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UPDATE August 7

growing up so fast



Met with John Eanes this week to get to know him better before he brings on Patrick McCarthy this year. Both of these men are in for a treat.

Sarah Wilkins surprised me by coming into town for an interview with Tracy Farmer at Forsyth Endocrine Specialists. She got the job! She'll be coming in this week to do some blood work and begin the onboarding process.

Ashley Trewhella completed her first week of training at her new employer: Boosterthon. Sean Henderson, a graduate from last year's class now employed full-time with Boosterthon, called me to tell how great a job she's doing.

You thought that the beautiful sunlight that has graced us this last week was weather. No, I think it was Grace Mezzy's arrival. I think she brings sunshine wherever she goes. I checked in on her mid-week at Salem Sports to find her "crushing" some Adobe Illustrator.

J.D. Lehman's interview was amazing. Paul Williams and Aubrey Linville both met with him to give the survey of the land of commercial real estate. Campbell Anderson joined us for dinner and sold him. I used the tickets Tripp Wilson and I won at Trivia Night a few weeks ago to take them to the Dash game. Will Troxler gave him a bed to sleep in. I think if we can work out the job stuff, J.D. will be in. Pray!

We also had a great response to housing. Thank you Rob and Becky Paynter, Terry and Jess Phipps, John and Jeanne Lenham, Jeff and Deanne Trollinger, Jim and Janice Weiss, Clyde and Valerie Godwyn, Tripp and Patricia Wilson, and Christian and Katie Moretz for taking a step. Pray for these guys as they pray about it!


I just mentioned one. A job for J.D. Lehman. There is a good chance we can work an arrangement with Linville/Team and GemCap, but we will need your prayers for it to happen. 


Morgan Bonds is in a conversation with Habitat for Humanity. Pray that something can get finalized this week. Pray for my conversation with Mike Campbell today. 

A special THANK YOU to Fred Jorgenson who is helping us think through opportunities for J.P. Flynn. I'm having a conversation about him at 7:30 this morning with Richard Shore at Aladdin Travel. Hoping for a fit. Prayers are already being answered - an outstanding conversation with Richard this morning - could be a match.

Kate Donahoo is finalizing (we hope) discussions about her new role at Forsyth Country Day School. Pray all goes well. I think the biggest challenge is funding - so pray specifically for that. 

Natalie Bayer had a GREAT interview at ABC Child Development and has been asked back for a second interview. This will take place next week. All signs point to a positive outcome, but you never know until you go through the entire process. 

Caleb McKillop is waiting on word from Allegacy Credit Union. I think the powers that be were on vacation last week, so hopefully we can tie this up this week. Pray!

Tucker Bartholomew's job with the N.C. Bar Association which I was told was a done deal has recently not turned out to be a done deal. VERY Discouraging. In anticipation of this, we have been pivoting to other opportunities. Tucker talked to one over the weekend. I'm on a phone call at 9am with another. We would love something for Tucker in the realm of either Advocacy and Law or Sales and Marketing. The experience of thinking he had a job to the arrangement fizzling out has made Tucker question his call to the Fellows. We had a good but hard conversation on Saturday. Please pray for a positive outcome here for Tucker and the Fellows. Prayers are already being heard - A very promising conversation with NCS this morning - could be a match. 

Housing. We have several folks praying about hosting a Fellow. Some are closer to Yes than others. I say realistically we need three or four more folks to come out of the woodwork for me to feel safe. Pray!!!



Fellows Sarah Wilkins (left) and Grace Mezzy (center) joined us for dinner Friday night. Photo cred Jessica Kok (Fellows alumni)
We are gearing up for a great year. If this pre-dinner is any sign - these Fellows are going to fit right in.

Kevin Frack, our resident Historian is planning his History of Winston-Salem lecture and walking tour for us. Terrance Hawkins, our resident Black Historian is putting together his Freedom Ride for us. The Center For Creative Leadership just sent me their contract. Dr. Clay Cooke and Dr. Jack Wilkerson are working on their curriculum for the semester.

This week I'm updating the Handbook and sending that out.

Orientation is coming together. Thank you Mike and Julie Baughan for the use of your lake house. I've got several surprises up my sleeve, so just trust me when I say - orientation is going to be memorable.

One note: We will be having a welcome to Winston-Salem Bash for the Fellows on August 27th with Host Families, Board Members, Employers, Churches, Former Fellows, Donors, and if that describes you, expect to see an Evite this week!

We have a Board Meeting on Wednesday.

Lia has a very special birthday on Thursday.

I hope to attend a good portion of the Global Leadership Summit this Thursday and Friday.

We will have several Fellows in town week for a variety of reasons.

I need to do a better job at pictures.


My kids had an amazing time at Farm Camp at NOMAD Farms. Mark and Dana Nicholson are treasures to this community. So thankful for them and their mission.

Farmer Dave Dave

Farmer Anna Rose
Dana wrote me this morning: "Anna Rose - what a beauty of this earth! Tell her she is welcome to keep farming here in prep for having her own farm smeday. I tell you she should shadow Hailey - the Geer's oldest daughter is super-hardcore and she's doing her own dairy business you may know about Sunrise Creamery." So awesome.

Grace Mezzy had a great first week of work.

Lia and I were able to take the kids to the mountains - it was the first time it was just the four of us since July 8th!

Leaping A-Ro

Happy moments in the woods

Summer and Ice Cream - the best
Shout outs to John Eanes, Andrew Miller, Tim Gardner, the good people of Young Life Summer Stud, Holly Heath, Josh Benoit, Karver Bolton, Rob Alexander, Will Reeves, Tripp Sanders, Paul Williams, Aubrey Linville, Stuart Stogner, Shannon Rainey, Lea Metz, Zaneta Robinson, Shontell Robinson, Jenny Scholl, Clay and Bekah Cooke, Caroline and Brad Cox, Mike and Gayle Ford, Mark and Dana Nicholson, among others that made this week a great one.

WE HAVE STARTED IN OUR NEW FISCAL YEAR with $15k in the bank. A little behind where we like to be, but with tuition money coming in at the end of the month we should be ok.

This would be a great time to begin thinking about what you would like to contribute to the Fellows this year.

Mail can be sent to

WS Fellows
851 W. 5th Street
WSNC 27101

or giving on line is at

There is a monthly option on the web portal.

Thanks guys.

A little fun video for those of you who have made it to the end...

After two rounds of me obliterating my family in Water Balloon Thermo Nuclear War - they got their revenge

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