Monday, February 18, 2019

UPDATE Week of Feb 18

Welcome to the Weekly UPDATE

Flashback to college Mathu Gibson. So glad he is on our team! 

Highlights from the week.

ROUND TABLE at the home of Kalim and Paula Andraos. Wow. After being welcomed into the Andraos home, I realized how much I need to learn about hospitality.

Prepping for worship post feast. 

Kalim confessed that all his friends are getting old and that he was on the look out for younger ones. The Fellows were glad to oblige!

As Kalim only can do, he gave us an impassioned charge to follow Jesus and live righteously. A great night was had by all. (more photos below) 

Have you ever had a golden almond?

I can now say that I have!
LEADER LUNCH at the Variable with Keith Vest

This place rocks

Keith Vest took Leader Lunch to the next level. He used his story to help us see how God truly does direct our paths.  

You wouldn't believe how many takes it took to get this picture

The Variable is so cool
Thank you Keith for bringing the heat and the heart. You are a great friend.  

BOARD ADVANCE. That's right. The Fellows don't retreat. We advance! Even the board. After a couple postponements, on Wednesday night, the board finally got together to do some reflection and planning. It was worth the wait! What a night! 

Get ready city! Good things are coming. 


The gals at Waughtown Pediatrics
Blake Hill and I paid our wives a visit on Wednesday and spread the love to the entire office at Waughtown Peds. 

We switched it up. Blake went red and I went blond.
Then, Lia and friends turned the tables on us on Saturday and surprised us with dinner and Ricky Skaggs tickets!

Can anyone say prom pic?

what a show!

It was church - bluegrass style.

CLASSES. We continued class with Jack Wilkerson and ended our course with Rob Alexander. 

We went out with a bang. Rob had us all over to his new office on Kimwell Street at SonicAire. 

Controlling all your dust needs


Yep. That's a mini velodrome.

Saturday, at the new Winston Junction (get ready Winston), there was the first of several promotion events for the cycling center. 

To me it felt a little bit like fight club. Ha!

the place was packed



Welcome Sophie-Earle!

We immediately felt at home with Sophie-Earle. She has a magnetic personality and an infectious laugh. She is our second Clemson student this year and will be bringing her talents to Winston-Salem next year. We couldn't be more excited about it. 

We continue to receive applications. I'll be heading to Davidson this week to meet with some potential leads. 

If you know of anybody who may be interested in this or another Fellows program - contact me this week! Spaces are filling fast. 


We are so thankful for the support we receive to do this program. Without you, we wouldn't exist. 

If you would like to join the giving team, here's how:

Send checks to 

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St.
WSNC 27101

or give online at


Host a Round Table! Want to have the Fellows over for dinner? We have spaces available this spring. Round Tables are 6-9pm on Mondays. We gather, eat, clean, worship and pray. A good time is always had by all. If you are interested in hosting - contact Ned at

The Fellows love homes





THURSDAY: Nigel and I are going to do a little church!

FRIDAY: Jack's Class and Mission Statement Workshop

 Woo Hoo! Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

Elizabeth, Stef, Lia and Joan

Andrew is thinking about getting one of these for his apartment next year

i really don't know who Christian thinks he is sometimes...

Trent's girlfriend practices her ax throwing - coming to Winston soon!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2019

UPDATE Week of February 11

WHAT A POWERFUL WEEK began with a puppy

Meet Honey


Thank you Jeff and Deanne (and Honey) for a wonderful night last Monday. I had no chance keeping the Fellows attention with Honey wagging her tail about. I didn't even try.

Honey very well may be the cutest puppy I have ever seen. Whether she knows it or not, she won the puppy lottery - because the Trollingers are the best! Thanks y'all for hosting us.

Eventually, Honey went to bed and the Fellows spent the evening reading together and discussing Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. (If you have not read this - read it this week.)

A truly powerful evening.


Lynn speaks to the Fellows

On Wednesday, we had soup and Fritos over at Dickie and Lynn Brewers. They both shared their stories. Dickie shared about his faith and his journey into it. Lynn shared about leadership and listening to the Holy Spirit and persistence in prayer among other things.

Lynn recently retired from Young Life. She served many years on staff in Greensboro, then as Area Director in Forsyth County (she's the one responsible for me moving here!), then became the Regional Director for North Carolina before finally serving in a national role as the National Director for Discipleship. She is a treasure. It was a true joy to introduce her to the Fellows.

Sorry Bryan that I caught you in mid-bite

UNION: the Musical

It felt like I was holding the golden ticket

What a performance!

A glimpse of glory

What a night! UNION is the story told in word and song about the 1968 Sanitation Workers Strike in Memphis, TN. It is the setting for this iconic sign.

Sanitation Workers Strike 1968
Also, the setting of the assassination of Dr. King.

The performers were mostly from Memphis. Some even had roots to the actual men and women who were involved.

the Fellows did their best to control the chaos of the general admission crowd. It wasn't easy!


Bishop Sir Walter Mack

Saturday morning, we welcomed then attended the Forum on Faith and Culture at Union Baptist Church. The place was packed. The worship was hype. The speakers were passionate. And Jesus was proclaimed. WHAT AN EVENT!

Andrew, Abby, Tim, and Aly

more photos at the end...


Momentum is building. We have two more interviews this week for next year's class. We are praying hard for a yes from an invitation we extended last week.

Pray that folks who are considering applying actually apply!
Pray for wisdom as we extend invitations
Pray that we fill up with just the right folks by end of March.

Remember - you can be an answer to prayer - encourage someone to consider the Fellows today!


The crew from UNION wants you to get on the bus!
We also appreciate your financial support. Here's how:



Mail to:
Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Thank you. It is because of your generosity that we can accomplish this incredible mission.


David turned 10 on Saturday!


