Monday, March 25, 2019

UPDATE Week of March 25

Fellows Album Cover???

We need to come up with a cool band name

Just in case you wondered...

It's true! YOU ARE LOVED!
The highlight of our week was spending a "Day Apart" at St. Francis Springs Retreat Center. Saw this rock during one of my walks. Thanks, who ever put it there!

The Week.

ROUND TABLE. And Thanks to Steve and Elizabeth Johnson for cooking up an awesome Round Table Dinner for us. 

Laura and her mom stirring the beans
This photo reminds me that I should also say thank you to Laura, the Social Media Marketing Director for Salem Kitchen in her spare time. 

If you haven't had a chicken pie or meatloaf from Salem Kitchen lately - go get yourself one or three!

A great assortment of La Croix's were available

A great night was had by all. 

LEADER LUNCH. Thank you Jan for getting our food all together. And THANK YOU Melissa Parker for knocking our leader lunch out of the park this week. 

Melissa and the Fellows. Should have moved those chairs...
Bryan and Garrett serve as welcoming committee for the Fellows
waiting on Jason's Deli

Laura got to show us around her office
Melissa is one of the most real folks I know. I love her story and the vulnerability she brings to the table. It is truly inspiring and exactly what the Fellows need to hear. THANK YOU Melissa!


Matt Hires and Kyle Cox in the Johnson's Basement (another Johnson)
We had reps from a couple Fellows classes on Thursday night coming to have Matt and Kyle from Nashville fill our ears with sweet melodies. 

Thanks Daniel for the invite!


St. Francis Springs
On Friday, our Spiritual Formation Professor led us on a guided day of solitude up at St. Francis Springs in Stokesdale, NC.


The Lord met us all in really cool ways.

Joe and Mathu having a one-on-one

Tim practices the spiritual discipline of rest, which is an actual spiritual discipline
The spring at St. Francis. 

Prayer of St. Francis
Thank you Joe Moore for taking the time to walk us through the day. Thank you Bryan Pardue for saving Chanice's life when that wasp came at her. We think they must be attracted to fear because that thing went straight at her!

All ended well...except for the wasp. God rest it's malevolent soul. 

Happy Birthday Kelly!

What a winning smile she's got
May this coming year bring you joy and laughter,...

like it did Monday night

Walking at Reynolda Gardens

I promised the Fellows that springtime was gorgeous in Winston-Salem. FINALLY, the weather allowed me to be proven right!


We've got two more interviews this week. One on Wednesday and one on Friday. Keep praying for us! We are halfway officially to full. So if someone comes to mind, send them our way. 

Remember. You are our best recruiters!

Phillip Summers spotted recruiting?


We also need your gifts - time, talent, treasure, and tax refunds!

So if you feel compelled to give, here is how. 

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

or online at



Anna Rose and David are looking forward. Are you?
Monday ROUND TABLE with Bill and Myrtie

Tuesday INVOCATION at Rotary

Wednesday INTERVIEW with Fellows Candidate. LEADER LUNCH with Ella Long. BIBLE STUDY and SERVICE

Thursday SWEET 16 and Nigel Alston at St. Paul's

Friday SPIRITUAL FORMATION with Substitute for Joe Moore and LEADERSHIP with 
Nigel Alston and INTERVIEW with Fellows Candidate.



David got a haircut!

Salem needs a haircut

Lia practicing portrait mode

A horse and his girl
Daddy's heart offcially melted

Bailey Park

Melissa and the table and chairs

Album cover take two

Kyle's whistle solo

Rock Flowers
Christian visited my family in Philly while he was interviewing for Seminary. He snapped this picture of high school Ned and sent it to me. My nickname back then was El Guapo, the Handsome, for reasons that are obvious.

thanks all! Keep sharing the story and spreading the love!

Monday, March 18, 2019

UPDATE Week of March 18

This girl runs with heart!
I'm celebrating Kelly Martin today. A year ago, she suffered a career ending knee injury that cut short her final season of collegiate athletics. 

A year later, she is training to complete her first half-marathon! What a difference a year makes! I'm so proud of this woman. 

She has gotten into every Physical Therapy program she applied to. More than that, I have seen this woman mature and grow by leaps and bounds in her faith. 

We will be retiring her number after this season. 

We love you Kelly! You go girl!


Round Table with Chris and Virginia Perry was memorable. Chris usually brings a great question to the group. This week, he brought a song. The worship song "Roadhouse Blues" by the Doors. 

He shared the lines:
"Woke up this morning and I got myself a beer.
The future's uncertain but the end is always near."

We had a robust conversation about the future and the end being near...

We then went around and shared some lyrics we thought were deep. I caught Laura Johnson singing Hamilton on tape, but I promised her I wouldn't show it.

A great night was had by all. 

Leader Lunch with Jade and Jessie Costen. We ate...drumroll please...Chik-fila! Our favorite! Ha! Jade and Jessie operate the Chik-fila at Thruway Shopping Center.

Nice product placement

Jade and Jessie have such a great story. They embody GRIT, resilience, and drive. I want those! We also had the privilege of meeting their new puppy!

Their new little Sunshine

Congrats to Emmy getting into Speech Pathology School! Costens for the win!

