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UPDAT Week of July 10

Covering up my third eye as Buccaneer Bob at Vacation Bible School
The real Buccaneer Bob had a family emergency and I was handed the script about thirty-five seconds before going on stage. I'll be honest, it was not my greatest performance. 

- Meet the Incoming Fellows
- Meet our newest Addition to the Board Family
- Get the latest, greatest news
- A Look Forward


Abbey Sams
Abbey Sams
Abbey Sams is from Williamsburg, Virginia. She graduated from Campbell University and for the last two years has been serving as the High School Assistant Youth Minister at her Church. She loves a strong cup of coffee and dogs, especially hers, Pippin, who will be living with her parents while she is a Fellow. 

Interesting fact: Abbey was one of the nightly news anchors for Campbell University! 

Ashley Trewhella

Ashley is from Columbia, SC and studied Psychology while she attended Clemson University, graduating this past May. She was on Student Staff with Young Life and in high school had a prestigious career as a cashier at Chik-Fil-A. Like many of our Fellows, she loves the outdoors. 

Fun fact: Ashley is our first redhead! Woo-Hoo!

Caleb McKillop

Caleb McKillop
Caleb McKillop is coming to us from Covenant College in Chattanooga, TN. He received a B.A. in International Studies and is currently working with the youth at New City Fellowship, a cool, multi-ethnic downtown church in Chattanooga where his father is one of the pastors. 

Interesting fact: Caleb spent his high school years in Jamaica. Yah mahn. 

Grace Mezzy

Grace Mezzy
 Grace grew up in Virginia Beach, but has been living lately in the mountains of Lynchburg. A graduate of Virginia Tech in Interior Design, she has been working at Rockbridge Young Life Camp and Barista-ing this last year. 

Interesting fact: Grace worked with one of my old Young Life guys - am I old or what?

Kate Donahoo

Kate Donahoo
Kate is our Texan. Growing up in The Woodlands near Houston, she went to Davidson on a Belk Scholarship (the Belk Scholarship). She graduated with a History Degree, and minored in Young Life and playing guitar and singing. 

Fun fact: Kate roomed with one of Winston-Salem's finest, Caroline Bell, daughter of Dudley and Julie. 

JP Flynn

JP Flynn
JP hails from Charlotte, NC. He didn't travel far for college, traveling just up the road to Davidson. He graduated with a Mathematics Degree, minoring in Chinese. 

Interesting tidbit: JP is whatever the level is just under Grand Master in Chess. 

Natalie Bayer

Natalie Bayer
Natalie is from Upper Arlington, OH. She just finished up a Exercise and Sports Science degree (minoring in Neuroscience and German) at UNC - Chapel Hill, hence the tar heel blue gown. Like most of our Fellows, she loves the outdoors. She also has a heart for the marginalized, choosing to work with International Students and children with disabilities in her time at Chapel Hill.  

Fun connection: Lia, my wife, is also from Upper Arlington!

Morgan Bonds

Morgan Bonds

Morgan is coming to us from Franklin, TN via University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. She graduated with a Children and Family Studies Degree and worked as a Student Staff with Young Life. Alex Loy, our Fellow alumni worked with her and called her the greatest human being on earth, or something to that effect. 

Interesting fact: Morgan is a twin! 

Patrick McCarthy

Patrick McCarthy
Patrick is from Hendersonville, NC, but he has a Winston-Salem connection. He just graduated from Wake Forest University. Go Deacs! He double majored in Economics and Religion, which sort of sums him up in a way. 

Interesting fact: Patrick is road-tripping all across the Western United States this summer. So cool. 

Sarah Wilkins

Sarah Wilkins
Sarah comes to us from Apex, NC. This May she graduated from Virginia Tech with a Health and Exercise Science Degree. She, like Ashley, Kate, Grace, and Morgan were Young Life leaders! Sarah is also First Aid and CPR Trained and is getting her EMT Certification this summer. Not to be outdone by Patrick, she went to Europe for her post grad trip!

Fun Connection: Sarah is friends with Grace Mezzy's sister!

Tucker Bartholomew

Tucker Bartholomew
Tucker is from my hometown, Philadelphia, PA. Like me, he came down south for college. Unlike me, he went to Wake Forest University. He majored in Sociology and minored in Philosophy. He also is quite the musician. (Can anyone say Fellows band?) This summer he is working with a moving company called The Sultans of Schlep (What a band name!)

Interesting Trivia: Tucker's first name is Rudolph.

let me know if you are interesting in Hosting one of these Fellows this year!!!


The Winston-Salem Fellows wishes to welcome Benjamin Joseph Truman Geer to the family!

Benjamin Joseph Truman Geer
 Born 7-10-17. 7lb 15 oz. Thanking God for this miraculous gift. Congratulations Andy and Lora. We look forward to Benjamin Joseph joining us the WS Fellows Class of 2030. 


We are in negotiations with a fine young gentleman, JD Lehman, who is considering coming next year. We have some competition with job possibilities in Charleston and Charlotte, so we need to pray!

Jobs are coming together for Fellows. I am very thankful for all of our employers: new and old. 

Ashley Trewhella interviewed with Boosterthon this week. Dan, the Area Director texted me right afterward and said: "Just interviewed Ashley and offered her an job on the spot. She's fantastic!"

There are a few folks interviewing this week, including Caleb with Allegacy and JP with Inmar - so please keep them in your prayers!

Love Out Loud has indicated a strong desire to hire a Fellow as well - wow! What an opportunity. Of course, finances are the key. I know many of you who support the Fellows also support Chuck. Please let Chuck or me know if you are interested in helping fund this position. 9k would do it!  

Speaking of fundraising - we are looking toward two dates for you to put on your calendar. Sunday evening August 28th. We are going to invite all volunteers and donors to a Burger Bash Welcome for the Fellows! Then, Thursday, October 5th we are looking at holding a fundraising breakfast at River Birch Lodge.

This week, we helped out with Hope Church's VBS. 

Niki stole my heart
What a great four days! And exhausting!

Anna Rose celebrated her 11th birthday with new friends at camp
We received evidence that she finally took a shower!
I had lots of coffee with Virginia Perry, Michelle Schapira, Paul Allen, Chuck Spong, Shannon Rainey, Beth Hilliard, Gardner Barrier, Stephen Edwards, Rob Alexander, Josh Benoit, Charley Donohoe, and Griff Gatewood...and Tripp Wilson and I won Trivia Night at Old Nick's Pub!!!


Lia and I are finally taking our 10th Wedding Anniversary trip (this year will be our 17th anniversary!) Better late than never!!! We have been squirreling our money away and now finally it is finally here! This evening we will be flying to France for a few days in Paris and then a bike tour down the Loire Valley! WHAT!?!?!?!?

Ever since Lia studied abroad in France she has been wanting to do it. So here we go!

In some ways the trip has already begun since the kids are at camps or with grandparents. On Saturday night Lia and I took some friends to Bowman Gray for the Night of Destruction.

Here we are in tasteful redneck
Lia ran into one of her nurses just as we entered
Bowman Gray Night of Destruction

 This pretty much sums up my wife - she loves France and she loves watching race cars at the Madhouse.

What a woman
 Please Pray for safe travels. 
- for our children
- for the Fellows Board who is picking up the slack while I'm gone. 
- for people to volunteer to Host Fellows
- for these employers to see the amazing opportunity it would be to hire a Fellow
- for funds to cover our program needs
- for JD or whoever that 12th Fellow should be.

Thank you! Keeping spreading the love and sharing the story!!!

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