Monday, July 03, 2017

UPDATE Week of June 26

Lots to be thankful for as we head into July. There are now less than two months before the Fellows officially arrive. I write officially because one has already arrived and another will likely be arriving at the end of this month. So fun. 

Check out those guns!


We received word from J.P. Flynn that he is about as IN as you can be! His email was pretty classic: 

"Thanks for your kind words. I am happy to say that I have decided to say yes. As of now, after a lot of thought, I intend to be a Winston Salem fellow for the upcoming year, for I think you are right in thinking that this would be a good fit.

I will say that due to various scheduling conflicts I still have another interview for employment set up for next Friday (7/7), so I was hesitant to make an immediate decision. I would still like to keep that interview, and make an honest decision from there, but you have made it such that it would be difficult to imagine me coming back to you and saying no." 

As my friend Bill Fullilove told me, recruiting doesn't end until they arrive. 

But as a now, I'm as confident as can be that we will have Eleven outstanding Fellows coming next year. We are still open to twelve, and there are a couple folks we are talking to, but if these eleven make up our class, we will be just fine - more than fine - we would be thrilled!

But - If you know of a young man who needs to be a Fellow - now is the time. We have one spot left and the window is closing. Please reach out to me this week. 

One more note!

While in Columbus, Ohio for the Fourth Celebration, I had the chance to sit down with Steve and Amy Bayer, the parents of Natalie Bayer. 

Thanks Steve and Amy!

I don't get to spend enough time with parents of Fellows, and so when I get the chance I seize it. What a delightful conversation. Thank you Steve and Amy for entrusting your daughter to us! We couldn't be more thankful that she has joined us this coming year.


Celebrating Anna Rose's 11th Birdthday

What a year it has been 

Heading into our last month of the fiscal year, we look in pretty good shape. Thank you so much for your generosity over the last twelve months. 

As we transition into a new year, we will need that kind of generosity again. Our hope is to be as fully funded as possible by the time the fall hits, so if you are ready to make your contribution for Year 2 - there is no need to wait!

Checks can be mailed to 

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Or you can give online by going to

Thank you. 


I had a great phone call with Brett Allen, Fellows Director in Orlando. We go way back to our Young Life days, and it is honor to feel a part of their inaugural year this coming year. We are talking seriously about a joint mission trip...exciting stuff. 

Another highlight was a coffee meeting with my friend Oscar Santos with BB&T. Every meeting with Oscar is too short. He is so insightful and forward thinking. My hope is to find ways for the Fellows to collaborate with the Leadership wing of this great company. I'll keep you posted. 

A third highlight was with Eddie and Michelle Schapira of River Birch Lodge. Michelle mentored for us this year, and we had one of those conversations where Eddie and Michelle just kept saying what else can we do for you! Wow! What a blessing they are to this community. I don't know where this will go - but I assure you, if it involves hanging out with Eddie and Michelle, it's going to be good!

Other highlights included time with Eric Hein, Alex Hudson, Andrew Wild, Shannon Rainey, the good people with Love Out Loud, Tim and soon to be Emily Hilliard, Josh Benoit, Karver Bolton, Mike Zeoli, David Speakman, Tim Musser, Hardt Bing, the F3 Gas Group, Michael Craig, and Natalie Bayer to name a few. So blessed. 


Marrying Lia brought along a lot of wonderful stuff - like family vacations and amazing in-laws and super-fun sisters-and-brothers-in-laws...and the Upper Arlington 4th of July Parade. Somewhere written in teeny tiny words in the pre-nuptials there was a clause that every 4th of July we would be sitting on the curb of Northwest Boulevard watching the same parade over and over again. It's actually pretty fun. 

So here we are.   

Hanging out underneath the World War II Memorial where Julia's grandfather and great-grandfather's names are engraved

Evy and Anna Rose

They are so cool

Dave Dave walking up to his hole in one

He holds the putter hockey style - but it works!

Nothing like sparklers


Daisy, Anna Rose, Evy, Noelle, Eli, Wyatt and David


Playing the Jelly Bean Game Beanboozled - David with Rotten Egg, Lia with Spoiled Milk, Anna Rose with Rotten Egg as well, and Daddy with Stinky Socks

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