Monday, November 19, 2018

UPDATE Week of November 19

Doing Brain Work.

Dr. Tony Atala and Garrett Briggs. 

Garrett this year has had the amazing opportunity to work in Dr. Atala's lab at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. 

On Wednesday night, all the Fellows had the opportunity to hear Dr. Atala speak on the intersection of science and faith. 

Aly called it her favorite night so far as a Fellow. 

A packed room on a cold wet Wednesday

Thankful for Jay Helvey on right for his vision

Thankful for Holli Billings for her organization skills

Thankful for Christian McConnon for his coordinating efforts

The discussion was moderated by Dr. Andrzej Turkanik of the Quo Vadis Institute in Austria. Dr. Atala gave a short presentation on the size and complexity of both the universe and the human body. He left time for questions and answers then stuck around to continue to talk with folks. 

Tim Spangler asking follow up questions to Dr. Atala and Dr. Turkanik


Audra Beth Lynn

Welcome Audra Beth! We are excited to announce that we have received our first acceptance for NEXT YEAR'S CLASS. Audra Beth hails from Rock Hill, South Carolina and is a senior at Clemson University. 

She is completing her degree in Business and Marketing and is thrilled to be joining what is already guaranteed to be another outstanding class of Fellows. How do you know, Ned? You only have one commit. Well, Audra Beth is THAT AMAZING. That's how I know!

this is not an actual picture of us talking on the phone - but I like to pretend it is

ROUND TABLE at the Raineys

A Greek Feast was held around this table
No correlation between the last name of David and Shannon and the weather but OH MY! Monday night was a deluge! 

We were grateful to have a roof over our heads, especially one as nice as David and Shannon's. It was a solid night of worship and sharing. I loved how the Raineys jumped right in. 

Thanks guys!

LEADER LUNCH - with Lia Erickson, Ellen Robinson and Jennifer Keller

Lia, Ellen and Jennifer and the gang

This was one of my favorite lunches of the year. Watching the Fellows get blown away by my wife and her story is worth the price of admission. Always at some point some Fellow asks along the lines of What in the world did you see in Ned? Which always makes me go I know!

What can I say? I married way out of my league.

Lia shared about her journey to medicine and the privilege she feels it is to care and advocate for her patients.

Here is a clip about her practice:

It was also awesome to hear Ellen and Jennifer share about their journeys.

Ellen is Chanice's host mom as well!

Lia shares with the Fellows
It was the first Leader Lunch we have ever had in a doctor's office! The lunch also is the only one we have had so far served by a taco truck.

THAT EVENING was Dr. Atala's event

Trent received much praise for his bartending skills

Shannon and Julie Baughan

More amazing ladies

THURSDAY NIGHT we attended our second evening extravaganza at Westwood Swim and Tennis Club for Mission Emanuel 


Nicole and Holly two of Mission Emanuel's great staff members
It was a true fiesta!


Welcome to the family, Juliette

We drove all the way up to Columbus and back to greet our newest niece and cousin: Juliette Collins Vishnauski. 

And to see all these guys

And to build a gingerbread house

And eat too much

A great weekend - almost was thrown off by Ohio State losing to Maryland - fortunately, calamity was avoided (not earned) and the Buckeyes survived. 


Anna Rose, Maggie and David slayed it
Hope Church participates in the local backpack program in Winston-Salem. On Sunday night, our small group helped put the meals together. 

The kids were amazing - out performing the adults in speed, enthusiasm, and teamwork. Well done guys!


Kelly at home with the Hopkins

After four straight weekends either coaching or on trips with the Fellows, Kelly had a well-deserved quiet weekend with the dogs. She also dominated on the GRE this week. So proud of this woman!


We are SO THANKFUL for the generous support that we have received from the community. We are about 25k away from reaching our annual goal. Would you help us surpass it?

Here is how:

checks to 

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th St. 
Winston-Salem, NC 27101

or online 

Thanks. This is a community-based program in every sense of the word. You make that true with your support!


Monday ROUND TABLE with David and Lisa Meyer. Thanksgiving Edition!!!


Wednesday Fellows are going home for the holidays. I've got some fun meetings lined up before heading to the hills myself. 

Thursday Turkey Day!

Friday Turkey Day part two!

Saturday and Sunday fun with family

Monday back to it with work and round table with the Smiths!

THANKS ALL! Keep sharing the story and spreading the love... 

David and Cousin Wyatt

Photos of a feast

Chad, Lia, Cara and Caitlin - the Simpsons!

Anna Rose takes out the braids

Garrett celebrates his brother getting his ring at VMI

The Simpson Clan

The Fellows Clan

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