Monday, January 27, 2020

UPDATE Week of January 27

Brianne and Jacob representing


Part of what we are trying to accomplish with the Fellows is to build in healthy rhythms of work, rest, service and play. This week was full of all of the above. A good week I'd say. 

ROUND TABLE at Stan and Susan Scott's
We had a sweet time together with Stan and Susan (host parents of Jessica and Christina Standstedt back in the day). The lasagna pie or whatever that was was AMAZING!

Ben Jones, our Board Member responsible for coordinating our mentors came to help our Fellows process their mentoring experience and give us feedback. It was a rich conversation that left me thankful for Ben and thankful for all of our mentors!

LEADER LUNCH with Curtis Harrington at F.A.S.T.
Every week we introduce our Fellows to another interesting person living out their purpose in unique ways in our city. Curtis is one of those people. 

A professional trainer, he opened up FAST about a year and a half ago to help develop athletes of all shapes ages and sizes. He does it in a holistic way of thinking about the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of development too. 

The dude is incredible. 
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND joining his FAST Tribe.
His gym is on Broad Street. I'd be happy to connect you.

Curtis put us through the ropes (literally we did the ropes)
This lunch was right up Reiley's alley
Same went for Greg who used to train over at D1 when Curtis was there

The wall sit while passing the medicine ball - hurts so good!

Thank you Curtis for an incredible lunch!

Keeping with the theme: that night David and I went running at the JDL Indoor Fast Track with our friends the Summers. 

Phillip brought some batons for us to do relay races


and away


Half of our Fellows volunteered at Samaritan Inn on Thursday. They had a great time but I'll admit they were dragging the next day. The other half will be volunteering next week. 

Meanwhile on Thursday, Lia and I visited Brianne at a Habitat for Humanity Function.

Brianne and I with the indelible Sylvia Oberle
If only everyone wore name tags...
The view of Brianne from on top
The view from on top

Other Fellows took on Joymongers Bingo Night...

Non-sanctioned Fellows Events are the best...

Everyone is a winner at Bingo Night

FRIDAY CLASSES continued...
Joe Moore had the week off so I led a class on the Highlands Ability Battery which the Fellows have just taken. The HAB is the cadillac of all Aptitude Assessments. It is a lot of fun to administer. 

After that, we had class again with Rob Alexander over at Sonicaire. So fun. 

This Brianne with her new beautiful host sister

This is what parents of Fellows look like...


I had the fun privilege of visiting our Redeemer Fellows this week. I went to their Equipping Hour where the subject was SEX!


Jacob leads the young men's group....what a stud...maybe not the right word choice...

Sophie-Earle led the 11th and 12th graders

Brianne led the 9th and 10th Graders

These are middle schoolers - she led them later Sunday evening

A great week...


We've got a few applications in the pipeline. And hope to be getting a few more in the coming days. Keep spreading the word. I just got off the phone with a wonderful young woman that an acquaintance of mine recommended. That's how this thing works!


How could you not want to support these guys?
We need your help to pull this thing off! Please consider donating today. 

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ROUND TABLE with Bill and Myrtie!

Road Trip to Davidson to hear Bryan Stevenson (Just Mercy)

LEADER LUNCH with Mike Campbell
Bible Study
Samaritan Inn
Kyle Korver at Wake Forest

Classes with Joe Moore
Rob Alexander
Ned Teaches the Piedmont Fellows the HAB

Anna Rose and Lia are trying to get our goats Instafamous. So follow "Two Little Goats" and make their dreams come true

Anna Rose getting to work on her standing desk she designed

Freezing cold on Friday - so let's get gelato...makes sense

Wood finish

David and I did some geocaching on Saturday

Warming up at May Way

Anna Rose painted everything...that's why we do these things outside

Sophie-Earle was about to say something...

Pretty amazing!


Haley rested for a few is proof

Hannah and Reiley took advantage of Martin Luther King day to go to Chapel Hill

Middle School Youth Ministry is da best

We had friends over for dinner. Tiffany got both babies in the King Cake!

David liked the babies more than the cake

My lovely wife

Thanks y'all. Keep sharing the story and spreading the love!

