Monday, March 26, 2018

UPDATE Week of March 26

Christina Sandstedt
Congratulations Christina!

Christina Sandstedt, Fellows Class 2017, just completed basic training for the United States Coast Guard. Not only did she survive, she finished with the distinction of Honor Graduate! 

This week, she is starting her commission on the Oregon Coast. 

We are so proud of you, Christina. Our country feels safer already!

Current and New!

Ashley Trewhella and Sarah Alexander

We had a special guest at this week's Round Table: Sarah Alexander, class of 2019! She recently graduated from App State and has spent the last couple months doing hurricane relief in Puerto Rico. Now that she is back, she is getting a jumpstart on her job - with the Sunshine Beverage Company!

It was great to have her join us - she had such a good time - she actually is HOSTING ROUND TABLE TONIGHT!!!

Round Table was at Casa Erickson. We ate meat and potatoes.

Patrick and Natalie with Lia
My favorite part of hosting Round Table is watching the Fellows enjoy my Family. 

Goofy photos notwithstanding

Leader Lunch was hosted at the home of recently retired Mike Ford. 

Mike Ford cooked lunch for us with no hands tied around his back

Mike is one of the country's resident experts on twenty-somethings. He is also the definition of servant leader. Thank you Mike for preparing such a wonderful luncheon experience. So grateful for you...

Foul weather. Great lunch.

My poor attempt at a circular pano
lots of eating pics this week

Friday Class we were blessed with another great session with Rob Alexander followed by a lively discussion led by Giorgio Hiatt. 

If I had time, I'd dredge up a picture of G and I from our Davidson days...need to put that on the to do list.

Afterward, we had discussion (over lunch) at our traditional Friday lunch spot - the Bagel Station. 

So much eating

Abbey's favorite photo

Saturday Brunch!

I'm not kidding - we ate so much this week. 

Tucker Bartholomew and his mother Stacy cheffed up an out of this world brunch Saturday morning. 

David, Morgan, Taylor, Dakota, Tucker, Tim, Sarah, and Stacy
All I can say is Yum. 

(By the way: I had three meals before noon!)

Sunday Tate spoke for Youth Group at River Oaks Community Church. 

Not sure what he talked about

then Tate met me in Raleigh to do some Fellows recruiting at Raleigh Young Life. 

It was a special night to be there. Courtney Lancaster gave her final Leadership Talk as Metro Area Director. She is on her way south to Naples, Florida to serve as a Regional Director. 

I love Chris Cockerham, Courtney Lancaster and Matt Williams
So far I've struck out with the Wolfpack. But one of these years I'm going to recruit one...


Welcome Aly! 

Aly Hall

Aly is our first Fellow from Florida (how about that for alliteration?). She is graduating with a History degree (minoring in Psychology and German) from Covenant College where she also competes on the tennis team. Aly impressed us with her drive and work ethic. She made a big pivot a few years ago which showed incredible courage and resilience. I know she is going to bring it next year! Can't wait!


This week I want to give a special shout out to our monthly donors! Your continual support is such an encouragement to me - THANK YOU!!!

if you are interested in joining them...go to click on donate and follow the instructions.

You can also set up monthly donations with your online banking (that's what I do).

Or you can give the old fashioned but effective way - by sending checks to

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St.
Winston-Salem NC 27101



Morgan pointing out God's creation

Gardner Barrier a founding board member was on the front page of Forsyth Family!

Morgan, Grace and Abbey caught on camera

Abbey sent us this throwback from when she got a boo boo on her finger

Ned and Lia go to the opera

so good!

Favorite Trip Pic from the week

Ket and Caroline were roomies at Davidson

Caroline's dad, Dudley talked Kate into being a Fellow!

Grace had lunch with her boss this week

Grace also dyed eggs with her host mom

Holly is a multi-talented woman

Morgan and Ashley watched the sunset up in the mountains

Our memory verse for the week

Mike shows us that he is ambidextrous with his wave


Last week our kids were out of school for four days because of a stomach virus epidemic that knocked out something like half of the faculty at their school. Hoping it doesn't happen again this week - to the students!!!!

Monday - Round Table at Sarah Alexanders!
Tuesday - dentist and meetings - woo hoo!
Wednesday - Leader Lunch with John Dickenson my favorite Jamaican.
Thursday - Day of Solitude then Recruiting Trip to Davidson College
Friday - Class with Rob, meeting with Redeemer Church, and the begining of Spring Break!!!

Thanks everyone for jumping on the Fellows Train.

Keep sharing the story and spreading the love.

Monday, March 19, 2018

UPDATE Week of March 19

We tried

Hold onto your seats because this Update is slam packed with good stuff. 


Caleb fills out his bracket

Monday. It seems like a long time ago, but remember it snowed last Monday? Well, we survived school cancellations and juggling work and kids to end up having a great day. 

