Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Glacier. Wow!

I'm gonna let the photos do the talking.

(Photo 1: The whole crew left to right: me "Super Cham", Robbie "Huckleberry" Fischer, Ross "Russ" Mangin, and Kyle "Carbon Fog, Big Bird, and The Rabbit" Mezger. 2. View from Sperry Campground, our last stop. 3. Wild flowers in Floral Park. We went off trail the last day for a wild ride. 4. Gunsight Pass and Lake. Spectacular place. Mount Jackson, which we summited is off camera to the left. 5. Kyle and I hanging out on the outcrop. 6. A big old bull moose that got too close for my comfort. 7. A beautiful sunrise up Gunsight pass. 8. Nameless Iceberg Lake. Ross and Robbie jumped in. I did, eventually after much name calling and remarks about my manhood. 9. Ross and I taking it in at Red Eagle Lake. 10. Me on top of Mt. Siyeh, the largest sheer cliff in the lower 48 to my right 4,500 feet straight down!)