Monday, April 10, 2017

UPDATE Week of April 3

Hello and happy Monday! Before you start reading this in Ned's voice, you should know that this week's update is not brought to you by the fearless fellows director we all know and love, but by me, his "favorite" inaugural fellow (we're all his favorite). This is Jessica, and I'll be filling you in on the past week while Ned is in the DR with his family.

Sean captured this great photo of a double rainbow on Monday.
On Monday, we all gathered at Redeemer Pres for round table, and made some delicious soup in their kitchen. They happened to be setting up for a Greek themed meal at the time, so we also got to enjoy some festive decor! Ned shared more details about our upcoming trip to DC for the National Conference and our big trip to Israel. It's starting to feel real, and we are beyond excited for this gift that has been given to us.

Wednesday, a top-notch panel of 7th graders at Summit School hosted our leader lunch. During our dialogue, they shared where they would like to go to college and what they want to do, and the fellows shared what they wanted to be in 7th grade. Not only did they ask all the right questions, but they also answered our questions so well that they should have been recorded!

The 7th graders impressing us with their ideas.
No trip to Summit School is complete without a visit to David's class!
Ned may not play favorites, but I'm pretty sure Dave Dave's favorite fellow is Camille!
It should probably be noted that we ate very well at Summit. Who knew cafeteria food could taste so good? After eating and saying goodbye to the kids, we got to meet with a panel of educators at Summit, who shared their stories with us. This was probably the largest leader lunch group we've had so far!

The whole gang at our Summit leader lunch.
After lunch on Wednesday, we drove to the Center for Creative Leadership in Greensboro, where we gave our final presentations. Over the semester, we have been working on group projects for the mentoring group that we volunteer with on Wednedays, called G.I.D.E. The projects involved forming a mentor training plan, creating volunteer outreach strategies, and updating and streamlining social media platforms.

Putting together some last minute visuals.

Christina, Alex, and Rahel presenting on how to engage with
potential mentors at a college volunteer fair.
On Friday, we had our last class on faith and culture with Clay Cooke. It was filled with great insight and provoking questions. Afterwards, Clay, his wife, and their new baby girl had us over for a pizza farewell party. We can't thank Clay enough for his wisdom and hospitality... All we can say is, what a guy!

Thanks Clay!!

Some snapshots from our weekend:

Christina reading scripture at River Oaks on Sunday morning

Sean's seat for the National Championship at the Dean Dome. UNC wins!!
To celebrate the UNC win, Sean ran all the way from Dean Dome to Henderson/Franklin St.

The Food Truck Festival was insane!

Jessica and Christina hanging out with Alex and the Sunshine crew on Saturday.

Reese doing some bouldering at Pilot Mountain.
Not pictured: Reese's sister, who came to visit this weekend! 
The fellows made great use of their weekend. A few of us got to see some short films at River Run, others had a look at an intentional community in Durham called Rutba, and Dakota experienced the Masters golf tournament!

This continues to be a time of discernment for each of the fellows. Again, please do keep us in your prayers as we go through the process of research, interviews, and transitions.


I'm just going to copy in what Ned has already said, because why mess with a good thing? And it's true... we are thankful for so many of you who have been financially supporting us this year! 

For those of you who have had intentions to support us or were waiting for tax refunds to come around, please consider this opportunity to contribute. We are a small, lean nonprofit so a little bit can go a long way. Thanks!

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  • Lots of pet and house sitting for the fellows over Easter weekend, as we continue to raise funds for our Israel Trip.
  • Round Table at Ned's House while he's away. We're thinking quiche. 
  • Leader Lunch with Chris Perry, my host dad. We're all looking forward to this!
  • Business as usual... working, volunteering, and praying.
  • Thinking about packing for Israel!

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