Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Princess or Tomboy

I am in love with Anna Rose Erickson. With a name like Anna Rose, you would think that the girl likes flowers and dolls and playing the piano. And you would be right. Anna Rose does like those things. Which is why I catch myself calling her Annie. An Annie likes dogs and dirt and big time swings. And this is Anna Rose, too. And as a father, I am guilty of rolling balls to her and taking the pretty clips out of her hair. But we also dance and admire the flowers that her mother tends so well in our front yard. It is all and everything a paradox. And I am in love...I love "Annie" Anna Rose Erickson. Become what may...a ballerina or a shortstop. I love you.

So what do you think? Which picture is most becoming? You tell me. Have you ever seen anyone more beautiful?