Monday, October 30, 2017

Update Week of October 30

Abbey and Grace welcome you to the weekly Update
FYI: There will be a slew of pictures at the end of this update. 


MONDAY - Young Life 60th Anniversary Banquet - 

Morgan taking after her Fellows Director and starting with dessert

If you know anything about me, you know I love Young Life. The annual banquet is one of my very favorite events of the year. It's like a homecoming for me. And to get the opportunity to bring the Fellows along is like putting the whipped cream on top of the mousse.

You know we would love for you to financially support the Fellows program - but INSTEAD - today, give to Young Life. I'll make it easy for you: CLICK HERE

there were some beautiful women in the crowd

Andrew Boyd, the Area Director, had all the former, still living Area Directors up on stage to speak. Not my idea of a great time having to go after the likes of Fil Anderson, Ty Saltzgiver, and Lynn Barclay Brewer. Fortunately, Dave Meyer and Jonathan Murfee were after me so I think I was able to get lost in all the awesomeness. Nevertheless, an honor to be with so many of my heroes.

TUESDAY - Round Table at the Browns! - 

a beautiful night to be outside

Chad and Caroline made their famous chicken chili soup. The Fellows were given permission to end early since we were out back to back night - but they went long anyway. The community is just too good to cut short.

Thanks Chad and Caroline!

WEDNESDAY - Leader Lunch at the BUDD GROUP with Yasser Youssef and friends!

Yasser Youssef, Brad Cox and the Fellows

I don't want to sell any of our Leader Lunches short because they have all been amazing. But our time with Yasser was at least tied for first place with all the others.

Thank you Yasser for your insights, your vulnerability, your gifts in leadership and wisdom. You turned an hour and a half luncheon into a holy moment.


THURSDAY - Lights on Afterschool with G.I.D.E. and Kidz Xtreme

The Fellows had the chance to participate in the national Lights on Afterschool Event that was happening in over 1,500 programs all across the nation on Thursday.

G.I.D.E. hosted a solid 100 kiddos for one wild and crazy afternoon.

Jackie Pegram got the Fellows in the mix right away with a little Skidamarink...


The highlight, besides the skidamarink, was L'Tonia Lamont, the new Winston-Salem State Women's Basketball Coach. She grew up on Piedmont Circle and went to Bill McClain's program and eventually made it to college then coaching under Pat Summit at Tennessee!

L'Tonia is the woman

L'Tonia really is the woman. I made an executive decision and I'll be taking all the Fellows to one of her games this winter!

FRIDAY - Classes - then - THE FALL ADVANCE!!!!

We Fellows don't Retreat...we Advance...

That's right. We packed up and headed out of town for a weekend to remember.

It is fast becoming one of my favorite weekends of the year. I absolutely LOVE the content we work through. I love the pace. And I love the way community just happens!


Friday evening on top of Lookout at Black Mountain


Friends, if you have girls or boys first grade to eleventh grade, consider sending them to Merri-Mac or Timberlake. The camps are astonishingly beautiful, exceptionally staffed, and expertly programmed. You will thank me!

Another bonus for me was that Most of the Former Fellows Work Crewed for us!!!

The Crew - always number one

The thing about this weekend is we get to dig into our stories, begin to unearth some of the "truths" we have been believing, and then exchange those truths with the Truth of what Jesus says about us.

Let me tell you - it's a game changer...

Ask a Fellow about it...I dare you.

Enjoy some photos...more at the end of the update...


I LOVE THIS EVENT and I love serving at it.

Major props to J.P. Flynn who singlehandedly managed to conduct traffic and parking for somewhere close to 2,000 people. It was NUTS!!!! I jumped in to help, and whooooo - it was tough!

Ashley, Sarah and David had an easier time passing out candy

Props to my parents who also joined us to pass out candy. They came straight from the opera!!! What a gift. Thanks mom and pops!

Abbey Sams is famous!!!

Kelly Clarkson tweeted a GIF this week celebrating her new album. Guess who is on the GIF?

ABBEY! this is real. I'm not kidding!


This week:
Monday Round Table Halloween Party at the Phipps house

Wednesday Leader Lunch is with Cynthia Tessien, former CEO of Inmar and current Professor at the Wake Forest University School of Business! Then, small groups and G.I.D.E.

Thursday we are interviewing our third potential fellow!!!

Friday Classes then REGIONAL FELLOWS RETREAT!!! A fun-filled week with half of the Fellows programs around the country. We will need to defend our ultimate frisbee victory and put on our thinking caps for another amazing weekend!!!

Thanks everyone!

Keep spreading the love and sharing the story!!!

Here are more photos and a few videos!