Monday, April 03, 2017

UPDATE Week of March 27

It is hard to believe that we have two months until the inaugural class of the Winston-Salem Fellows graduates! 

How many college grads does it take to complete Zion's chemistry homework? Answer: more than four!
We have just a few things to complete before it's all said and done, like: a final presentation at the Center for Creative Leadership; a three week seminar with Rob Alexander, author of Gospel-Centered Life at Work; the Fellows National Conference in Washington DC; and a mission trip to Israel. Just a few...ha!


Provost Rogan Kersh
On Monday, I attended a lecture given by the Provost of Wake Forest University, Rogan Kersh, entitled: "Millennials, Continued: How to Engage and Retain This Amazing, Complex Generation." I had heard "Part 1" last year and did not want to miss Part 2.

We discussed my notes at Round Table that night at Chris and Virginia Perry's. Chris and Virginia are two of my favorite Round Table hosts; they not only join us for dinner, but they also lead us in discussion. This week Chris asked us to each share our favorite Bible Character and Why. Great question. Thanks guys!

The Millennials discussion was equally fabulous. A great night.

Jade and Jessie Costen and friends
Our Leader Lunch this week was with Jade and Jessie Costen, the owner/operators of the Chik-fil-A at Thruway Shopping Center. They did an amazing job both in sharing their journey and in giving us practical nuggets (pardon the pun) about life and career. Believe it or not Jade didn't grow up dreaming of owning a Chik-fil-A (spoiler alert - Jade can't cook!) - but he has found himself in a place where he can lead and make a difference. And that's what Jade does great. Thanks guys!

We double-dipped (pardon the pun) and received an insider's tour of Inmar with Trena Sides (who runs the place - sorry David Mounts, but it's true! ha!).

Trena sharing her insider knowledge
Thank you Inmar for hosting Leader Lunch!

From there we headed to G.I.D.E. and their brand new headquarters at the 14th Street Recreation Center.

Rahel is a role model in more ways than one
We tutored, played outside, enjoying the spectacular weather, and received a history-laden tour of the Rec. Center including the boxing ring which holds the sweat of most of the professional boxers that have come through this city.

I told you Rahel is a role model in more ways than one!
On Friday, we held classes with Dr. Clay Cooke; I had an interview with another candidate for next year; and the Fellows worked on their projects.

The Weekend included: 

Lia in her Go Go Boots

Licking our chops at Project Pearl's Dog Jog
David and his friend Margaret taking the lead

Julia taking her family to Divine Llama
Several of our Fellows Taking in Movies over the Weekend

Going to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with local talent like Professor Jed Macosko


We continue to talk to great potential Fellows. On Friday, we interviewed a fantastic man, Antonius Gunawan and will be interviewing another young man this week. 

I also had two very promising phone conversations and should be getting their applications in any day now. 

On Tuesday, I will be attending Athletes in Action at Wake Forest and speaking to the Career Service Department at Elon University. We continue to work our channels at Winston-Salem State University and will be circling back with some of our contacts from the fall. All in all, we are in good shape. 

However, none of this happens without prayer...and the more pray-ers the better!


Fundraising for Israel is coming along. We have eclipsed $10,000 which means we need about $1,000 a week to come in to reach our goal. So now is the time, friends!

The overall Fellows Budget is coming along as well. We will need about $15,000 to come in to complete our August to August fiscal year. Sorry to repeat myself - but now is the time, friends!

To donate: send checks to

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th Street
WSNC 27104

Or donate online HERE

THANK YOU for being part of the team!


Monday: Exec Team Meeting at 12:15pm, Round Table at the Gobble House followed by a viewing of the National Championship.

Tuesday: Presentation at Elon University, joining Athletes in Action at Wake Forest University

Wednesday: Leader Lunch with the Staff at Summit School! Presentations at the Center for Creative Leadership.

Friday: our Final Class with Dr. Clay Cooke with luncheon to follow. Interview with Tucker Bartholomew.

Sunday: Mission Trip to Mission Emanuel!

Am I seeing things or is this llama smiling?

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