Monday, September 25, 2017

UPDATE Week of September 25

Sean Henderson and Ashley Trewhella get the party pumping over at Florence Elementary School


Work - I had a quick lunch/walk with Grace to kick off my visit a Fellow at work week

We call this smile - "the Grace Mezzy"
Tate kept things fun at the Latino Festival on Saturday
I had the chance to participate in a pop quiz with Natalie over at ABC of NC
Ashley did a whole lot of running

I'm becoming a big fan of Boosterthon

Patrick was crushing some Contacts at Eanes

I was able to take a selfie with Abbey Sams' boss, Melissa

A special shout out to my wife who launched their new clinic this week!
Thank you thank you thank you to all our Employers:

ABC of  NC Child Development Center
Aladdin Travel
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Eanes Heating and Air Conditioning
Forsyth Country Day School
Habitat for Humanity
New Canaan Society
Novant Health
Novant Endocrine Specialists
Salem Sports Inc.
Twin City Sports

Round Table was an outdoor barbeque hosted by two dear friends to the Fellows, David and Shannon Rainey. A quote after the Fellows cleaned up after dinner, "Wow! I should host dinner every week. My kitchen hasn't been this clean in years!"

Leader Lunch was hosted by one our local legends and my dear friend John Bost. LaDonna as usual went above and beyond on the food. Thank you! John, as usual, kept us all riveted with his stories and insights. 

One of my favorite pictures from the year so far

After leader lunch, we had a special kick-off meeting to celebrate our Small Groups. 

Making ourselves at home
Thank you Beth Hilliard, James Harris, and Shannon Rainey for being our Small Group Leaders this year!

Thursday we had a special opportunity to meet with Andrzej Turkanik the Executive Director of the Quo Vadis Institute in Salzburg, Austria. 

He is very cool. Check out Quo Vadis at

Josh Benoit and Sean Henderson were able to join us
Friday we launched our two classes for the fall semester. Thank you Jack Wilkerson and Clay Cooke for bringing the heat!

Fellows at Home

Natalie with her host sister, Claire

Tucker with his host dog, Bella

Other News

Winston Salem Fellows Start Well Breakfast

When: 7am October 5th
Where: River Birch Lodge on Robinhood Rd. 
How long: An hour fifteen minutes
Purpose: To learn ways to get more involved with the Fellows and also to raise funds

Please email if you wish to attend.

Can you invite a friend? YES!

David is advertising for the RAH on October 21 - you should come!
 Here is the link

Lia, Griselle, Ellen, Ashley, and Teresa (right to left below) launched Novant's newest pediatric clinic: Waughtown Pediatrics on Wednesday. I am so proud of these women!


 On Satruday we played soccer and got slaughtered by Spain.

Great attitudes

Then we went up to the mountains to open my birthday present!

a paddleboard!

They let me paddle some too

Our secret wishing spot
 Then we hiked up to our secret wishing spot to check on our wishes from last year and deposit new ones for this coming one.

Most of our wishes came true!

So cool.

Ways To Pray

Pray for our October 5th fundraiser, that people would come!
Pray for our Fellows. A lot of them are working through some pretty hard stuff
Pray for our Employers, Host Families and Mentors
Pray as I meet with a couple Wake students this week about the Fellows.
Pray about giving:

Here is a link

Or send checks to: Winston-Salem Fellows. 851 West 5th Street. Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Thankful for you!

Keep sharing the story and spreading the love

Monday, September 18, 2017

UPDATE Week of Sept 18

Back row: Grace, Natalie, Sarah, Ashley, Morgan, Kate and Abbey
Front row: Caleb, Tucker, Patrick, Tate, JP, and Ned
We just finished one of my favorite weeks of the Fellows year - the main reason simply being that I get to spend so much time with the Fellows. 

Last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - we spent three days together in intense professional development mode at the Center for Creative Leadership. 

The theme was Great Leaders Lead Themselves. It was a helpful three days of discovery and goal setting. I'm excited to see how our learning will play out over the coming weeks and months. 

Highlights from the week

Monday's Round Table was at one of our home bases 921 S. Hawthorne St. Battling the rain, we had some chicken fried rice and stir fry as we went around and shared "the good, the hard, and the surprising."

I was impressed with our Fellows vulnerability - a great sign for things to come. The truth is we are all broken people - the path to wholeness requires us to own it. 

I'm optimistic we are going to experience some real healing this year!

Tuesday, I had a full day of meetings. First, with our Advancement Team. Next, with the YMCA Board. Third, with Scott Wierman at WS Foundation. What a guy! We could have talked shop for hours. Very excited about this new friendship.

After Rotary, I had the joy of spending an hour with our Small Group Team. Every week, The Fellows split up guys and gals to study Scripture and pray for one another. 

