Wednesday, May 21, 2014

We Run For Them

It was a hazy morning January 1, but not too cold. It's never too cold to run on the parkway. OK. Sometimes it is. But it wasn't that day. 

I parked my car at the Mill Pond and headed north toward Cumberland Knob. Thirteen miles separates them. I've biked it but have never run that far. I wasn't planning to that day either. And I didn't. But I did wonder. In fact, I wondered something even more daring:

What would it be like to run the WHOLE THING?

Funded by FDR's New Deal and built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Blue Ridge Parkway connects the two great national parks of the southeast: The Great Smoky National Park and Shenandoah National Park. Turns out, they’re only 469 miles apart. 469 miles! Are you nuts?

It took the Parks service 52 years to complete it. 

I'm going to run it in 9 days. 

We are raising money and support for two great causes. 
Hence, We Run For Them. 

For more information go to my website (if the link didn't work)

And come back here over the next couple weeks as I will be sending out more information. 

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