Monday, November 30, 2009

Turkey Trot

We headed up to the land of the Scarlet and Gray for an O-H-I-O Thanksgiving. It was a great holiday even if two days ago, on the return trip, we vowed never to go on a road trip again until our children were out of diapers. Like I said, it's been two days, and to my surprise the trauma of travel is already wearing off. I've already looked at the calendar for the next time we might be able to snag a chance to visit Lia's family. Our friend Julie Bell says that just as mothers get childbirth amnesia (and therefore voluntarily go through the agony over and over and sometimes over again), parents get traveling-with-children amnesia. I am a case in point.

Truth is, Columbus is a cool town, only made the better because Rich and Sue (Granddaddy and Grammy) Simpson live there (along with Lia's sister Cara and her family). We seem to have a great time every time. This time was no different (plus the entire family was able to come).

The above picture was taken after one of those aforementioned great times. Lia and I ran in the annual "Original" Turkey Trot. Everywhere I saw the word "original" as it corresponded with this particular run, there were quotation marks around it (which I think means that it really isn't the original). Strange. It is certainly the first in proximity to Lia's parent's house.

Lia and I ran well, both earning finisher medals and a pumpkin pie for being two of the first two thousand runners (you read that right). We left both the medals and the pies at Lia's folks' house (oops). But we also received outdoor performance longsleeve t-shirts, which was all we really wanted and the only real reason for why we signed up. We remembered these. I am wearing mine as I write this. Lia wore hers under her running vest (Lia suffers from that age old condition of cold torso, warm arms). Oh, and while you are examining the photo, yes, those are pictures of sushi on my hat (I have no explanation). If you take a look at the look on the gal to the right of me (photo left) you will see she has no explanation either.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Third Time's the Charm

It's that time of year again. We were welcomed to the mall yesterday by Burl Ives's baritone singing "Holly Jolly Christmas," so it was clear what time it was: time for the annual drama with Santa Claus. For those of you who have not walked with us through these encounters. Here is a pictorial walk down memory lane.

A-Ro year one.

Year two, A-Ro's hair was longer but little else had changed.

This year...First off, yesterday was November 11th. Christmas is like a year away. We still haven't put away Halloween costumes. So I was unprepared when Lia, who was off yesterday, invited me to meet her and the kids at the mall for lunch. I thought we were going to the mall for lunch. Little did I know that she had an ulterior motive.

We go down the elevator, and there he was - the same holly jolly fellow from last year. I thought we were looking for the food court. Lia led the way. Anna Rose's eyes grew big and teary. I went over to my wife's ear and whispered, "I'm not ready."

"That's the best time to do it," Lia replied.

"But look at our daughter. She is going to lose it," I said.

"But Ned, she's wearing her reindeer shirt."

She was. Who dressed her? I wondered.

"Listen. I don't feel comfortable forcing my daughter into doing things she clearly does not want to do."

(I do this all the time, Lia reminds me.) Besides there's no changing her mind. And there's nothing I can do but let it happen.

So Lia squats down to A-Ro and says: "If you go and tell Santa want you want for Christmas, you can ride the carousel."

Anna Rose looks up, looks over to Santa, looks over to the carousel across the way, looks back at mommy, and says: "I want a princess castle and a princess pony."

Lia takes her hand. Third time (and a little bribery) is the charm...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


We went with a Serengeti theme this year.

Rosie was a giraffe.
David was a lion.
Lia was the Chick-fil-a cow.
Just kidding. But she did take us all to Baa Moo Farm.
I thought about disguising myself as a pumpkin.
Anna Rose thought that was silly.