Monday, October 28, 2019

UPDATE Week of October 28


Last night under the cover of darkness - we did some vigilante love downtown and picked up over 1,000 cigarette butts at the Winston-Salem Bus Terminal


On Friday after class, the Fellows helped paint the new City with Dwellings building (top floor of Douglas Battery) Last time I was there, I was with Adventure Guides and we had an urban nerf gun war (we found several pieces of evidence! Ha!!!)


Monday Round Table at John and Mary Spangler's (and Tim's)

Tim and JM
We had an awesome time Monday with the Spanglers. I love how they jump right in and become part of the crew. 

Hef and two girls praying on the porch

Leader Lunch with Steve Lineberger at Winston-Starts

Steve rocked it

Steve is a Fellows exemplar. I love what ain't easy - simple. So thankful for him. 

Too Much Ned - Steve and I saw each other almost every day this week! Ha! At Jack Larson's (un-birthday party), at Leader Lunch, at Village Juice, and at 500 W. 5th's Ribbon Cutting. Ha! It might have been too much Ned - but it sure wasn't too much Steve. Love this guy!


At the crack of dawn, I dropped off my sweet girl for the 7th Grade Charleston trip
That night, I went to Camp Hanes for the YMCA Board Retreat. I learned one thing - if I go hunting with a bow and arrow - it better be for elephants! Ha!


natural reaction
We found out Bailey Yerby said YES TO US! Woo Hoo - first Fellow of the 2020-21 Class!!! And I already know it is going to be a great year!!!!!!


Three Fellows went to the Winston Lake YMCA to help out with national after school program day 


Others headed downtown to Venture Cafe to take part in the Q Conference hosted by former Board Member Stephen Edwards. That guy is everywhere


Shannon, Virginia, Mary and Ashby
What a fun night we had with our Host Families at Shannon Rainey (who hosted a day after knee surgery!) 

We left truly encouraged by this group of amazing individuals. Thank you Host Families! You are the secret sauce to what makes this program great! We love you!!!!


Angie Kistemaker hounded me enough (and baited me with lunch) to get us to help paint the new City with Dwellings hub that Douglas Battery has opened to the city. (What a gift!)

Old man Jackson - graying right before our eyes!
Everyone wanted selfies!
Hannah and Jessica knocking out some walls
Double time - Jessica wasn't messing around

Renaissance Haley - we thought she looked like a painting while she was painting!

Kyle and Rocko were super funny

Listening party downtown


Wake soccer game
what you do after a hard fought loss...

Phillip Summers - bus driver activist - organized a vigilante love project at the bus station Sunday night

those are cigarette butts!

David wants to do this once a month


I got to visit Mattie at work this week
She made the work collage! You go Mattie!
I wasn't sure where she gets all her I do!


David was the coolest date ever Saturday night
We shot zombies on the fourth floor

I didn't realize that people could hear me! This lady filmed us!!! Ha!!!

David dominated me


JM makes friends on Burke Street


Brianne and Haley zipped up to the mountains to take in the leaf change

RECYCLING with Ms. Reynolds

David made a floating chips and salsa dispenser out of recycled goods we found in our yard


David asked to go putt putting this weekend while the ladies were away

hole in one

something to celebrate


50 mile men

Unfortunately I wasn't able to join my fellow Moji Masters at the NC Whitewater Center for the 50 mile race this weekend. Wells finished top 5!


A-Ro and Tapenga competed in the costume contest

Lessons with the horse whisperer

Beautiful weekend

so cool
A few more


We are having such an amazing year, but we can't keep this up without your help! Would you please donate to the Fellows today?

Checks to 

Winston-Salem Fellows
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thank you!


Things settle down a bit. 

Monday - Halloween Costume Round Table at Tripp and Patricia Wilson's

Wednesday - Leader Lunch with Jay Helvey

Thursday - Halloween

Friday - Class and Fellows Regional Micah 6:8 Conference

the last few years we haven't defended the title very well...

We shall see...


Monday, October 21, 2019

UPDATE Week of October 21

Brianne celebrates with Host Mom and Host Sister after her Host Churc'h's 5k RAH - the Run Against Hunger


Monday. We shuffled things around a bit this week. After work, instead of going to Round Table, the Fellows join my wife and I and about 500 of our closest friends at the Annual Young Life Banquet. 

Ned and Sallie Harrison (Jessica Baker's Mentor - and Aly Hall's Mentor from last year!)

