Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Mission Emanuel - Child Sponsorship

One of the cooler parts of Mission Emanuel is their Child Sponsorship program. It's like Compassion International. You help pay for a child's education and basic needs. You get pictures and letters and good feelings in return. Over the years, we have sponsored two Compassion Children, and we will probably support more in the future.

The cool thing about sponsoring a child at Mission Emanuel, at least for us, is that we get to see the child. We plan to go to the Dominican Republic each year to do missions work. While there, we get the chance to spend time with this guy. 


Boy is he fun. And Lia can speak Spanish so we can actually talk with him and his family. Next time we are down there, Alejandro's parents plan to cook us dinner! 

Not only that, our kids get to know him, too. He is more than just a picture to them. I love that. I love how we have a young person in our life who we can support, pray for, and know!

A few weeks ago while we were there, Alejandro and his father came to church with us. Alejandro sat on my lap the entire service. We sang and giggled and did our best to listen. Afterward, just like David, he asked me to swing him around and throw him in the air. It was a joy. 

He nearly broke my back! He certainly melted my heart. 

to sponsor a child like Alejandro Click Here

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