Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Chop

We continued the Griswald theme with the annual cutting down of the Erickson family Christmas tree. 

We dragged the kids through the woods until we found it. Anna Rose picked it out. Dave Dave took cover. 

I could tell it was big. But I didn't know how big until we got it in the house!

Fourteen feet, three inches. A new Erickson record. 

A little full. 

Lots of sap. 

There was a bird nest in the branches. We had to tie it to our post to keep it from falling. Our Christmas ornaments took up about a quarter of the available space. We used the balcony to put the star on top. And for as long as we live we will never forget this tree nor will we speak of it without laughing. 

Merry Christmas! May your coming year be sappy and full of joy. 

With love. 

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