Sunday, April 24, 2011

Family Camp Part 2 - Fred Gimble

Are we making trouble? NO! Are we blowing bubbles? NO! Are we sizable dimples? NO! Are we a facial pimple? NO! We are Fred Gimble, stunt men extraordinaire! Hollywood knows us and we know Hollywood!

Perhaps you have seen us before without knowing it. Here are a few photos from some of our favorite scenes.

This one is my brother Fred, sitting in for Gene Kelly in one of the most iconic scenes in film history. Gene had a cold that day, so my brother friend had to be the one to get wet!

This one is from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was a tough shot for me. The glare was amazing, and I had to make sure I took that fake bullet just right with all those people in the background. That's actually my brother Fred in the burka stage left.

This is the stinky cheese scene from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Fred's finger smelled for a month after this shot. When you get into this business, no one ever tells you this stuff. But it's not that glorious sometimes.

This is me, Fred, in the movie Princess Bride. You see Robin Wright's face right here? She's not even acting. We were just having a fight. I had stiffed her earlier with the bill from breakfast, and she was ticked. I said, listen Robin, you get paid like 10,000 times more than me, the least you can do is pay for my Grand Slam. You know what that comment got me? Pushed down a hill!

One of our favorite men in the business is George Lucas. The guy is a genius. Here is Fred on the set of Stars Wars, Episode II: the Attack of the Clones getting ready for one of the many fight scenes we have done over the years.

This is a rather painful shot for me to watch. Here I was after sliding down on my web. I got rope burns on my thighs, all the blood in my body has rushed to the top of my afro, and I'm about to finally get a kiss from Kirsten Dunst, and Tobey Maguire comes out from his pimped out trailer after his two hour long pre-shot massage and takes all the glory. I'll never forgive the guy. Never!

To give you a sense of how seriously my brother takes his job, he actually gave himself rabies to prepare for this scene.

In the movie, Woody hangs here for something like three seconds. But for those three seconds of film, I had to hold this position three hours!

Needless to say, it's not easy assuming all the risks and getting none of the notoriety.

But hey, that's show business.

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