Monday, August 14, 2017

UPDATE August 14

I'm out of practice snapping pictures. We will have better pictures soon. Promise! 


We are sad to be losing Grace to her new host family. This week, while the girls were out, Grace, David, and I did something I have never done in Winston-Salem: play bocce ball in Reynolda Gardens. I looked at the rules and didn't see a rule against it!

Wow! Does this city deliver or what? Two weeks ago, we had hardly any host family commitments. OK. We had one! (Thank you Rob and Becky our early adopters). Today, we have a family for everyone, with a couple back-ups!

Thank you!

Peter Barnes

Jon and Holly Brower

Todd and Becca Chase

Clyde and Valerie Godwyn

John and Jeanne Lenham

Dave and Lisa Meyer

Rob and Becky Paynter

Terry and Jess Phipps

Jeff and Deanne Trollinger

Jim and Janice Weiss

Tripp and Patricia Wilson

What a line-up! If you see any of these folks - please thank them! 



Jessica Kok and I did some editing of the website this weekend and were able to add in a new page that we would love for you to check out.

If you haven't perused the website before, feel free to poke around. I'd love your help making it better. 

By the end of the month, I'll be editing our 2016-17 with a where are they now find of feel. Stay tuned!


We had a couple fun surprises this week. Ashley Trewhella came into town on Tuesday just for the evening. We went to Young Life Summer Stud then out to dinner and shut the restaurant down. So fun!

Sarah Wilkins stopped in on Thursday to do some blood work for her new job. She was able to have lunch with her Host Family Dave and Lisa. Then, she met me at Wake Forest where I was attending the Global Leadership Summit. She sat in on probably the best talk of the entire two day conference (Bryan Stevenson's. The man is the man.) I was also able to introduce her to basically the entire First Pres staff (which is where she will be attending). What a treat!

Then, I got this picture last night!

Abbey Sams and Sarah Wilkins when they first met!

Sarah was visiting friends at William and Mary, went to church, and somehow providentially ran into Abbey Sams at a young adult mixer! What!!!

This week. 

Abbey is coming to town for work orientation. Morgan might be coming in as well. Ashley is moving here early. And Grace and Natalie continue to kick butt in their summer positions. Exciting stuff. 


Another great week. If you measure it by the number of slots getting filled - it was a banner week. However, I battle the "slot-filling" mentality. Each "slot" is a person. A new relationship. An answered prayer. Each name I write is a story about to be written. And no one has arrived on that board without the activity of God. 

Other highlights: Backyard conversations with Tripp and Patricia Wilson on Monday. Summer Stud on Tuesday with special guests. A great board meeting Wednesday night. The Global Leadership Summit Thursday and Friday. The Annual Hope Spades Tournament on Saturday (we went undefeated, but gave our slot to some "lucky losers"). And watched Anna Rose win a champion ribbon at her first horse show!

But the BIGGEST HIGHLIGHT was celebrating Lia's 40th Birthday!


Not much to report. But here are two ways to give financially:

Mail Checks to

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St
Winston-Salem, NC 27104

Or go to


Pray as we orient our host families and employers. 
Pray for our Fellows who are having final interviews this week with employers. 
Pray for those Fellows already hired that there are no surprises (I'm done with surprises!)
Pray for good family time in our last week of summer!
Pray for Lia and I celebrating our 17th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday!
Pray for Fellows as they get ready to arrive next week. 
Pray for details coming together. 

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