Monday, July 31, 2017

UPDATE for July 31

Taking time to smell the roses
Lia and I had a spectacular trip to France to celebrate our "10th" anniversary seven years late. We went with a Bike Tour Group called VBT. Highly recommend them.

Our guides Pierre and Michel (a dude) were straight out of the movies.

Pierre and Michel - about as French as French gets
I'll share some more photos at the end of this update.


As I sit here back in the office on July 31st, three and a half weeks before year two of the program starts, I can say we have a lot to be thankful for: 11 Great Fellows. 4 Great Church Partners. Most of our Jobs have or are about to come through...

Our greatest need is Host Families. This is a key part, obviously of the Fellows program and possibly the most rewarding.

Yesterday, Grace Mezzy, moved into our house for a few weeks. She is working at Salem Sports this year and they are so excited about her they have asked her to come early!

Unfortunately, Fellows rules state that the Ericksons cannot host a Fellow for the year, so we will have to satisfy ourselves with these few weeks. But I can tell you - our home is better for having her in it. What a blessing!

Welcome Grace!
We, the Fellows, want you to have that blessing. Obviously, it is a commitment to have someone live with you for the year, but we make it about as user-friendly as possible for you.

Fellows are adults, who love Jesus, and are coming in with thankful hearts, ready to help. They only need a bed and access to a bathroom. Our ask is that you welcome them into your home and have at least one meal a week each other.

If you are interested, please contact me asap. Or if you would like to talk to one of our host families from previous years, I'd be happy to connect you.

This is a HUGE NEED! This week - this is the best way to love the Fellows.

My number is (336) 413-4918 and my email is


Is not over! This week we are having likely our last interview for this class. His name is JD and many of you have been praying for him the last couple weeks. His interview is Thursday and Friday and if all goes well, he will be our 12th and final Fellow for the year.

Thanks for joining us in prayer!

JD played golf at the University of Louisville. 

Today is the last day of our fiscal year, and the good news is that we have money in the bank! Praise the Lord! A deep heartfelt thanks to all of you who have contributed this past year. The Fellows would not happen without your support. On top of that - you all gave out of your own compulsion which allowed me to focus on directing the Fellows. I have been working in and with non-profits for over twenty years now, and I have never had to focus less on raising money! That is credit to you! And it allows us to remain focused on the work.

Tomorrow, we start over with a new budget and a new goal of $50,000 to raise between now and July 31st of next year. Please pray about how and how much you feel led to contribute this year. Money is just one of the ways. And every bit counts.

As always, I am available for lunch or coffee or beverage of your choice...

Contributions can be made out to

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Or given online at


Rahel is settling in at Duke and sent us this picture in honor of our weekly Round Tables!

Christina is sporting a North Carolina t-shirt at the North Dakota/South Dakota border. She will be returning to North Carolina at the end of the month.


This week were are honing in on host families, finalizing jobs, touching base with all our Fellows with last minute details, and program planning. Whew!

Lots to do. But also a goal is to connect, so again, please reach out. Would love to grab some time with you.

Thanks y'all for joining us on this wild ride!

Some from FRANCE...

The weather was unseasonably cold and wet - but as they say in Midnight in Paris - Paris is even more beautiful in the rain...

Leaning on the Eiffel Tower

Cycling through the vineyards of La Touraine

Orange mint tea in Tours

Sunflowers in Ouchamps. Sporting David and Lisa Meyer's bike shirt for their nonprofit

Thinking in the Rodin Museum

Picnic on the lawn of Chambord

Chateau where we stayed in Mont St. Louis

King for a day

More sunflowers

Snuck that one in on her

Thanks to Rich and Sue who watched the kids

Couldn't get enough biking I guess so Rich and I biked to the top of Pilot Mountain on Saturday

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