Monday, June 23, 2014

Mexico 2104 Part 3 - by the pictures

Just a few of my favorite pictures from Mexico 2014

By the pool...

fruity drinks at 4 every day.

they come in all sizes and strengths...


Falling with Style

Hot Yoga with Leela.

The Flying Squirrel, I believe.

At the beach...

Finding Hermit Crabs

Balancing Rocks (Ned's Favorite)

Our Daily Dip

Surf's up

Shredding it.

Digging Holes for Fun

Snorkeling at Los Arcos

Swimming in a swarm of Angel Fish...

"This is awesome!" yelled David. 

The Blue Footed Boobies...they exist!

The sunsets...

That ain't no halo

Attempt at Todd and Cait's next Romance Novel cover photo... not so romantic after the first kid!

That's better!

That ain't no spray on tan

Some sugar for the matriarch


Fun with hats...

Christmas Card 2014?

How about this one?

Here's looking at you.

She wears it better than her old man.

Would this make YOU smile?

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