Friday, August 09, 2013


This was a big week for the Erickson family. Dave Dave and Anna Rose, with minimal instruction from their parents, mastered the art of balance. Dave Dave was first. He is still a day or two away from figuring out pedals. I'll post a video when it happens. But he is a natural daredevil on the Strider. Here is a video from Monday. Yesterday he was doing stuff I can't do.

Anna Rose has had her ups and downs with the bike. I've been trying to get her on one for a couple years now only to achieve a lot of yelling and tears. However, it took one look at Dave Dave for everything to change. Nothing like a little sibling rivalry. In less than twenty-four hours, she went from not being able to balance a lick to full fledge biking around the block. Sorry, mom, about the no helmet. 

I gave her a tiny push and off she went. I'll never forget it. Nor will I forget what she said: "Oh my goodness, I can bike!" She sure can…

Here is a bonus video of Anna Rose's last swim meet. Can you say future triathlete?

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