Sunday, May 23, 2010


A few months ago, Lia convinced me to take a pilates class with her at our local YMCA. Being a man who has no shame, I went. And I have to admit, I sized up the competition (including the instructor). I was pretty sure that I was the biggest stud there (not to mention the only other male). You can probably guess where this is going...I got worked. But my pride is not the point of this post.

The point of this post is perspective. This is what happened: having finished another hour of humiliation, I mean torture, I mean pilates, Lia and I walked/limped over to the childcare area to pick see where this is going...

A side note, I don't know what those people do in the childcare area, but whatever it is our kids love it.

Anyway, Anna Rose runs to greet us. We wrench David from the childcare lady's arms (David's clinging to her). Anna Rose shows us the picture she has drawn. It's squiggles and lines and the usual, but up in the top right corner is the most perfect sun I have ever seen (see photo above). Ok, that's an overstatement, but you have to hand it to Anna Rose, that's a pretty good sun for a 3 year old (at least my 3 year old).

I say, "Anna Rose, what a beautiful sun!"

She says, "That's not a sun, Daddy."

"What is it," I ask.

"That's a mouse with fifty tails," she replies.

I take another look at the picture of the sun. "You're right," I say, "that is a mouse with fifty tails."


You see, it's about perspective. One person's sun is another person's mouse monster. It got me thinking because lately life has looked pretty stinking rodent-tee to me. The thing I am starting to wonder is what if the problem isn't my life? What if it's my perspective? Maybe I'm just looking at the picture wrong. Instead of seeing the light for some reason I'm seeing a monster mouse with fifty fangs and whips for tails.

I don't know. Maybe life is ratty right now.

However, this I know with complete Anna Rose sure can draw.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Love and Honesty

We were going around the dinner table last night and sharing things that we loved about each other. I know that's pretty stinking cheesy. But hey, we're the Ericksons. What do you expect?

It was Anna Rose's turn. She said, "Mommy I love you. You are the best mom in the whole world."

She said, "David, I love you. You are my favorite brother."

She said, "Winnie, I love you. You are the prettiest dog."

She said, "Daddy, I love your red shirt."

Monday, May 03, 2010

Six Questions Answered

Why am I wearing a frilly shirt, yellow pants, and a furry red bowtie? The Kentucky Derby of course.

Where did I get my hands on a furry red bowtie? A sexy devil Halloween costume that I bought not to be sexy, devilish, or to wear for Halloween....but to win souls to Jesus...ah...the joys of Young Life...

How did I get such a hot wife? Great question.

How did I get such a beautiful daughter? (See above question.)

What happened to David's hair? Clipper accident last weekend while Lia was at work.

How great is it to have friends who are willing to party for any reason? Very.

Congratulations to Blake (pictured above, holding baby Kessler (yellow onesie), who picked Supersaver, the winning horse. I picked the last place horse, Backtalk, who lost by a whopping 70 and 3/4s lengths.).

Thanks all!