Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Yes, another wonderful Halloween has come and past. This year we went theme-less. We've never gone theme actually.

Theme, however, this year seemed to be en vogue. The Andersons, around the corner, went Wizard of Oz. The Macoskos went Smurf. The Logsdons went Star Wars.

We went...well, Dave Dave went Dinosaur.

A-Ro went Pirate Princess.

Lia went as a Chinese Masseuse. Somehow she avoided getting pictured. I went as a Wedding Singer (ironically, I happened to lose my voice earlier that day). Fun was had by all.

On a sad personal note, this year marked a turning point in the Erickson household. For the first time, our children are hording their candy. Looks like from here on out, Lia and I are going empty handed...It was good while it lasted.

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