Monday, September 04, 2017

UPDATE - Week of September 4

The Fellows joined us for the first blowout I have ever witnessed at BB&T field
Week one is in the books. 

No Fellow got fired. No Fellow got kicked out of their house. And my house didn't burn down after I let the Fellows throw a party in it while we were away this weekend. 

All in all - a successful week, I'd say!

Week in Review

Left to right: Morgan, Caleb, Bill, Tucker, Patrick, Sarah, Natalie, Grace, Ashley, Tate, Kate, Abbey, Myrtie and JP
We got our best Round Table of the year out of the way early by going to Bill and Myrtie's house. Myrtie whipped up her famous chicken casserole, corn souffle, homemade bread, and magic ice tea. 

We got them to share with us their love story. We worshipped past nine o'clock, and I had to cut us off because the Fellows had to go to work the next day. A great night. 

Oh, and the dessert was straight down from heaven. 

Thank you Bill and Myrtie. You are the best, and no one will contest me saying it. 

Nigel holding audience
We got our best Leader Lunch out of the way as well by hosting the living legend, Nigel Alston over at the Gobble House (Fellows unofficial headquarters).

Here are a couple of my favorite lines from the man himself:

"There isn't a straight line to where you want to go."

"One thing that you figure out is that you can't figure it out."

"Yes can get you into a whole lot of trouble, but it also can be adventuresome."

"If you show up and do a reasonably good job and you are nice you are gong to meet new people and they're going to ask you to go over and play."

"Contact over time = Relationship."

Nigel fits right in
I told the Fellows if they were able to absorb half of what Nigel said, their year would be a success. 

And I'm not lying. 


Sarah Alston joined us as well. Thanks Sarah!

Afterward, we headed down to the Quiet Pint to celebrate Tucker Bartholomew's birthday!

Ashley had the great idea of having us go around and share things we love about Tucker. We have only known each other a week, but it wasn't hard for us to do!

That evening, David and I had the chance to check out the new library.

Thursday, I had a full day of meetings including a consulting gig with an Asheville Business owner named Ned!

Great friends Marshall White and Chad Brown invited a few friends to join them for lunch to hear from another friend Erika Quaile share about Hope International. 

Erika's presentation was very entertaining even though she and Buddy Thomas look like they are asleep.

I had a great time and continue to admire the work this organization is doing around the world. 

(FYI - If you think a BLTP is Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Pickle - you would be like me and be wrong - or at least you would be surprised to discover that it also includes fried chicken! I guess P is for poultry?)

That evening, Wake was playing the mighty mighty Presbyterian College for their season opener. Our family has hill tickets, but I was having a little difficulty tracking down tickets for the Fellows - that is until about 4pm when several connections came through all at once and we ended up with 16 tickets plus 2 parking passes! HA!!!

Thanks connections! You know who you are!

What a fun night! Thank you!

Friday, we took several assessments to prep for our time at the Center for Creative Leadership (Myers Briggs and Firo-B). We also did our Fantasy Football draft (the important stuff, you know). Then, Tucker and I introduced them to Slappy's Chicken.  

This weekend was sort of a test because I planned nothing for them. 

Turns out they were fine. 

Saturday, they partied at my house. Sunday, they were over at the Browers for S'mores and games.

As for us, Saturday morning, the family went up to the mountains to spend the weekend with Lia's parents and sister's family. 

Saturday weather was a little narsty but I did happen to catch one of the biggest fish of my life (though I wasn't able to land it -grrrr). 

Sunday and Monday were absolutely gorgeous. 

Grilling out

The natives got a little restless (sorry for not being PC)

We ate wild grapes that made our lips tingle

Anna Rose and Cousin Evy

Photo Cred Lia


Monday: Round Table - Fellows (Old and New) Cookout and Spikeball Tournament.

Tuesday: Working on article for Young Life, meeting with First Pres, and first soccer practice of the season. 

Wednesday: Leader Lunch with Allan Younger and worship dinner at Hope.

Friday: Moravian and Winston-Salem History with Kevin Frack.

Looks like another great week. 

* Pray for Ellen Wallace and the Wallace family and friends as we grieve the passing up Mickey Wallace. 
* Pray for Charley Donohoe, Board Member, as he recovers from major cancer surgery.
Pray for Fellows as they fundraise. 
Pray for Lia and I as we manage the fall. (I'm running the Blue Ridge Relay Friday and Saturday)
Pray for the Fellows community

Mark your calendars Oct 5th Breakfast at River Birch. 

Remember Giving is Easy

Mail checks to 

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101


Thanks all - Keeping sharing the story and spreading the love!

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