Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pass Me The Rock

A-Ro has started playing basketball this winter. Here she is demonstrating some of her mad dribbling skills. 

I must say we have totally lucked out with coaches. Libby Kelly is phenomenal. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I know she is a physician, but I totally think she has missed out on her true calling. (I think she knows it, too.) 

We took the kids to a Wake Women's Basketball Game a few weeks ago. Anna Rose asked for a pen and paper. She wanted to take notes to share with her team! Here they are.

Get the rebounds
Put your hands up
Fast passes
Use both hands
Bring water
Move your feet
Reward your team
Fast goals
Put your hands up

Don't get the ball when out of bounds
Get close to the goal
Cheer for your team
Talk to your team
Always dribble the ball
Love the ball
Have fun
Play hard
Steal the ball
No touching other team
Cheer for your team

Words to live by...

A-Ro missed the first game and the only jersey they had left was a Youth Medium.

Today, while I was walking into the gym I prayed that she would score. I didn't believe at all it would happen. She hasn't gotten close to even shooting. "I'm a passer dad," is the way she explains it. Which is true. She's a pass first, shoot second kind of player. She just hasn't gotten to the second part yet. But late in the second quarter, she got the ball along the baseline about six feet from the net. I don't know what exactly went through her mind, but there was no one to pass to. And so she went for it. SWISH. Nothing but net. The crowd went crazy! Seriously, everybody, not just me. 

She was a bit embarrassed by my enthusiasm. 

But here she is after the game with her BFFTLE, Olivia. 
(Best Friends For Totally Like Ever).


Rich and Renee Erickson said...

Anna Rose, I am so proud of you for trying so many things. And congratulations on that super basket!

Grandma Erickson

Rich and Renee Erickson said...

Anna Rose, I am not sure that I know how to leave this comment, but I am trying -- just like you, I am trying to new things. Congratulations on learning some new skills, being observant and taking notes, and making that basket. I hope sometime I will get to cheer for your team. We used to embarrass your dad, too, with our enthusiasm:)