Monday, February 22, 2016


Me pretending to preach at the synagogue in Capernaum, Israel

This weekend I traveled solo to Phoenix, Arizona to go through the final steps of completing my ordination in the ECA. What is the ECA? It's the Evangelical Church Alliance. It's been around since 1887, and they primarily function as the institution that supports non-traditional ministries like: military and sports chaplains, para church organizations, and folks from other countries or who pastor non-denominational churches here in the states. I really didn't know much about them. However, after this weekend I left impressed and feeling a part of a likeminded/hearted family of believers from all over the country.

It was humbling and truly touching to experience the affirmation of becoming ordained. I don't know if I'll don the title Reverend. Actually, I'm pretty sure I won't be donning the title, Reverend, but I hope to be able to use the credential in order to baptize, officiate communion, marry, and visit people when they are sick at the hospital (not that I want anyone to get sick - or get unmarried so I can marry them - or unbaptized if that's a understand my point). I'm excited about the opportunities that ordination provides the potential for.

All that to say, I am thankful today. And please don't call me Reverend.

Me with cactus antlers over the weekend

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Dave Dave

Happy Birthday to the most kind

most fun

most joyful

most creative

most humble

most goofy

most optimistic

most loving

seven year old I know.