Lia and I got to spend the afternoon with our sweet dear friends Barnes and Elizabeth Harris. Elizabeth is Natalie's mentor. Both are having a wonderful second semester. 

David and I got to play with Winnie possibly one last time in the snow. 

Round Table was at Chris and Virginia Perry. Chris had a board meeting to attend. Virginia and I agreed it was about half as fun as usual. 

I intended to let the Fellows out early, but we ended up staying late. (So much for my talk on Time Management!) Ha!

Truth be told - it wasn't my Time Management talk that got us in trouble - it was how much we enjoy being together that did us in!

Tuesday. The admissions team interviewed a most excellent Fellows candidate, another home grown talent named Math Gibson. 

Mathu has an incredible story. 
We extended him an offer. I hope he accepts!

Wednesday Leader Lunch was with my good buddy Drew Gerstmyer. He operates somewhat like a secret agent, which is the reason why he is hiding in this picture.

Where is he?

But he did give me permission to show you the Cougar he made for Winston-Salem's newest music venue the Ramkat. 

Thursday. After getting breakfast with another one of our amazing mentors Charlie Barham (I've been trying to meet with them all individually (shout out to Betsy Turner and Michelle Schapira!)

I headed to Davidson College for some recruiting. 

I met Anna at Stone Mountain but she is the kind of gal we are looking for!
I love being back at my alma mater. This gal already has a job in DC but it didn't stop me from talking to her about Winston-Salem!

Another highlight was spending time with one of my favorite recent Mount Tabor graduates, Gracie Petty

Gracie is one of the best humans on the planet

She introduced me to a whole bunch of people, including these Buddhist Monks!!!

The Original Shock Top

Is it just me or do these two guys look similar?

It was a fantastic day. 

Abbey and Sarah visited David at school while I was away. 

Then went up to Pilot Mountain with Morgan to watch the sunset

Only in Winston can you go to work, visit David and watch the sunset from the top of a mountain in one afternoon.

Friday and Saturday.

Tent Life

After class and a recruiting sesh from Wake Forest (Wake was recruiting Fellows for their business programs!), we headed up to Stone Mountain for our long-awaited Spring Campout. 

It was a first ever campout for Grace Mezzy and Abbey Sams!

First ever!

Friday was astoundingly beautiful. 

Perfect for Spikeball, Frisbee and Football

Lots of Eno-ing.

Hobo dinners and Crescent Rolls on a stick.

Sarah was a grill master!

On Saturday, we climbed to the summit. 
the approach

What a day!

We tried to replicate last year's picture...

One of these years we will get it right!

We missed Tucker and Tate who had to miss for various reasons. But great fun was had by all!

Sunday several Fellows crashed Hope Presbyterian to hear from our guest preacher. 

Yep. That's Tim Keller

Me and Reese
I actually missed going to Hope because Reese asked me to play guitar for his church. (Their original guitarist got hit by a car on Saturday! Yikes! He's OK.)

More pics at the end...


We have another homegrown talent coming our way via Chapel Hill. 

Tim graduated from Mount Tabor and is finishing up a degree in History and Psychology from UNC. I met him over the Christmas Break to administer an assessment that I do with the Fellows that helps them figure out how they tick. 

Through it, I became convinced that what Tim really needed was to be a Fellow!

Now, here we are! Welcome Tim. This year is going to be big!

Lots of exclamation points here!

We are waiting to hear back from a couple recent invitations. Another invite is going out after I send this update. I've got a phone call with another recruit this afternoon. And we are pursuing another fine young woman who has yet to apply. 

Things are certainly happening! If you know of anyone who has been on the fence (maybe you) about applying - now is the time. You better get on it - now!


Not much to report except we are about to send a big check to Mission Emanuel!

If you want to help us along those lines, please send your contribution to 

Winston-Salem Fellows 
851 W. 5th St. 
WSNV 27101

or online at


Round Table is at the Ericksons! Boo-yah!

Leader Lunch is with Mike Ford

Friday Class we continue with Rob and begin a short seminar course with Giorgio Hiatt

This weekend we will definitely be up to some shenanigans...

Thanks y'all!

Keep praying! Keep sharing the story. Keep spreading the love!

More PICS!!!

Grace with River Oaks friends at Sweet Frog also known as River Oaks annex

Happy Campers

Anna Rose rocking Immigration Day (more on this tomorrow on blog)

Natalie stares at outer space from what looks like outer space

Three heads are better than one

Stone Mountain Approach

Working my long face

Tate and his Chapel Hill boys carving up Colorado

Abbey living large at Krankies

Reese and Julia took David to the arcade...lucky David

Eno fun

Eno fun 2

Julia and David rocking the shamrocks at Art for Arts Sake