Thursday, May 10, 2018

Mission Emanuel Day 2 RECAP

Morgan Bonds and her new best friends

Guest Writer: Morgan Bonds

Started out our day 2 with breakfast and a drive with Jose to Cielo. We had no idea what the Lord had for us that day but we knew it was going to be good. We started out our Tuesday with a surprise trip to the school.

View from on top of Cielo School

Have you ever walked into a room and you could tell something was different but you couldn’t explain it? Well, the school in Cielo we visited felt like we were walking on holy ground. The atmosphere was different and there was a sense of pure joy that only comes from the Lord. We were greeted by smiling faces and warm hugs. As we stood in the middle of the school and talked to the principal I was taken back by how loving and grateful these people were for us just being there.

 We were then lead around to each classroom to visit kids and see the school. As we walked into each room we were met by smiling faces as kids stood up and talked about how much they loved us. I stood there with tears in my eyes thinking, how could they love us so much when all we did was walk into the room. As I thought about that day I kept coming back to how Jesus loves us. We are people who strive for acceptance and we feel like we have to earn people’s love. But Jesus loves us because of who we are and not what we do. Standing in that room reassured me that I don’t have to earn the love of Jesus it is just given to me. All I have to do is receive the gift He freely gives.

This is one of Ned's all time favorite photos

Joy surrounded us as we ran around on the playground playing tag and other fun games. Never in my life have I seen so much joy in one place. It didn’t matter that some of us had no idea what the kids were saying because we don’t speak Spanish. All that mattered in that moment was enjoying one another’s presence.

After having a hard time leaving the school we headed on toward Mission Emmanuel. Not knowing what was in store for us, we came with a cheerful spirit to do work. We had the privilege to help build a retaining wall. It was hard work but being able to help build something that will make this special place stay for many years was worth all the sweat and some blood. We then left to head back to spend quality time with one another and talk about how the Lord showed up for different people.

One thing I noticed while being in the DR was that people lived out the phrase Jesus is enough. Most of the people we met had little to nothing but they had more joy and love than anyone else I’ve met. They had little but they had Jesus and that was enough for them. Jesus is enough. Let us not forget that The Creator of the world sustains us because He loves us and cares for us. This trip has changed the way I think about things and how I seek the Lord out in everything I do.  My first mission trip out of the states will never be forgotten. Thanks for all the prayers that were prayed. The Lord was at work and it was evident.


This is Vlad (short for Vladimir - he is a miracle baby and Natalie Bayer had the chance to work with him)

Vlad and his Haitian mom

We all went down to visit my sponsor child

Took a little break at the pool that afternoon

Ned and Alejandro his sponsor kid

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