Tuesday, June 25, 2019

UPDATE Week of June 24

The Moji Men - Keith, Barnes, Hernan, Jeff, Justin, Wells, and John (not pictured)


About two months ago I pitched an idea to the Moji folks to help them get over their fundraising slump and through the grand opening finish (really starting) line. 

I'd recruit a group of guys to run across North Carolina and through it we would raise money and shine a big old spotlight on this sparking jewel of joy for this city. 

They said, "Really? You would do that for us? Why?"

I said, "Because you are doing a beautiful thing and I want to be a part of it."

They said, "OK."

So I reached out to some friends and for some reason they said, "OK."

And off we went.

I'm going to write another longer blog about what all went down June 21-23. It's going to take some time. Put simply - God showed up and showed off. 

I'm in awe. 

And I've been humbled. 

The beautiful thing is real. 

The last mile

Thank you to all of our supporters. Our goal was to raise 40,000 dollars. By the finish line we raised 28,000+ in individual donations, plus 5,000 from Reynolds American, plus we are waiting to hear back from BBT for another 5,000 (we are optimistic) - that's 38,000. 

Then, that night some friends had a cookout and the Moji Run came up - guess what the friends at the cook out raised? That's right - 2,000 dollars. 

You do the math. 

Is God good or what?


Well, it was a relatively quiet week. I have moved out of the office. 

From this moment, please send all mail to 

PO BOX 20514
Winston-Salem, NC 27120

I also need a new office. 

Not much space - let me know if you have any ideas or leads...

Fellows Alum are doing well. I'll do a check in UPDATE in a few weeks. 

Christian visits his new place of work.

RECRUITING is still a need. 

I'd like to find two more guys and two more gals if we can. I know there are lots of recent college grads who would benefit from our program, and I know that some of you reading this know some of these recent college graduates - what does that mean? It means that you may be the one that makes the connection that transforms somebody's life!

Be that connection today!


We would love to finish the year strong with giving - so if you would like to be part of how we accomplish this, send donations to 

Winston-Salem Fellows
PO Box 20514
WSNC 27120

or give on line at wsfellows.com/give

There is a way to give monthly online. His the donate tab and follow the instructions. 

As always - THANK YOU!


We started in Wilmington, NC at 5:08pm

Hernan and Barnes caffeine it up at Bitty and Beaus

The team: John, Wells, Barnes, Keith, Justin, Jeff, Hernan and Me plus a young man from River Oaks Community Church who was hired as a MOJISTA! River Oaks Youth Group came to pray and send us off on Friday. How Cool!

Hernan finishes leg 1
Barnes Harris was one of the two Bus Drivers who managed to stay awake over the weekend. What a sacrifice!
Wrex the Bus. We also we loaned Jonathan and Libby Kellys Van. Having two vehicles was HUGE!

Wrex the Bus only overheated once!
Making the exchange

Justin and Keith got to run legs on a road called Mount Misery
Justin doesn't look that miserable yet
Wells Thompson was a big pick up

We had to run in front of the van because of dogs. Quite the experience. 
Hernan ran extra fast at night

Caffeine Up on Day 2
Keith helped me work through some aches and pains

seamless transitions I tell you


We gave John Hall a few minutes break

Eyes on the prize
We hit Raleigh about 3pm on Saturday

Lots of road

At the County Dump we met a guy who gave us 10 bucks toward the cause!

Carb loading Night Two
sunrise on Sunday

Barnes said that stretch of road after Waffle House was the hardest to keep his eyes open
The hydraulic massager hurt so good

Keith brought a bunch of gear - here is Wells getting a session of compression

Keith and I take the photo op while Jeff Ickes runs us into Forsyth County
Keith was fired up before his last leg

John Hall and Barnes Harris were true heroes. We could not have done it without them. That is a true statement.

Jeff finishes his last leg

Pointing toward home

Hernan and I running up Research Parkway

slow and steady

We ran up research parkway on the Long Branch Trail into downtown with some local runners and family members

Here we come

Running up 5th Street into downtown

The finish line with some f3 men

Dave Mullen one of the Board Members was instrumental in putting together the social media campaign

Justin Bailey was a great runner and connected us to Wrex the bus!

these mojistas prayed for me

So great to be with this man all weekend
the support was overwhelming

Moji was packed all weekend!

We love mojistas
a happy parent

Sam is one of the Mojistas who inspired us to do this crazy thing
Then men

thank you to all our wives who let us do this crazy thing

Ryan (left) wrote a note to us that inspired me. It said: "Why? - Why not?"

These aren't all the pics from the weekend. Stay tuned for a longer installment.

Keep spreading the goodness y'all.