Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Lia and I bought this shirt while we were in China. This is what it says on the back. I'll transpose the front since it is harder to read.

LOVESICK Marriage No Remedy

Stabng is ome madn
the beating ome
gaicai shop loupre insd
touphilips file chiners ok

Stabner is ome madness
pharmaryler ladier

As for what it means, I'm not sure.

Although I am positive David, Anna Rose and I have lived it the last week. I have not been this sick since 2008 and the deadly morning of the Boston Marathon. That however only lasted a day. This has lasted eight. I will spare you the details, but I think there should be a rule somewhere right next to the law of gravity that parents of sick children should not be allowed to get sick themselves.

That's right, a new law, one to counteract Murphy's Law, something on the books that would immunize parents from the desperate throws of nursing two children and themselves at the same time. (Lia, the only healthy one, strongly agrees.)

I think I shall start a petition campaign. The question is where to send it...