Monday, February 17, 2020

UPDATE Week of February 17

Welcome to the UPDATE


Hef and Sophie-Earle at Round Table

We celebrated Haley (a summer birthday) on Monday with a surprise celebration. 

After getting the chance to go around and share the things we love about her, we gathered around to pray for her. 

We love you Haley!

We talked about the question that Jesus asked blind Bartimaeus: "What do you want me to do for you?" Seems like an easy one to answer, doesn't it? Until you think about how you would answer it...


Back of heads watching back of heads
We celebrated one of our partner organizations for lunch Tuesday at their first annual Transformation Luncheon. 

I sat at the table with another group of our partners New Canaan Society. How cool is it to have so many partners? Thank you city!

The Love Out Loud Team

Leader Lunch

We had a great Leader Lunch with several members of the Baird Financial Team. Really, any member of this group would have been a great speaker - but when you think about them as a team - WOW - what a group. 

Stephen Edwards and Richard Shore were our hosts. They are the two newest members of the Baird team. Stephen is also a founding father of the Fellows program here. Richard currently serves as our Finance Chair. 

Couldn't be more thankful for these two guys. 

Stephen commands the room

These two are not super far removed from the figuring it out years of their twenties. They gave some great advice and encouraged our Fellows to reach out and meet as many folks as possible. 

What a gift to meet with them!

Donut Hour
The Fellows filled up on caffeine and donuts before jumping in for Bible Study. 

What happens if you don't beat the high school girl crowd

Small groups were great. I can speak for the guys. It was solid. Thanks Dustin and Dave!

Ned and David got in an evening workout at JDL


Didn't snag a picture, but Thursday we had a great time receiving feedback from our Mentors. Soooo thankful for them. 

Thanks Shannon, Ben, and Hef for organizing!


We spent our first session working on Personal Vision and Mission Statements. We left with some half decent rough drafts. It's a work in progress.

We had our last class with Rob Alexander. He taught on the Sabbath and helped us differentiate between rest and leisure. 


Dr. Bruce Hindmarsh
Dr. Hindmarsh was this year's speaker for the Forum on Faith and Culture. He taught on prayer. I've got like ten pages of notes. 

Big Idea: Prayer wasn't made for us, we were made for prayer. It is an essential part of being human. 

Some of the songs were new to us
Great to see Ashley Trewhella (year 2 fellow) in the audience. Hi Charles!

We also had an OG Fellow with us. Christina Sandstedt came to visit for the weekend while she was training for a new deployment at Camp Le Jeune. In four weeks, she will be shipping out to Bahrain for the next year. 

Pray for her!

We enjoyed some sweet hang out time after the first session
Brianne is way better at selfies than I am


My lady

This year, the guys planned a surprise evening for the ladies. 

five of the eight ladies

After a great dinner supplied by the Porch, We hired some shag instructors to teach us some moves. 
Christian was the hook up - he went to high school with one of the instructors

Aren't the Moretz's so cute?
A great time was had by all. 

wasn't able to get us all in the pics

use your imagination!


Jessica Baker was with her friends at Young Life Capernaum camp!
Jessica and her friend
Jessica and her friends!

What a gift to see these Fellows taking part in activities all over this state!

Haley and I even made the Instagram for the Wake Forest Career Development Night


Welcome Caroline!

Caroline Filston

Next year got a whole lot more exciting as Caroline Filston from Furman University said yes to us! I CANNOT WAIT TO DO LIFE WITH THIS LADY! Welcome to family, Caroline!

We had a final interview last week and have another final interview this week. So we shall see!

Please keep sending connections our way. Thank you Deanne!

We have room for more, so send them our direction. 



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this is more of a look downward

Let's get focused guys

Possible recruitment night at Davidson

Leader Lunch with Robert Egleston
Bible Study
Attending Film Showing of Am I My Brother's Keeper? at Wake

Open Mic and Spoken Word at WSSU with LB the Poet

Day Apart at St. Francis Springs (guided solitude with Joe Moore)
Game Night with the Piedmont and Greensboro Fellows

who knows?

Vigil at the Millenium Center
 and March to commemorate the sit-ins 

should be fun!


Saturday night

Monday night
Insta does you wrong sometimes

Capernaum life

Baird is the place to go for all your finance needs

candids rock

I know, right?

ok. i wore sneakers

Ashley and charles knew the songs


Carolina Point

Summit School. Ava and ARO were the teachers

Amy Beck used to be Badgett

Keep Christina in your prayers as she lives for the year in the Middle East!

Thanks y'all! Keep sharing the stories and spreading the love!

