Thursday, July 21, 2016

Saving Finn

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Anna Rose and I were videotaping for program for VBS this week when we were interrupted (we have it on tape) by this cat. (Ironically, Anna Rose was playing the character Penelope Petlover, the lover of all pets)  

The poor thing was crying like it was on its last leg. Well, we went outside to see what the ruckus was all about, and she scurried to our front door, where she proceeded to purr and nestle up against my children. 

The cat clearly was attempting to adopt us. 

Now for those of you who know the Ericksons, you probably know where this is going - the Ericksons are adopting a new pet. 

Not so fast, Kitty Litter. 

Ned draws the line at cats. 

But we couldn't send the cat back out on the least my family couldn't. Needless to say, our quiet afternoon of hot yoga and pool side chilling turned into trips to the Humane Society and posting pictures on WXII, Neighborhood Forums, and Facebook. 

Fortunately, our next door neighbors love cats, and they agreed to foster this feline till we found him a home. 

We had several false positives. (Turns out there is a robust find homes for lost animal sub culture here in Winston-Salem.) All turned out not to be the cat. 

Two days later, our next door neighbors were settling into the idea of adopting him when we got another call. 

Finn had run away almost a month ago from a family we actually know who recently moved out of our neighborhood. Well, Finn, being lost, somehow found his way back to his original neighborhood and found a family (us) with the same age kids as his original family (no wonder the cat was so good with Anna Rose and Dave Dave). 

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It was a wonderful reunion, and I am happy to say that Finn is back where he belongs. 

The miracles of social media...

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