Monday, October 09, 2017

UPDATE Week of Oct 9

Sarah Wilkins and Morgan Bonds at Quarry Park

The Week That Was

While on a run with Tate last night, I asked him how he was doing. He said, "Great! I don't want to say I feel closer to the Lord because I know He is always with me, but everything we did this week just made me more aware of Him." Woo-Hoo! How about that for an answer?

It really was a good week. 

ROUND TABLE. We had a super homestyle Round Table at Tripp and Patricia Wilson's house. Patricia made some killer chili, and the Wilsons sat in on worship and sharing as we went around and talked about formative moments from our past. 

Ashley and Fellows through the natural garden at the Wilson's home
For an encore, their daughter sang a song for us. One day, we will all say we once got to hear a home concert with the world famous Louisa Wilson. Wow!


I popped in to see Molly Lineberger (one of our mentors) at her work on Tuesday
 I popped in to see Molly as I was waiting to meet with a potential Fellow for next year. This week, I sat down with two stellar recruits from Wake. I know they have to go through the process, but we would be LUCKY to have Hannah Lafferrandre and Petey Fabian as Fellows next year. Let's pray them in!!!

LEADER LUNCH. Lanie Ehlinger and Allison Willis hosted us for Leader Lunch Wednesday. Lanie was the speaker (though Allison would have been awesome to hear from as well). Lanie is a true leader. I know that she has never run a company or held a high ranking position. But in terms of wisdom, influence, and impact - I don't know of many in her league.

Lanie Ehlinger in her element

What a lunch! It was like drinking from a fire hose of life! She whipped out her red rope of grace and sifter and handed each a signed copy of her book. What a gift! Ashley was late to our meeting at 4pm because she and Lanie just kept talking! (Leader Lunch ended at 2! Thank you Lanie!


I know this photo is from last year...

Wow! It was worth the wait! Bill McClain and Ron Pegram postponed out mentor training the last two weeks. Finally, this past Wednesday we were able to sit down with them. 

Woo-whee! They shared their stories and opened our eyes and humbled us and inspired us all at the same time! I can't wait for Round Two!


River Birch in the AM

Thursday started really early for us as the Board with the tremendous hospitality and service of Eddie and Michelle Schapira along with the River Birch Lodge Crew hosted our first and maybe not our last START WELL Breakfast Fundraiser.

The program included a program overview from Josh Benoit, and interviews with Will Troxler (2016 alumnus) and Grace Mezzy (current Fellow). I offered a few remarks and Gardner Barrier brought us home. But I don't think anyone remembered what Josh or I said. Will and Grace stole the show (I had no doubt they would).

What a great morning!

FUNDRAISING UPDATE. We had a successful breakfast. THANK YOU!!! This week we will be sending thank you letters, photo cards and also support letters to those who have given or have indicated they would like to give but were unable to attend.

If all goes well, with pledges and donations we are optimistic to be at or near our goal. WOO-HOO!

If you want to pledge or donate now...

Mail a check or pledge to

Winston-Salem Fellows. 851 W. 5th St. WSNC 27101

or go to

you too can have a photo thank you card on your fridge!!!

Abbey Sams, Grace Mezzy, and Tate Heisler traveled up to Camp Hanes with the River Oaks Youth Group for their fall camp!

Word on the street is they brought the sunshine to a damp and dreary Saturday and Sunday.

Abbey cheering on her girls

Tate and Abbey leading worship

Morgan Bonds also was at camp. She was at Windy Gap with Forsyth County Young Life! (I got no photos to prove it, so you will have to trust me). 


Macon, Woody, Ned, Hayes, Pearson, Baldin and Goose
Every five years, a group of my college buddies get together and destroy each other in good fun as we fight in 10 individual and 2 group events to see who is Mr. Davidson!

Events include: Spelling Bee, Cake Race, Pole Hang, Cooler Carry, Frisbee Dash, Mr. Davidson Shuttle Run, Taking the PSAT, Field Goal Kicks, Laundry Bag Highlands Toss, and the dreaded Car Push. 

Figuring out the strategy for the cooler carry

Baldwin takes on all ten coolers!

Congrats to Macon for taking home the championship

A lot's happened in Ned's life since freshman year!


Round Table is at the Ericksons
Tuesday I am meeting with another potential Fellow
Wednesday and Thursday I am leading a discussion on our National Directors Call
Leader Lunch will be with Jay Helvey! 
Small Groups and Mentor Training will follow. 
Thursday I am speaking at NCS EAST. Please come (if you are a man). 
Thursday Night we have a final interview a potential Fellow
Friday We have class with Jack and Clay
Saturday we interview another potential Fellow!

Here we go!

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