Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Comes Early Once Again

It all starts with the visit with Santa at the Mall. We shed no tears this year - that's not entirely true - I shed one thinking that we might be past the years of shedding them on Santa's lap.

Dave Dave asked for a reward for having to sit on Santa's lap. He got it.

Anna Rose received "bins" for Christmas. We opened these several weeks ago in preparation for the things she might receive on Christmas.

The weekend before Christmas mommy and children watched Pocahontas on the couch. Correction: Anna Rose watched Pocahontas, Dave Dave watched me, Lia watched David.

On Tuesday, December 20th we celebrated Christmas. This makes 10 out of 12 Christmases for Lia and I celebrating Christmas early. It took three years of asking, but Anna Rose finally got her parrot pillow pet.

Dave Dave insisted on putting his present on by himself.


My parents bought us a board game called What's in Ned's Head. You stick your hand in Ned's ear or nose and pull out the things that are inside his head like his "pea brain" and his "mouse from his science experiment" and his "pet spider" and "stinky cheese" and "space alien".

Amazing. How did they know this stuff?

Merry Christmas everyone. The 25th will be here soon.

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