It was the first banquet I have attended that was not at the Benton Convention Center. This year, the event took place at the Lawrence Joel Veteran's Coliseum. Other than the temperature, it was a great move!

It is so fun for me to expose our Fellows to community events like this. They may not be big donors this year - but they are now in the loop about one of the things God is doing in our city!

Former YL Staff

Tuesday. It was a multiple coffee date day for me. I asked Hef if it would be cool if I could spend a little extra time at home with the family before heading to Round Table which was at her house. 

She graciously granted my request. 

Hef and CT the hosts with the mosts
It was warm enough for us to have Round Table by the fire. 

Rocking some S'Mores

I think we get along

Greg, Brianne, Jacob and I kept watch over the fire until late.

A great night was had by all...

Wednesday. Another shake up in the schedule! Leader Lunch was moved to Friday! In its place, I attended the funeral of one of my heroes - Ward Miller.

Ward was the model of the kind of person we are equipping our Fellows to become

What a worshipful send off. God bless you, Ward.

Thursday. Was another meeting filled day. At 5pm my daughter had her last Field Hockey game of the year. A big win over Reagan High School. Go Summit Eagles!

The Team

What a treat to be in the stands to watch Anna Rose play. She is the smallest, most aggressive girl on the pitch. I'm so proud of her, playing against 10th Graders as a 7th Grader.

Unfortunately, I missed a Leadership Winston-Salem Event at Venture Cafe. I'm sure they were able to hold down the fort without me. Still haven't figured out how to be two places at once....

That night, we interviewed a new recruit. More on her in a bit. 

Friday. We wrapped up our final class with Ben Milner. Then, I covered the sociogical history of the world from 800BCE to 2100CE. It only took an hour. Ha!

JM drove Brianne from class to Leader Lunch

Safety First
Leader Lunch was with the staff at the Barnabas Center: Clyde Godwin, Ben Jones and Kristin Leathers. 

Kristin knows JM from his Mount Airy days. 

The gang with Clyde. And special guests Meghan and Kara!
It was a drink from the fire hose kind of day. I was proud of the Fellows for hanging in there. 

So thankful for Ben Milner and Barnabas Center for pouring it on the Fellows!

Saturday. Many of the Fellows took part in the Annual RAH. The Run Against Hunger race. Some ran. Others volunteered. A great time was had by all. 

Brianne and her host mom Brandy
Basking in her second place in her age group achievement
We snuck up to the mountains for a twenty-four hour getaway. 

Thanks John for the new hat!
The trees are starting to change

Anna Rose was at a sleepover so David enjoyed all our attention
That night, we had the Fellows as well as some alumni over for some soup and pumpkin carving over at the White House on Meadowlark (we haven't named it yet). It was a ton of fun. 

David and I

Matching kouzies

Anna Rose





David looking out over his domain


We enjoyed interviewing our second applicant of the year. Meghan was pretty cool I must say...

If you know of men and women who would be great Fellows, believe it or not - it's time to start talking. Please connect them to Hef or I (a good email would be


We definitely need your support! In the next few weeks you will likely be solicited for your donation. You can wait until then - but why?

You can support the work now!

Here is how:

checks to 
Winston-Salem Fellows
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Winston-Salem, NC 27120

or on line at

Fellows alum Trent and his fiance Jess Krauss want you to support this!
thank you!


Mattie was down in her old stomping grounds at Wofford over the weekend for homecoming.
I told Lia that I feel like we are in a restful season. She looked at me like I was crazy!

Trying to settle things down a bit this week. Here are a few highlights...

Monday. Meeting with Salem Chapel about potential Church Collaboration. Lunch with a Fellow. Round Table at the Spanglers

Tuesday. Meeting with Videographer. Rotary. Jack Larsons B-Day Partay. 

Wednesday. Meet with Board Member. Leader Lunch with Steve Lineberger. Bible Study and YMCA Board Retreat. 

Thursday. Lunch with a Fellow. Host Family Dessert. Lights On Afterschool with GIDE. Q Commons at Venture Cafe. 

Friday. Classes in the morning. Possible trip to UNC for Wilberforce Conference. 

You see? So restful. 


Kristin and JM making connections

Line-up - you would think I would be able to fit them all in

Can't wait to marry these two

Love this guy

Hef is the best

Patio life

Bouldering Break

Enjoying the fellowship at the Barnabas Center

Lia and I were wearing out tights. 

They are changing. ever so slowly

Brianne and host sister

reppin the Sunshine