Monday, October 16, 2017

UPDATE Week of October 15

WS Fellows representing in the Dominican Republic (Hi Sarabeth!)


It was another great week to be a Fellow. 

Monday's Round Table was at Casa Erickson. I whipped up some barbeque that was devoured down to the last strand of meat (just saying). It was a great night of reconnecting. We also talked about how the integrated life does not only mean the integration of all the surface parts of our lives, but it also means the congruence of our inner lives with our outer lives. It brought about some great sharing, and a great analogy by Grace of how a banana has integrity because what you see on the outside looks like a banana and what you get on the inside is a banana. How about that.

Tuesday several Fellows went over to Bill and Myrtie Davis' for an impromptu dinner night. 

Sarah and Myrtie

Wednesday Leader Lunch was with Jay Helvey

Jay and the Fellows

Jay has become one of my very favorite people in Winston-Salem. I admire the way he sees everything through a Kingdom lens. I want to be like that. He gave great advice about work and faith and obedience and staying connected with people and with Jesus. Awesome.

We left inspired.

Continuing on to Small Groups and then Mentor Training with Bill McClain

Mentor training at 14th Street Rec Center 

Bill taught us about how to appropriately respond to different situations which may arise when working with youth. 

We then had a robust conversation about the NFL and kneeling during the national anthem. I was blown away. Bill was too. 

Look at how blown away Bill looks. Ha!

Some of our Fellow go from Mentor Training to youth group...

Sarah prays with her First Pres girls

Thursday morning I had the honor of speaking to NCS East. What a great group of men. 

From there, I helped lead the discussion on our National Director's Call. Then, that evening, I joined our admissions team to interview our first Fellows candidate for next year! Holy cow!

The kids have the Presidential fitness test this week so they decided to pump iron Thursday night (video below)

Friday we continued classwork with Jack Wilkerson and Clay Cooke. After class, we went over the next couple weeks...

lots going on...

Afterward, I ate lunch with the kids at the Winston-Salem Street School. (I think this will become a new tradition). 

Saturday we interviewed our second Fellows candidate for next year! Holy smokes! 

Several Fellows including Caleb, Natalie, and Tate (pictured here) went to the North Carolina game on Satruday

Sarah Wilkins ate ice cream while Kate Donahoo worked out. 

You would never know that we got absolutely pummeled by the opposition would you?

Sunday I had the chance to play alongside KAte Donahoo at church.

I also got to do a training run with my good friend and Fellows employer Mike Campbell. Great job Mike!

Whew...what a week.


We are in the midst of raising funds for this year. If you would like to contribute to the cause please send checks to

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St
Winston-Salem, NC 27104

or give online at

We are checking in with our Host Families, Mentors, and Churches in the next couple weeks. Looking forward to sharing reports.

Last night I met with our Fellows Alumni. They are going to work crew our Fellows Advance in a couple weeks! How is that for exciting!

We are also getting ready to announce a community-wide event that will be a gift to our city! Can't wait!!!

Stay tuned!

What's on the docket for this week?

We are celebrating Rob Paynter's birthday for Round Table tonight!
Leader Lunch is with Steve Lineberger
I had a hiccup in my Wednesday/Thursday so I now have a lot of time on my hands!
I'm presenting at Venture Cafe Thursday Night - COME JOIN AND SUPPORT US!!!
Friday we have class.
And this weekend is FULL with the RAH, a Soccer Game, Lia's Office Open House, Evening Activities, a Mountain Day, Leading Worship, and a Congregation Meeting at Church. Yikes!

All right - here's the video you have all been waiting for:

Thanks y'all!

Keep sharing the story and spreading the love...

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