Sunday, September 16, 2012

Virginia Creeper - The Country's Easiest Bike Path

That's what the brochure said. "The Virginia Creeper is considered to be the country's easiest bike path. " I took them at their word...

Which is probably why I wasn't entirely paying the trail my full attention as we were gliding by this gentle stream with cows on the other side lowing above the dewy grass, the sun taking the nip off the temperature, a glorious morning and Lia and I were soaking it in when my front wheel hit a rock, turned perpendicular, and sent me nose, teeth and face first into the gravel.

Below is me before the accident. Take a good look because it's the last picture you'll ever see me wearing these sunglasses:

Here is me with my bell truly rung. I know exactly now what that means. It was one of those moments I was truly thankful to have a doctor for a wife. She pressed here, pushed there, bent my nose one way then the other, checked my teeth, and said: "it's just a few scratches, you'll be fine." She kept looking at me funny if she wasn't entirely sure...

We kept going and made it to Damascus with time to spare - We felt so good in fact that we decided to bike to the trail's end in Abingdon then back.

34 miles later we didn't feel as great. It was Lia's first time biking over fifty miles, and it had been awhile for me -  I can tell you for certain that no trail feels like the easiest trail in the country after fifty miles.
But concussion, cuts, and gravel that's still stuck in my hand aside - it's a great trail. I'd recommend it to anyone. Just pay it attention - a little. 

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BearBear said...

Oh no! Haha sorry can't help but giggle (with you, of course!) you guys are too cute. That trail looks and sounds very peaceful...minus your biff. :)