Monday, August 28, 2017

UPDATE - August 28th - THEY'RE HERE!

Ready or not - HERE THEY ARE!

They came!
I know I shouldn't be surprised - but there was that moment when I wondered if I was going to be the only one to show up at the party! Ha!

From Left to Right: Kate Donahoo, Ashley Trewhella, Grace Mezzy, Tate Heisler, Sarah Wilkins, JP Flynn, Natalie Bayer, Patrick McCarthy, Morgan Bonds, Tucker Bartholomew, Abbey Sams, Caleb McKillop, Ned Erickson
What a week!

Monday - We watched the eclipse from the field at Summit - 

Tuesday - We celebrated the first day of school - 

Anna Rose - 5th Grade
David - 3rd Grade
Wednesday -  The Fellows Arrived. 

First Fellows Photo - Winston-Salem Foundation
Special Thanks to Shannon Rainey and Lia Erickson for setting up and providing a great luncheon for us. Also, thank you to Scott Wierman, President of the Winston-Salem Foundation for officially welcoming the Fellows and sharing the vision for the future reality we see for this city. 

From there, we jumped in the car to Lake Norman to enjoy a day on the water. 

We all found something to float on

Mike Baughan was able to throw every single Fellow off the tube!

A little windblown

Kate Donahoo and Grace Mezzy getting to know each other by smelling each other's feet

JP Flynn and his large duck

Mike and Julie Baughan - the hosts with the most
Julie had the brilliant idea of breaking the ice by having all of us put on hats and wigs...

Tucker, Tate, Morgan, Ned and Ashley

Caleb, Abbey, Sarah, Mike, Kate, JP, Grace, Patrick, and Natalie

After dinner we had a great night of worship - we have some fantastic musicians this year - shout out to Tucker and Kate!

Thursday - we spent the morning at the lake, had a great time of worship, solitude and book discussion then packed up and drove north to the mountains!

Natalie, Sarah, Grace, Ashley and Kate on Bullhead Mountain

We discovered Ashley really likes flowers

That afternoon we went over the handbook, then had another great night of worship. 

Afterward, we went on a night hike to the top of Bluff Mountain. Natalie took a great picture of the stars and the Milky Way

That "cloud" is the Milky Way!

Friday - We woke up the next morning, spent some solid time in solitude then traveled just down the road to Grayson Highlands for a day hike!

Here is the gang with our new mascot - Potato!

Tate and Potato really got close

Patrick really digging this hike

Sarah taking it all in
Natalie scaled some rocks

Then took a picture of our lunch spot

The Director was getting pooped
That afternoon we finished off the handbook, ate tacos and watched an amazing sunset...then had a family game night.

Morgan and Abbey

Saturday - we had a great morning of worship, prayer, and solitude in the Cave Rock Chapel. 

Then, we had our first official public event at the finals of the Winston-Salem Open! Thank you Don and Robbin Flow!

Back: Kate, Tate, Tucker, Patrick, Ashley, Sarah, Grace
Front: JP, Caleb, Morgan, Abbey, Natalie, and Ned

The Fellows gave the whole experience a big thumbs up
Sunday - The Fellows were all commissioned by our four church partners: First Pres, Hope, Redeemer, and River Oaks. It's one of my favorite days of the year as it gives me an excuse to visit four of my favorite congregations all in one morning!!!

Caleb, Morgan and Tucker being introduced at Redeemer
@ First Pres
- Ashley Trewhella
- Patrick McCarthy
- Sarah Wilkins

 @ Hope
- JP Flynn
- Kate Donahoo
- Natalie Bayer

@ Redeemer
- Caleb McKillop
- Morgan Bonds
- Tucker Bartholomew

@ River Oaks
- Abbey Sams
- Grace Mezzy
- Tate Heisler

That evening, we held a Welcome Celebration at the Redeemer Lawn...

Fellow Alumni, Jessica Kok and others

About 100 others

Special thanks to Holly Heath our celebration coordinator. 

 Also Special Thanks to my amazing, beautiful, smart, and gracious wife who has one of the hardest jobs in the world - handling me!



Today is the first day on the job for the majority of the Fellows (some start in a few days).

And I'm dubbing this week "Hero Week" because of our line-up.

Tonight, we have our first Round Table, which will be hosted by Bill and Myrtie Davis.

On Wednesday, we will have our first Leader Lunch with Nigel Alston.

When it comes to leadership and heroics - Bill, Myrtie, Nigel (and Sarah) are about as heroic as heroic gets.

Tucker Bartholomew's birthday is also Wednesday, so we will have a little something something for him!

As for the director - it is lots of coffee and meetings.

Actually, here is a prayer item, on Tuesday I will be giving my Classification Talk at the Downtown Rotary Club.

And Friday, I'll be taking the Fellows to the mountains for another little beginning of the year adventure!

I can't believe we are here! We couldn't have done it without so many of you - truly, too many to count. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

In the coming weeks, I hope to thank many of you personally and publicly. Y'all are amazing. 

Hi Ho Here We Go!

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