Round Table at Kalim and Paula Andraos'
Leader Lunch at the Variable with Keith Vest!
Class on Friday with Jack Wilkerson.
Last class with Rob Alexander and a luncheon with staff at SonicAire

Also! Joy Prom March 1
Get ready!

More Photos

Abby and Trent frame Andrew Miller whose future is so bright it would have exploded my camera lens had he looked into it.

Me and Mark - one of my very best and longest friends. We graduated from Penncrest High School together in 1997. On Thursday, we reconnected after far too long

Christy Williams and Chanice Withers having a moment at the Forum on Faith and Culture
Laura's fist appears to be punching Garrett

Mathu talking about Building a Foundation. So good.

Thanks y'all!

Keep spreading the word and the love!

Monday, February 04, 2019

UPDATE Week of February 4

Sleeping on the job????

Yes. Contrary to popular belief - Ned does sleep

The Fellows snapped this photo of me while we were serving together at Samaritan Inn. I was so tired I didn't even wait for the lights to go out before I shutting my eyes. 


Round Table with Kevin and Becky Dollinger. We headed out of Forsyth County and spent a wonderful evening with Christian McConnon's host family on Monday Night. We worked through our third and final evening talking through the enneagram. It turned into one of the best nights of the year. Thanks Dollingers!

Leader Lunch with Joanna Lyall and special guest Lisa Marshall. We had an awesome double dip leader lunch with the Office of Philanthropy at Wake Forest Health. 

Joanna and Lisa with the Fellows

Joanna came in as the most prepared Leader Lunch speaker that we have ever had. It went beyond the power point...

Joanna's college ID
or the top ten things that turned into top nineteen things!!!

this is good stuff.
or the swag she gave us.

The best part was how well she was able to relate to the Fellows. I can always tell when a speaker hits the mark when the Fellows come up to them afterwards...

Thanks Joanna

Thursday Samaritan Inn

Abby holding down the fort

Let's all agree that Andrew looks great in a hair net

Friday at Wake Forest

We continued to enjoy our classes with Rob Alexander and Jack Wilkerson. If you would like to join us in doing our homework, here it is above.

That evening, Renne Elise Goldsberry knocked the roof off Wait Chapel during the Arts in Leadership Conference being held over the weekend. Here is a little flavor for those that missed:

That night, the Fellows enjoyed a little bonfire and winter pool party over at Aly Hall's host home.

Andrew warming himself by the fire - can't tell from this photo whether he is still wearing the hair net

I had a surreal moment as I said good-bye to Anna Rose for a weekend with Wyldlife up at Windy Gap - her first trip there as a camper!!!

She refused to smile...grrr...

The boys

Meanwhile, we took three of David's friends up to the mountains to celebrate David's birthday.

They were a hoot
Welcome Greensboro Fellows

The Spanglers hosted a Fellows Super Bowl Party that included the Greensboro Fellows - what fun! Other than the Super Bowl being a bit of a dud - good times were had by all. 

Piled in...

Chanice REALLY liked the halftime show


Noah Holcomb
Welcome Noah! We received great news that Noah Holcomb has accepted our offer to be a Fellow next year. He's a grad of UNCW who is interested in medicine. He has connected with our current Fellows several times and really impressed us with his character and demeanor. He is going to be a fantastic addition to next year's cohort!

We had another great interview last week and have another lined up for this week. We are also in conversation with multiple other potential candidates. All said, things are coming along. 

Remember - you, too, can be a recruiter. Get out there and invite someone today!


Do you believe the children are our future?
Do you believe the children are our future? Then, come on and support the Winston-Salem Fellows. Financial support can be given 

or by sending checks to 

WS Fellows
851 W. 5th St. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101


the Fellows will be actually visiting this thing in May!

More to come on this - but the Winston-Salem Fellows is excited to announce our 2019 Mission Trip will be to Greece!

From May 20-27 we will be participating in a half pilgrimage/half mission trip to refugees in one of the most historically significant places in the world which also currently also serves as the epicenter of the greatest humanitarian crisis of our times. 

For more information, please reach out. 


Round Table at the Trollingers. Thanks Jeff and Deanne!
Leader Lunch with Lynn Barclay Brewer. 
Union: the Musical AND the Forum on Faith and Culture this weekend!

In the spring of 1968, the sanitation workers of Memphis, Tennessee went on strike. This strike, occasioned both by the tragic deaths of two of their fellow workers, Echol Cole and Robert Walker, and the desperate need for humane working conditions, began merely as a local matter. And yet, in ways that few could have foreseen, it became a defining moment in the ongoing American struggle toward a more perfect union.

In one respect, this transformation came about because of the presence of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the strike. It was there that he hoped to begin his next great work—the Poor People’s Campaign. It was there that he gave his last great speech—the “Mountaintop Speech.” It was there that he gave his final great sacrifice—his life. The Sanitation Workers’ Strike will always be known as the site of Martin Luther King’s last labor in the struggle.

And yet, in a much more important respect, the transformation of the strike from a local to a national event came not because of what Martin Luther King brought to it, but because of what he found there. And what did he find? He found an extraordinary and utterly distinctive union of the most important themes of the American Civil Rights struggle: the fusion of racial and economic justice, the affirmation of dignity in the midst of dehumanization, the collaboration of the religious and the radical, and the vision of love joined to the work of justice. This incredible union of disparate themes transformed the Sanitation Workers’ Strike into a movement of singular importance—both for its own time, and for ours.
And yet, the story remains largely unknown.

UNION: A Musical, is a celebration of these events, an exploration of these essential themes, and—at a time when we desperately need a vision of how to engage these struggles in our own day—an invitation to the work that the creation of a “more perfect union” requires of us all.


More from this week:

Aly Hall

Joanna Lyall