Monday, October 02, 2017

UPDATE Week of October 2

Natalie, Abbey, Ashley, and Morgan enjoy the beautiful weather at Reynolda


My heart is heavy as I write to you - thinking about the loss of life in Las Vegas, the loss of friends like Larry Haglund and Mickey Wallace, the suffering of others.  

We live in a world in need of redemption, restoration, and revival. We follow the one and only one who can do it. Come Jesus. Come.

In many ways, Jesus did show up this week. Even better, we got to join him!

Fellows alumni, Christina Sandstedt 
Fellows alumni Christina Sandstedt joined 100 community members to head to Houston to help with Hurricane recovery efforts. 

Round Table
Round Table was hosted by none other than Peter Barnes. We always have a good time when we are together, but there was an added spirit of good times in the Barnes household on Monday. Peter is a pro at hospitality. Laughter rang through the house. Deep conversation went down. Worship brought me to tears. And it was nine o'clock before you knew it. 

We had our first ever Leader Lunch cancellation! Big bummer as our speaker called in under the weather. I probably could have found somebody to pinch hit but sensed instead we needed some community building time with the Fellows. 

Mary the Meat Lady
 I had a hoot with Mary the Meat Lady at Harris Teeter as we put together Cheese Steaks for lunch.

Turns out the non leader lunch community time was needed. My friend Jess talks about things being "brutifull" and that's what it was. The beauty of community is that it creates the safe place for you to deal with hard things. That's what Wednesday was - brutiful. 

Afterward, the Fellows received a guided tour of the Winston-Salem Street School. Thank you Nick Wright. It was right after their fundraiser! So impressed with Nick and the team over there.

Speaking of Fundraisers, Thursday morning the Fellows served at the annual Sam and Eggs Fundraiser for Samaritan Ministries. What an honor to be there! Thank you Jan and Kelly.

Mentors. Fellows continue to find time to meet with mentors. 

Kate Donahoo got in a wrestling match with her mentor's daughter and lost...

Natalie sent this photo to me of she and Sara Beth her mentor's daughter. 

Tate and his mentor went on a run. 

Michelle and Grace
Michelle and Grace (mentor and mentee) went for a walk and talk.

Host Families also have been a huge blessing. 

JP celebrated multiple family birthdays this week. 

Ashley has become a hardcore field hockey fan as she watches her host sister play for FCDS. 

Grace sent me this photo of dinner with the that Crafted?

Jon, Grace and Holly
Morgan's host family had to vouch for her when the president of their Home Owner's Association accused her of not being a resident!

What a life!


I'm proud of how well these Fellows do community. 

Most went down to the Bluegrass Festival at Bailey Park on Friday
the gals at Reynolda Gardens
Natalie, Morgan, Abbey and Grace
We call it "doing life." The keys are inclusivity, intentionality, vulnerability, and love, plus a touch of not taking yourself too seriously. 

Church has also been a huge factor in the sweetness of this year so far. 

Kate helped lead worship at Hope this Sunday. 

Ashley helped out with middle schoolers last week at Montreat with First Pres. 

Caleb went on the Redeemer Men's Retreat this weekend. 

Caleb second from the left
My family had the honor of celebrating one of Hope Church's matriarch's Lucy Coats on her 88th birthday!

You know you're family when Lucy lets you in and lets you take her picture while she still has in her curlers!


It is not too late to come!!!

Date: Thursday, October 5th
Time: 7:00-8:30am
Location: River Birch Lodge (3324 Robinhood Rd)

Join us on Thursday, October 5th for a free breakfast to celebrate the start of the second year of this wonderful community program. Come and learn about those being impacted as well as how to engage further and support the work the Lord is doing here.  

REGISTER HERE (or email your RSVP to

Can I invite friends? YES. (Just forward this email)

Can't attend this event but would still like to support the WS Fellows?

Two-thirds of our budget comes from tuition and church support. We rely on the generosity of this community and friends of this community to supply the rest. Please pray about giving toward this mission and the investment it is making in the future leaders of this city. 



-Pray for Fellows as God continues to crack them up so they can experience healing and wholeness. 
-Pray for Small Group time as we focus on Jesus and what he's up to
-Pray for Mentor Training (the Fellows will be mentoring children over in East Winston) which begins this Wednesday with Bill McClain and Ron Pegram
-Pray for the Ericksons. This week we have had a car break down and a squirrel take up residence in the attic. In other words, Satan is being mean. Proof that God must be on the move! Come on!
-Pray for the Start Well Breakfast. Pray for those who have been invited whether they can attend or not to be generous toward this mission. 


This week we have Round Table with Tripp and Patricia Wilson. 
Leader Lunch with Lanie Ehlinger
the Start Well Breakfast
and Mr. Davidson (more on that next week)

More photos from the week that was...
Was able to have lunch with both kids at school on Monday!

Ned and David 2017

Ned and David 2012

The Ferris Wheel

Bluegrass at Bailey Park

A hard fought game

Anna Rose and Lia on top of the Ferris Wheel

Elephant Ears at the Fair

Bigger than yo face!

Morgan shared a sunset pic with me

The rally hat came up short at the Wake Game

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