Monday, February 11, 2019

UPDATE Week of February 11

WHAT A POWERFUL WEEK began with a puppy

Meet Honey


Thank you Jeff and Deanne (and Honey) for a wonderful night last Monday. I had no chance keeping the Fellows attention with Honey wagging her tail about. I didn't even try.

Honey very well may be the cutest puppy I have ever seen. Whether she knows it or not, she won the puppy lottery - because the Trollingers are the best! Thanks y'all for hosting us.

Eventually, Honey went to bed and the Fellows spent the evening reading together and discussing Martin Luther King Jr.'s Letter from a Birmingham Jail. (If you have not read this - read it this week.)

A truly powerful evening.


Lynn speaks to the Fellows

On Wednesday, we had soup and Fritos over at Dickie and Lynn Brewers. They both shared their stories. Dickie shared about his faith and his journey into it. Lynn shared about leadership and listening to the Holy Spirit and persistence in prayer among other things.

Lynn recently retired from Young Life. She served many years on staff in Greensboro, then as Area Director in Forsyth County (she's the one responsible for me moving here!), then became the Regional Director for North Carolina before finally serving in a national role as the National Director for Discipleship. She is a treasure. It was a true joy to introduce her to the Fellows.

Sorry Bryan that I caught you in mid-bite

UNION: the Musical

It felt like I was holding the golden ticket

What a performance!

A glimpse of glory

What a night! UNION is the story told in word and song about the 1968 Sanitation Workers Strike in Memphis, TN. It is the setting for this iconic sign.

Sanitation Workers Strike 1968
Also, the setting of the assassination of Dr. King.

The performers were mostly from Memphis. Some even had roots to the actual men and women who were involved.

the Fellows did their best to control the chaos of the general admission crowd. It wasn't easy!


Bishop Sir Walter Mack

Saturday morning, we welcomed then attended the Forum on Faith and Culture at Union Baptist Church. The place was packed. The worship was hype. The speakers were passionate. And Jesus was proclaimed. WHAT AN EVENT!

Andrew, Abby, Tim, and Aly

more photos at the end...


Momentum is building. We have two more interviews this week for next year's class. We are praying hard for a yes from an invitation we extended last week.

Pray that folks who are considering applying actually apply!
Pray for wisdom as we extend invitations
Pray that we fill up with just the right folks by end of March.

Remember - you can be an answer to prayer - encourage someone to consider the Fellows today!


The crew from UNION wants you to get on the bus!
We also appreciate your financial support. Here's how:



Mail to:
Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Thank you. It is because of your generosity that we can accomplish this incredible mission.


David turned 10 on Saturday!


Round Table at Kalim and Paula Andraos'
Leader Lunch at the Variable with Keith Vest!
Class on Friday with Jack Wilkerson.
Last class with Rob Alexander and a luncheon with staff at SonicAire

Also! Joy Prom March 1
Get ready!

More Photos

Abby and Trent frame Andrew Miller whose future is so bright it would have exploded my camera lens had he looked into it.

Me and Mark - one of my very best and longest friends. We graduated from Penncrest High School together in 1997. On Thursday, we reconnected after far too long

Christy Williams and Chanice Withers having a moment at the Forum on Faith and Culture
Laura's fist appears to be punching Garrett

Mathu talking about Building a Foundation. So good.

Thanks y'all!

Keep spreading the word and the love!

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