Monday, July 30, 2007

First Camping Trip

Lia and I took Anna Rose on her first camping trip this weekend.
We were accompanied by our dear friends, Tim and Lindsay Musser and their one year old, Daisy. It was her first time, too. And I've done some relatively hair raising things in the outdoors, but few things felt more hard core than trying to survive through a night car camping with two one year olds.

But as it turned out, the girls did great, and us moms and dads actually managed a few hours of shut eye. It was a great first time. And instead of erasing the allure of taking the family backpacking, it has actually emboldened my dreams.

For instance, in September, Lia and I are planning on doing some hiking in Colorado. I'm now thinking about which fourteener I want to take Anna rose up first. Further, next summer, I am planning to join an expedition to Kilimanjaro. I had been working out a babysitter strategy, but now I am thinking we won't be needing one. Look out world! Here come the Ericksons! Ha!

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