WEDNESDAY FELLOWS BOARD MEETING. We had a great night together with ourselves! I didn't get a picture, but we have one great board!

Actually. There in the back. Board members Gardner (unpictured) and Virginia (pictured) are discussing my fate most likely.

FRIDAY and SATURDAY We enjoyed class with one of our newest professors Tim Gardner (need to get a picture) and Joe Moore. 

A great line-up. 

The weather wasn't cooperating, so we bagged the camping idea. The Fellows went to a trampoline park. 

I hung out with my friend Eric Mathis at Crossnore for planting day. 

Always getting his hands dirty

Silas joined the Fellows at Reynolda Gardens
We were able to celebrate Phillip and Melissa Summers 40th Birthdays!!!

Sara Beth enjoyed St. Patty's Day 

Bryan and Nigel worked on solving the world's problems on Nigel's back porch

Spring is in the air!


Welcome to the team Reiley!

I am so pumped that Reiley Burris will be joining us next year as a Winston-Salem Fellow! Our first UNC grad of the campaign, Reiley is from the Charlotte area. She is a health and exercise science major and as you can see is a woman who loves her community well!

We are so thrilled that she will be joining our community in August!


As tax refund season approaches, what better time to re-invest some of that money in the future! What better thing to invest in than the future's future leaders?

Here's how

Give online at

Or mail to 

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101


Our address will be changing in the next couple months. 

The long and the short of it is that the house that serves as the home for the WS Fellows and Young Life is getting torn down! Yikes! 

So if you have any ideas for a new office for WS Fellows and/or Young Life - let us know!!!!


Monday - Round Table at Laura Johnsons original home.

Wednesday - Leader Lunch with Melissa Perrell at Novant. 

Thursday - House Concert at Damiel Johnson (no relation to Laura). Y'all should come! All of you! Not kidding.

Friday - Day Apart at St. Francis Springs 

Joe Moore will be leading us in a Day of Prayer


Thanks y'all!

Keeping sharing the story and spreading the love!

Monday, March 11, 2019

UPDATE Week of March 11

Abby and Julia rocking the 80s at the Bowling Alley


We had an awesome ROUND TABLE at the Ickes house. We had three generations there. Kim, her dad and her sons Ryan and Mason all made appearances. 

What a beautiful home! We did our best to shower it with song and blessing - oh. and it's for sale! You should buy it! You know who you are!

LEADER LUNCH was with the amazingly talented Steve Childs. 

Steve is back there on the chair that I broke...
This is me smiling through the pain!

Steve has the coolest studio ever.

That's its name
The highlight for me was the question Steve had us go around and share about. He asked us to talk about a piece of art that moves us. 

Most of us shared songs or films. It was very enlightening. 

Thanks Steve!

Board Member Shannon Rainey, also an artist, joined us

THURSDAY we celebrated Morgan Bonds, class of 2018's birthday!

Morgan and Micah, a great friend of the Fellows
It was one of the coolest moments of the last several year as there were Fellows from EVERY CLASS represented, as well as a recruit for NEXT YEAR, who I think is going to come! 

That's four generations of Fellows all in one place! THAT IS SO COOL!

Our guys weren't there because they were having guys night with their Bible Study Leaders. THAT IS SO COOL TOO!

FRIDAY we celebrated Tim Spanglers Birthday

Tim is 23
Tim is celebrating his Michael Jordan Birthday. So for the occasion we got him 23 doughnuts. I took one for the team and ate one. 

It's a tough job but someone has to do it. 

The party continued into the night
SATURDAY we Bowled for Kids Sake with Big Brothers Big Sisters

Abby and Julia worked two straight days

Reese eeked out a victory. David came in second! Anna Rose and I tied for third.

Guess who won the costume contest
So fun

The Happy Couple

The other Happy Couple

FELLOWS BONDING. The Winston-Salem Fellows invited over the Greensboro Fellows for some dinner, game watching and game playing...

Loving the mingling

Fellows who cooked together...
Bananagrams anybody?


First Pres Guys Shot Each Other with Paintball Guns. 

Taking one for the team!

We had some fun up in the foggy mountains


We are holding steady. Another invitation is going out this afternoon. (Shhhh don't tell her!) We have another interview tonight. And are working on a few more interviews in the coming weeks. 

All that is good news. 

Please be on the look out for a few good people. Remember. You are our best recruiters!


Thank you to all of you who give to the Fellows. We appreciate you so much. 

If you want to feel the appreciation yourself, send a check to 

851 W. 5th St. 
WSNC 27101

or give online at


We are gunning for another great week

MONDAY Round Table at the Perrys AND Interviewing a potential Fellow. OH! And Anna Rose's first track meet. 

TUESDAY Shane Claiborne at Great Commission Community Church

WEDNESDAY Leader Lunch with Jade and Jessie Costen

FRIDAY Professional Development with Tim Gardner. 
Spiritual Formation with Joe Moore


Artists are the Smartest

Checking out Abby Checking In

Suns Out Guns Out

It only took 1000 takes to get this picture

I'm holding a 20 pound ball - JK

Celebrating Morgan Bonds! What a gal!
Thanks All. Keep spreading the love and sharing the story!