Monday, February 10, 2020

UPDATE Week of Feb 10

Haley gives her first talk of the year at Athletes in Action

It was a different kind of week for the old director. While the Fellows continued under the capable guidance of Hef with Round Table and Leader Lunch (and class last week) - I was out and about doing other things in the community. It turned out to be almost a week and a half before I was able to rejoin the crew. Friday couldn't come fast enough. 

Here are some highlights from their week and mine!


Jessica takes in a beautiful sunset
Round Table was hosted by Bill and Joann Hinman. I was bummed to miss, partly because I love the Hinmans so much, partly because I haven't had a chance to see their new homestead. 

The Fellows are looking younger every day. OH wait. Those are the grandkids
Reiley took over music (finally). She is so amazing. 

Hef led them in a discussion on Henri Nouwen's article from Solitude to Community to Ministry. Once of my faves. 


Haley and I went to Wake Forest for the Student Athlete Career Night to do a little recruiting. 

look at all those potential employees!
We had a lot of fun connecting with folks. I really looked up to the volleyball and basketball players. I love everybody but I do a special place in my heart for athletes. Let's pray some athletes to come our way this year!


Haley specifically asked for not all the Fellows to come to hear her speak Tuesday night - but lucky for me and Brianne, we were able to make the cut. 

Haley and Brianne
The fan club
 Haley did an amazing job speaking about forgiveness and freedom. I was sooooo proud of her! And sooooo honored to be in the crowd. 


VOTE YES ON THE 1/4 cent sales tax

The 1/4 cent sales tax is earmarked for WSFCS schools. It will give a boost to our recruiting and retention efforts in this city. VOTE YES!

It makes economic sense

It aligns us with the other metropolitan areas of NC
Dr. Martin and Dr. Hairston and Sharon Woodberry present to Rotary on Tuesday. 


was hosted at Arbor Acres with the CEO Andrew Applegate. Andrew is not only a great leader he is also the mentor to Jackson Wood. 

Andrew and the gang

I was super bummed to miss. 

While they were enjoying great food and pearls of wisdom, I was serving with Leadership Winston-Salem for Health Care Day.

Health Care Day
You may be wondering why Ned would be serving with Leadership Winston-Salem on Health Care Day. I have wondered that as well. The rest of the team was very supportive of me even in my lack of ability to contribute. 

A great day was had by all. 


Hey everybody


JM introduces himself during the Love Out Loud Leader Meeting on Thursday
There is nothing up JM's sleeves
The Leader Meeting was being hosted by Latino Community Services (once called El Buen Pastor)

Sophie Earle signs up people for Bowl For Kids Sake March 6-7. The Fellows are sponsoring a team. I challenge you to come and bowl for kids, too! 


Jessica and Mattie representing
We finished up our class with Joe Moore, sort of. In a couple weeks he will be leading us in a silent retreat. 

Rob Alexander brought it home once again. 


Anna Rose as Medusa
Anna Rose as the Sphinx

Summit School seventh grader put on one heck of a mythology event over at SECCA (visit SECCA - it's awesome - you're welcome Bill)


Greg has been coaching the First Pres girls basketball team this winter
From Alex Hudson Head Coach: "He was awesome! It was so much fun having him there and was a great gift to the girls!"


Apparently it is a thing. 

Hef hosted 

Guys on the other hand would be fine if Valentines Day ceased to exist. 


It's a big day for the Ericksons
Happy Birthday David!
We got a little bit of snow!
Annual Boys Trip to the mountains to celebrate David's birthday


Applications continue to trickle in. We had a candidate interview on Friday. I hope she liked us as much as we liked her! We have another interview this week and are setting up another as well. 

Remember - you are tremendous help! If you know a young man or woman who would benefit from vocational direction, intentional community, and a whole lot of opened doors - please put them in touch with us!

David will bake you Skittles Cookies
The Schapiras are glad their daughter joined us!
You could be the connection to change a person's life! Reach out this week!


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As always. THANKS!


Anna Rose went to her first Bar Mizvah this weekend
You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends nose...or can you?

Staff Meeting
Round Table

Prayer Walk
Love Out Loud Luncheon
Secret Valentines Meeting

Leader Lunch with BAIRD
Bible Study

Imago Dei
WS Fellows Mentor Lunch
Interview Potential Fellow

Ned and Hef Teach on Love, Sex, and Marriage
Rob Alexander Teaches on Sabbath
Forum on Faith and Culture

Forum on Faith and Culture

Jacob's Birthday!


Ava has got some muscles

Me and Lia on our walk

Playing for the chillens

Bar Mizvah


Dear friend Cris Wiley made thr front page of the paper


so much love

snow much love

Brianne do a little recruiting for us this weekend

Mythology scavenger hunt

Before the dance


ready to party

Arbor Acres future members?

Hiking after we ziplined

The sphinx

Thanks all. Keep sharing the story and spreading the love!