Monday, October 23, 2017

UPDATE Week of Oct 23

Tate Heisler, two year olds and their parents...
Tate had the chance to get out of the office to coach some Two Year Olds and their Parents in some of the finer points of the beautiful game. 


Grace and Tucker sweaty off a wild and wonderful week at Hot Yoga
ROUND TABLE was hosted by Host Parents Extraordinaire Rob and Becky Paynter aka the best. We constructed homemade pizzas.

Don't let the shirt fool you. That's a rolling pin not a baseball bat.
During dinner, we had a heated theological discussion about the authority of Scripture and women in ministry. Your normal everyday stuff...

Bacon and cheese pizza. Yum!
Afterward, we worshipped and split up into small groups in order to share deeper and pray for one another. A great night. 

LEADER LUNCH was with our friend of the Fellows, Steve Lineberger. He has such a great story and plenty of insight when it comes to integrating ones faith in the marketplace. We ate it up. We are also excited about his new venture with Winston Starts! 

Thanks Steve! Hope you made it to the airport on time!
Afterward, the guys had small group with James Harris and then mentor training with Bill McClain and Ron Pegram AND the KIDS!!!

THURSDAY NIGHT the Winston-Salem Fellows were highlighted at Venture Cafe! I forgot to take pictures, but a great time was had by all! And connections were made! Thanks Karen and Fay for putting us on the docket!


We extended offers to Andrew Miller and Abby Holdsworth to be members of next year's Fellows class, and BOTH have accepted!!! Great news!!!

We have two more applications in the hopper, and both are fantastic...we may have to wrestle some other programs in order to get them...but that's why I stay in shape! Come on!


Ashley Trewhella's sister came to town.

The Trewhella girls sure love to pick flowers

Natalie Bayer's parents and Caleb McKillop's parents also came into town!

Ashley celebrated host dad Todd Chase's 50th Birthday!

Happy Birthday!
Todd and Becca

Reese Schaffner celebrated his 24th birthday!

Reese celebrated his 24th birthday!

Grace sent us this picture from her time with the 9th grade girls from River Oaks

Not sure why there are six drinks and four people

David, Lia and I had Pioneer Day at school

so natural
Corn Husk Dolls

father and son

Lia, Ashley Hill and Ellen Robinson along with their team hosted an open house at Waughtown Pediatrics.

Lia, Ashley and Ellen

NOMAD FARMS also hosted an Arts Fair on Saturday. Kate Donahoo and others helped out.

Speaking of Kate, here is Kate singing at Hope Church this Sunday...

I tried to get a clap going but I was in the middle of videoing!

Other Fellows header to the State Fair and sent this photo.

Sarah and Grace

Team Scotland got annihilated.


Friends visited us at the cabin

And we made this little winner of a video...


Monday: Young Life Banquet

Tuesday: Round Table at the Browns

Wednesday: Leader Lunch with Yasser Yousef, small groups and a surprise...

Thursday: After School Lights at G.I.D.E.

Friday: Class and the Fall Advance in Black Mountain!

Sunday: Old Salem Halloween


THANK YOU! to all all of you who have contributed toward this program. If you would like to join the Fellows team by donating.

Or send Checks to

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th Street
WSNC 27101


Keep sharing the story and spreading the love!

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