Monday, July 10, 2017

UPDATE Week of July 3

Yep. That's a kangaroo - she did NOT get to keep it, thank goodness

Anna Rose is 11!

How did that happen?

Fellows Update

I am increasingly getting excited about this upcoming year. Our eleventh Fellow is officially official. Welcome JP!

We have a twelfth Fellow that is hopefully coming online this week. All in all, we are in great position for another great year!



What is a Host Family?

Host Families make room in their home, life and heart to welcome a stranger to become a valued member of the household, so that both the family and the fellow bless one another as they experience the love of God in community. 

The Fellow is more than a guest and something quite different from an exchange student; though at times your family’s culture might seem foreign to your Fellow! You will provide more than a warm bed and a hot meal and something different than parenting. 

Fellows are young adults who are ready to launch out on their own, but are choosing for a year to enter a unique living situation for the purpose of growing in wisdom. By God’s grace, deep relationships will grow between your Fellow and the members of your family as you work at living together in peace and loving each other through all the joys and trials the year will bring. 

We have had host families with young children
We have had empty nesters
We have had young couples without children. You name it!

Please let me know if you would like more information about hosting a Fellow this year. You won't regret it!


We are responsible to help each Fellow get a job this fall. We are looking for opportunities in health (like Scribe positions), Occupational Therapy, Business, Banking, Finance, Non-Profit, Church, etc. 

If you or your company or organization is interested in learning more about our Vocational Partnerships - please let me know. 

Fellows are getting scooped up by the day!

Celebrating Grace

Reese, Julia, David and Jessica
 We had the chance to celebrate Grace Hilliard (John and Beth Hilliard's daughter) on Sunday (my little girl's birthday as well). Grace is now one. She was pretty cautious with the cake. But she eventually figured it out!

Beth, as you know, is a vital player in our Fellows Program. Thanks Beth, for letting us celebrate with you!

More Summer Fun

Anna Rose and Cousin Evy accompanied Rich Simpson down the Upper Arlington Parade Group. Rich is chairing the Centennial Committee for Upper Arlington - that's big time!

Two hours and Twenty Minutes of Parade...

This guy has been in all 100 Upper Arlington Parades I think

Anna Rose took a couple friends to Zootastic for her birthday

She got to hold kangaroos, lemurs, bobcats, honey bears and etc.
That's a lemur

Yesterday we dropped her off at camp for two weeks. We miss her already!

The kids "washed" my car this week.


I was thanking the Lord this morning during my morning prayers that I get to do this. What a life. 

Thanks to all of you who have helped make this happen. 

Please pray for us. 
- Pray for Fellows old and new
- Pray for Host Families and Jobs
- Pray for Churches
- Pray for Fundraising

Here is the give link:
Or send in donations by snail mail
851 W. 5th Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Please contact me if you have any questions or ideas for our Fellows!

thank you!

Keep sharing the story and spreading the love!

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