We have an all-star team. For the gals, Beth Hilliard and Shannon Rainey are my spiritual guides. On the guy side, we have James Harris. Tuesday, we went over the vision, and I had the privilege of leading the leaders. Wow. What an hour!

From there, thankfully soccer practice was cancelled, which allowed me to hang out with one of my new favorite Fellows, Sarah. Then, it was off to Parent Night for School and then an Elder Meeting. Whew...

We traded letters at Parent Night

Wednesday apart from the Center for Creative Leadership, we had the bonus pleasure of kicking off our Mentoring Program! Holly Heath and Michelle Schapira did an amazing job putting a spread together. Thanks gals!

The most capable Holly Heath with JP looking on
I'm so thrilled about the lineup we have this year. 

making introductions

Here they are:

Abbey Sams: Betsy Turner
Ashley Trewhella: Belinda Jorgenson
Caleb McKillop: Alec Sharpe
Grace Mezzy: Michelle Schapira
JP Flynn: Tim Musser
Kate Donahoo: Lora Geer
Morgan Bonds: Katy Benoit
Natalie Bayer: Elizabeth Turner
Patrick McCarthy: Benjamin Marsh
Sarah Wilkins: Molly Lineberger
Tate Heisler: Charlie Barham
Tucker Bartholomew: Dan Calhoun

Dan Calhoun and Tucker Bartholomew

Belinda and Ashley could be sisters

Elizabeth and Natlie (hidden) on the left. Charlie and Tate on the right. Michelle in the far left
Please pray for these relationships!

We do CCL with the Greensboro Fellows on purpose. First of all, it cuts cost. Second, it introduces the idea to the Fellows that they are part of something bigger than their individual programs. Lastly, the cross-pollination of cohorts enhances community which brings to it plenty opportunity for further connection. I wouldn't do it any other way. And it cuts costs...did I say that already?

Greensboro and WS Fellows
We had a great leadership team this year. Thank you Jeffrey and Susan for your facilitation. 

Morgan enjoying the debrief

Kate takes pride in her sculpture

JP processing things with Ashley

Grace processing things with Patrick

Team juggling

Blindfold puzzles (we broke the speed record - just saying)

We welcomed Joe, a friend of Sarah and Grace's who was passing through

Tate delivers his graduation speech

Abbey fully of joy

It was a great three days. Very thankful that we have this as part of our deliverables for the Fellows program. 

Saturday was David's first soccer game, Wake Homecoming and the Apple Festival at Bethabara. In other words, there was lots of sunshine to be had. 

And it was oh so fun. 

Three Fellows, Caleb, Natalie and Morgan joined us for the Apple Festival.

Almost a Christmas card...

We were joined at the football game by Ashley, Morgan, Abbey and her boyfriend Isaiah who came to surprise her for the day!

All in all, a great week!

Other news

We received our second application for next year! We like both of these candidates, and we are hopeful to be able to snag them. 

WS FELLOWS Start Well Fundraiser

We are trying something new this year and would love for you to help make it a winner! 

On Oct 5th 7am at River Birch Lodge we would love to have you join us for breakfast while we introduce our new class to you as well as share with ways to get further involved in the movement. 

There is an email invitation circling around. If you have not received it yet - please let me know and I'll get you one. 

As with everything Fellows, we try to be as lean and welcoming as possible. So if you are wondering if you are invited, you're invited. 

Just let us know you're coming by October 2nd. 

other fiscal news...

Tuition from our Fellows has been trickling in, which has not (yet) caused any belt tightening on program. However, because of that, your contributions would be a huge help this fall. 

Our goal this year is to raise $50,000 of local contributions through individuals and businesses. We are nearing having shaved off about $6,000 of that so far in donations, including our monthly donors. So there is the need. 

Thank you for helping us. 

Mail Checks to 

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

or go online to

Other ways to support us.

- Monday Round Table at David and Shannon Rainey's home
- Wednesday Leader Lunch with John Bost!
- Wednesday, we are launching our Small Groups
- Wednesday, we are also launching Mentor Training with Bill McClain and Ron Pegram
- Friday, we are launching two semester-long classes with Dr. Clay Cooke and Dr. Jack Wilkerson

- Pray also for Fellows. Several (all) would benefit from counseling. I'm trying to figure out a way to pull this off for them inexpensively. 

- Pray for the Erickson Family
- we experienced a lice attack last week, which tends to happen when something big is about to happen...this time it is Lia's new Medical Practice which is opening this Wednesday off of Waughtown Street. Please pray for her and the medical team. 

Also, let me debunk the myth. I am not too busy. I dare you to reach out to me. Let's get together. 

Thanks all. 

More pics from the week...

thanks all!

