Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The 40 Challenge

Robbie Fischer, Michael Plazza, and Peter (who needs no last name), and me completed all forty miles of the appalachian trail from fontana dam to newfound gap on april 20. For those of you not familiar with "the 40", at least this "40" (I used to think a 40 was something different in high school), it is one of the most exhausting treks I have ever done. Most people call this 40 mile stretch the most rigorous of the entire trail system. Even for Robbie and I who have done this several times, it is never easy. And for Peter and Plazza, I am not sure if they will ever do it again. Ha! This year was record breaking in the time it took us...16 hours! Two of them in the pitchest of black. Fortunately, we were guided by "The Lighthouse" Michael Plazza's cellphone light. By the end, as our faces show in the pictures, we were pretty spent. But all in all a great memory and a good time. All are invited for next year's journey.