Monday, January 20, 2020

UPDATE Week of January 20

Hef handled the hot seat with style and class


Hef had a birthday this week, which gave us the opportunity to love on her. We cooked her favorite foods and covered Peter Barne's house with our favorite photos of our most amazing staff person. 

Hef discovers one of the two hundred pictures we hid around the house

We surprised her with her family. Then, we took the time to share the things we love about her.

CT shares what he loves about his wife

It was a unique ROUND TABLE in other ways as it was also the National Championship and we have two Clemson Tigers Fellows and a Director that loves watching football. 

The Fellows giving Hef their full attention
We ended the meeting early and turned our attention to the game, which was thrilling until it wasn't. 

Congrats LSU. 


Reiley and JM complete their breakfast meeting
Crosby Scholars and Love Out Loud were well represented when Reiley and JM met this week to do some cross non-profit planning at Mama Zoes

LEADER LUNCH - Ashley Wechter - Director of Student Athlete Development at Wake Forest

The photo is almost straight
We had a fabulous time with Ashley Wechter this week. Ashley has a fantastic story and leads with humility, vulnerability, and complete honesty. You can tell why she is great at what she does. 

The gang

My biggest take home from our time together is that trials and challenges equal growth opportunities. Some of those opportunities are for you, some of them are for others - but nothing is ever lost.  

It is truly inspiring to see how so many things have come full circle in Ashley's life and how she is using the lessons she has learned to walk with others as they go through their own struggle. 

We also had a little friendly competition...

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>


Greg and Joe continue the lesson as they walk back to their cars
This week in class we began talking about the big idea of True Self False Self. This will be a theme we will delve into for the next several weeks. 

THEOLOGY OF WORK with Rob Alexander

Rob gives a tour of the manufacturing space at the company where he works
We have been holding Rob's class on site, which has required some flexibility for the Fellows, but also it has giving us a chance to see what we are learning being put into practice. 

This week we talked about the three ways we were made to participate in the work God has for us. 

Creation - Provision - Redemption

It's a great way to think about the purpose behind the things we are called to do.


The Fellows rally to help Reiley with a mailing for work

It is not an add on for the Fellows. Instead, it is a major part of what makes the Fellows work. Church is community; it's service; it's a place to connect and learn and grow and teach. 

We are so thankful for our church partners!

Reiley helps lead worship at church this Sunday

The gang afterward

Brianne at Youth Group
Brianne's two host brothers at Youth Group
Middle School Youth at the Great Wolf Lodge - Anna Rose is in there somewhere

Party at Greg's Friday night

so fun - great cause
My alma mater - Go Cats!


We need your support!

Take this moment right now to give. 

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We were celebrating this week Hayes Mabry our latest Fellow for 2020-21

Rocking the G chord
Hayes is a multi-talented outside the box guy. He is graduating from Appalachian State this spring and will be bringing his talents to Winston-Salem. 

A gifted musician, Hayes loves the outdoors and helping others experience them. He has been a counselor and climbing instructor at Camp Tekoa and has a true zest for life. 

I cannot wait to hang with this dude next year! Welcome Hayes!

Also - he is in a band called Thorns and Thistles. I'll post some music in a later update!

Please keep connecting us to potential Fellows. We have space. So don't be afraid to bring them on!


This week we have MLK activities today. 

ROUND TABLE is at Stan and Susan Scott's. We will have a special guest tonight - Ben Jones from the Barnabas Center. Woo Hoo!

LEADER LUNCH is at F.A.S.T. Gym with my man Curtis Harrington. The plan is to get our butts kicked and then be inspired by his story. 



SERVING AT SAMARITAN INN THURSDAY NIGHT (Half of us - the other half is next week)

FRIDAY CLASSES - Highlands Ability Battery with Ned and Theology of Work with Rob. 


Brianne had a Prague friend come through town

Digging in

First Pres

Hef rocks

the gang

JM is not alone but it sure looks like he is

Sunrise over 785

Sunrise over 1186

"That thingy connects to that thingy"

My adventurer

Thankful for this partner in crime
Keep sharing the story and spreading the love...