Monday, September 11, 2017

UPDATE - Week of Sept 11

Feliz Cumpleanos Abbey
If every week is like this week, I may not be able to contain my enthusiasm. Who are we kidding? Since when have I been able to contain my enthusiasm! 


Monday, we established what will next year become a tradition of having the Fellows Alumni join us for Labor Weekend Round Table. 

Jessica, Julia, Rahel, Sarah, and Abbey
We made Hobo Dinners in the fire. 

Then worshipped together before debriefing week one. 

It rained cats and dogs on Wednesday - at least it did during the five minutes I was carrying the food into Leader Lunch. Good thing for us, Allan Younger exudes his own sunshine. 

Sitting: Natalie, Abbey, Morgan, Allan, Kate
Standing: Grace, JP, Ashley, Patrick, Tucker, Caleb and Tate

What an incredible leader. In his words, Allan's mission is to connect with people and help them increase their capability. He's done it in business at General Electric, in his firm G.R.A.C.E. Consulting (Genuine Relationship Allows Collaboration Excellence), and for sure in his role at the Small Business and Entrepreneur Center at Forsyth Tech. 

"Strangers may be new to you, but they aren't new to God," he said at one point. 

No wonder he makes friends so easy I thought. 

Thanks Allan for your warm hospitality and the way you are making such a huge impact on our city. 

Friday, I left the Fellows in the most capable hands of Kevin Frack. I refer to Kevin as the Resident Spiritual Historian of Winston-Salem. 

His lecture on the spiritual history of Moravians and their arrival to this part of America is one of the most fascinating lessons I have ever experienced. I could listen to him every year - and next year will be even better because I missed this year!

After lunch, the Fellows met back up with Kevin that afternoon for a Walking Tour of Old Salem.

The Fellows on the way to the walking tour
Kevin's walking tour of Old Salem cannot be beat. It sounds like I'm advertising, and Kevin would definitely not like me to do that...sorry brother if I drum you up some business!

Can you pick Kevin out of the crowd? It's hard, isn't it. The eternal Fellow that man is...
I love starting the year with Kevin because on top of the learning the history - the Moravians did intentional community, something we seek to establish with our Fellows while they are with us. 

Meanwhile, I was up in the mountains with F3 Winston-Salem, running the Blue Ridge Relay. 

Brian Amrich kicking off Team DashStrong
I still can't believe it, but somehow Team DashStrong got 3rd place in the Open Division and 8th Place Overall!

Meanwhile, the Fellows celebrated Patrick McCarthy and Abbey Sams' birthdays up on top of Hanging Rock. 

Happy Birthday Abbey and Patrick!
I love that the Fellows are figuring things out without me. See more pics at the end of the Update. 

Sunday, at church, Kate helped out packing Hurricane Harvey supplies. 

Kate and Jean Moser
Kate's family is in Houston. They made it through the storm relatively unscathed. 

Later that afternoon, I had the pleasure of meeting Roger and Lisa Sams as we celebrated Abbey's birthday one last time!

From there most Fellows went off to Youth Group. 

Others helped out at the Love Out Loud fundraiser. 

Sarah and Ashley sporting vests for the Love Out Loud Fundraiser

I went home and checked out my fantasy football team (Barring any crazy stuff, I should be 1-0). The surprise of week one: Abbey Sams obliterated JP Flynn (the professional) then went to Life Group. 

What a week!


We were excited to learn that our dear friend/hero Charley Donohoe made it out of cancer surgery, minus a five pound tumor along with some other pieces. Recovery is going to be tough. Good thing he is a marine. 

Holly and Charley last year about this time

We had sad news as well. Beloved Mickey Wallace passed away and this weekend we lost another saint, Jan Rice. Please please pray for the Wallace and Rice families. 


Yes, you heard that right RECRUITMENT! We received our first application for NEXT YEAR already! In fact, another is on the way. 

Folks - the word is out: Winston-Salem is the place to be! Woo-Hoo!


Lia, Ashley and Ellen in their new office!

I am so proud of these women. Next week, they will be opening Waughtown Pediatrics - a clinic that will primarily serve the underserved in our city. This has been a dream of Lia's for several years - and it has been delayed one more week because Duke Power sent all their techs to Houston for the hurricane - but on September 20th the dream will officially become reality! Way to go gals!


Want to join us?

There are plenty of ways to jump on this crazy train. 

The simplest and highly appreciated is financial. 

Write checks to Winston-Salem Fellows

Mail to: Winston-Salem Fellows 851 W. 5th St. WSNC 27101

Or give online:

You can also love on the Fellows. These guys are worth your affection!

You can also come and learn more at our WS FELLOWS BREAKFAST

7am Oct 5th at River Birch Lodge

Let me know if you'd like to attend (or want to bring some friends)


Keep sharing the story and spreading the love!