica takes a picture of me taking a picture

Can you picture what life would be like if the Fellows didn't exist? Well, believe it or not, it only does because men and women like you support it. 

Let's keep the picture alive!

Donate today. 

Checks to
Winston-Salem Fellows
PO Box 20514
Winston-Salem, NC 27120

or online to 

Thank you!


Ned is doing some traveling to do what he can to get the right people on the Winston bus. We have had some good news recently. Our second Fellow has signed on for the year. A third got an offer today, and we are talking with two more this week!

Keep praying! Let's fill this bus up early!


A little cloudy today. But bright skies are ahead!
Monday: Round Table at the Heaths
Tuesday: Alumni Council at the Ericksons
Wednesday: Leader Lunch with Allan Younger and Bible Study
Thursday: BIG Mailing!
Friday: Classes at Wake


Go tigers!

The Happy Couple


Crafted = so good

Brianne's bike arrived!

Eddie and John are getting deep

Christian's couch was the comfiest thing I have slept on in a long time

More from Budd

Mattie really like dessert at the Costens
This is the dream. More of this please!