Monday, March 05, 2018

UPDATE week of March 5

Maybe God does write messages in the sky...


The Fellows love you too!

ROUND TABLE with Todd and Becca Chase. Now that was great. Mallory, their youngest daughter (this will come as no surprise to anyone who knows the Chases) stole the show. She held court during dinner and provided some gut busting comic relief. Later, during our time of worship, she performed at pirouette that was so intense I thought she was going to lift off the ground like a helicopter and fly away. Amazing. 

The table is more rectangular than round but you get the idea
Here is Abbey. Didn't want her to miss out getting her photo taken.

TUESDAY AT FCDS. Kate Donahoo, our Fellow, was in charge of the middle school morning meeting and asked my wife, Lia, to speak about Giving Voice to the Voiceless. 

Neither Lia nor Kate wanted me there, so I have been forced to wait for the video, which I was able to negotiate for my not showing up. 

Word is Lia slayed it. 

I'm not surprised. 

WINSTON-SALEM PARTNERSHIP AWARDS BREAKFAST. Jason Thiel and team put on a great event. It was standing room only in the ballroom. (I know. I was standing!) The highlight for me was getting to celebrate Rebecca Alexander (married to Rob who is on our board) who received the award for overseeing the Wake Downtown project. So cool.

There she is with Allen Joines

LEADER LUNCH was at Arbor Acres with the Chief Artist aka President. He provided us with great insights and thoughtful answers to our questions. My favorite answer was when he said that it was not the decision you necessarily make that determines whether or not it was the right one. It is all the decisions you make afterward that make the difference. Great thought! Thank you Andrew! 

Andrew and the Fellows
Andrew and I are conspiring to put together another event over at Arbor Acres - something along the lines of a Residents and Fellows cocktail hour and story telling. Can't wait!

Ashley sent this from work:

no fun being had here


The Redeemer Fellows went back to back weekends with the youth group. This time it was with the high schoolers to Camp Hanes. 

Here are the only two pictures I received from the weekend:



They look full of energy to me. What do you think?

On Saturday, Me and Anna Rose went up to Shorefair Avenue to take part and support Senior Services at their Art Show. Since Lia wasn't with me, I didn't get anything as I am not the person in our family that makes decisions on art work typically. 

But wow! What a show!

Y'all need to go next year. 

It was great to see our Fellow Alumni Jessica Kok in her element. 

Later that afternoon, Fellows Alum Reese and Julia (yes they are officially an item) joined our family for a hike and fun times in the mountains. 

A-Ro and Julia and Summer
Sunday morning before church I was treated to breakfast with Ed and Susan Flynn, JP's parents.

Who says there aren't perks to this job!

 Patrick and Ashley were taken out to lunch with the First Pres crowd!


We extended another offer out last week to a Clemson student, Connor. We really are praying he says yes! 

On Thursday, I had coffee with a fine young gentleman named Mathu. We must have looked a little silly as he used to play professional football, and I am, well, I did not play professional football. We had a great time together nevertheless, and I encouraged him to apply. Low and behold - he did! Come on!

That afternoon, we interviewed another guy that I've been pretty keen on for a couple months now. Some of you may know him - 

Tim Spangler

Tim is graduating from Chapel Hill, and we will have to see where he goes next! 

I also had a very promising conversation with a young woman from Florida on Saturday. 

Keep praying, friends!!!

A couple other fun things:

Sarah Alexander, one of next year's Fellows, got a job offer this week!

Andrew Miller, another one of next year's Fellows is coming down Wednesday and Thursday for a job interview!

We also have another interview with a potential female Fellow coming into town this week at the same time! Wednesday and Thursday!


Thank you for supporting the Winston-Salem Fellows.

As you know, we are doing a soft fundraising drive for our Mission Trip to Mission Emanuel April 29-May 4. If you are interested in supporting us, here is how to do it:

Checks to

WS Fellows 
851 W. 5th St. 
WSNC 27101

or give on line at



Our Fellows are in the middle of hunting down jobs for next year. If you are aware of opportunities, or if you're company is interested in hiring the best hire you have ever hired - please reach out to me. 

We are looking for opportunities in:

Graphic Design
Youth Ministry
Business and Sales
Health Care 

Thank you! 


You may have not seen Grace Mezzy or Sarah Wilkins in any pictures this week. 

Well, that is because Grace went to Disney World with the family she lived with last year! And Sarah went to Barbados with the family she lived with her whole life!

There she is!

 Abbey also sent pictures of her adventures with friends from home.

 Including this one of her falling down a waterfall. Long story.

She landed like a cat. 


Monday: Round Table with Bill and Myrtie Davis

Tuesday: Advancement Team Meeting, Meeting with Joe Moore the Professor

Wednesday: Leader Lunch with Senior Services. Welcoming Andrew and Amanda for interviews

Thursday: Finishing up with Andrew and Amanda. Screening of Steve Childs film Angels in our Midst at the Milton Rhodes Center

Friday: Classes


Hi Ho Here we go. 

Thank you all for your support and your prayers. 

Keep sharing the story and spreading the love!!!

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