Monday, January 15, 2018

UPDATE - Week of Jan 15

Tucker is grubbing at Mary's Ofcourse!
 In this Issue:
- Weekly Recap
- Enneagram Workshop Info
- Recruitment Update
- Giving Snapshot
- Looking Ahead


What alliteration!

Round Table isn't always Round (rarely is round actually)
THANK YOU Dustin, Holly, and Owen Heath for welcoming us in your new home! It was quite an honor to be the first of what I am sure will be many, many, many people that you will be blessed by the Heath's hospitality. 

JP really loved the tacos

 LEADER LUNCH was spectacular!

Steve Childs welcomed us into his new studio called Spinning Stone. Easily the coolest venue for a Leader Lunch ever. (Until this week...hmmm. What could Ned have up his sleeve?)

Steve shared his story and his paintings and glimpses of his movies and read from a living document of life lessons that he wrote just for us! Unbelievable.

Spinning Stone

Steve using hand gestures to describe his football career

Ashley, Morgan and Tucker checking out some of Steve's art

Steve made a welcome sign!

Steve and the Fellows

Steve and the ladies and JP

This could make the website

After Small Groups we visited with Ron Pegram down at the 14th Street Rec Center. I actually ditched for an interview with a potential Fellow.

Then, we all met up at Crafted for dinner.

We've got lots of eating pics this week I'm realizing

Thursday I had a Program Committee Meeting with our Board then went to Wake Forest for a meeting. 

They reserved a spot for me! How cool is that?

I almost kept it. Maybe should have. 

Friday. We all took the Enneagram Test. 

(see details below on how you can take it). 

Ashley taking her test

Then we had our first class of the semester Spiritual Formation with Joe Moore! Joe is an amazing guy. He was the head of Spiritual Formation for Intervaristy (like all of Intervarsity) - and now he is teaching us!!!

I took lots of notes before I lost my journal over the weekend! Yikes!

(more on my weekend in a bit). 




JANUARY 27th from 9am - 1pm The Winston-Salem Fellows are bringing a certified Enneagram expert to provide an in depth workshop for our community to better understand this powerful resource. 

FEATURING: FIL ANDERSON - certified expert in the Enneagram, author of two books, and President of Journey Resources. 

WHERE: Redeemer Presbyterian Church. 1046 Miller Street. Winston-Salem, NC

WHEN: January 27th. 9am - 1pm

WHO: You and your friends (Space is limited)

HOW DO I REGISTER:  RIGHT HERE (Just type right onto the google form - if it doesn't work email


Childcare is provided at $10 per child

YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE THE TEST PRIOR TO COMING. However, if you would like to, we recommend taking the test found at

ALSO, If you are looking for reading, Fil recommends Marilyn Vancil's book Self to Lose, Self to Find

You don't want to miss this!!!!

Pass it on!


Joe Moore led a Day Retreat at St. Francis Springs. Grace and Mentor Michelle went!

Morgan went to Quarry Park

Abby and Grace were joined with real life daughter of Holly and Jon Brower

Sarah and Grace cheered on the wrong team at the Wake Forest Basketball Game. Joined by Steve and Molly Lineberger

Young Life Africa/Middle East

Lia and I joined Hunter and Lauri Lambeth and Rich and Nancy Keshian at the Young Life Africa/Middle East Conference in Dallas

Lia and the James Davis Young Life Director of Liberia

We got to stay with great old friends Robert and Debra Milam. Plus Ford and Ezra

Ford and Robert joined us

I also got to spend the afternoon on Saturday with Robbie Mills, another one of my old Young Life guys who is starting a For the Nations Church in Dallas.

So proud of these dudes.


I got to hug on Yousef, my dear friend. 

I got to meet Dyan Larmey and Chesley and unnamed friend of Morgan Bonds!


We continue to interview candidates. Right now we have only ladies in our pipeline, so pray for some dudes!

I just left a conversation with two potential Fellows.

This week we will have two phone interviews. Checking references and may be extending offers in the next couple weeks. Very exciting stuff!


Thank you to all of our generous donors. I told one thank you this week and apologized because I hadn't gotten a handwritten thank you to him yet - he said, you can count this as your handwritten note. Thanks Jeff Andrews. You are the man.

If you want to join Jeff in supporting us here is how:

or mail checks to

Winston-Salem Fellows
851 W. 5th Street
WSNC 27101

Thank you!

- Round Table at the Lenhams (it won't be a round table Jeanne tells me)
- Leader Lunch with Drew Gerstmyer - part of the brainchildren behind our downtown revitalization. 
- Classes with Ben Milner and Joe Moore
- Luncheon with Tony Evans on Racial Reconciliation

A sad note. On Tuesday, I will be attending the funeral of one of my heroes, Ray Seigler. obituary link

I was a member of Ray's "Young Guns" whom he mentored for several years. I will always be thankful for that. Ray is also responsible for starting the Raleigh Fellows. His impact cannot be measured. Please pray for our family in Raleigh. The whole city is mourning.

Thanks all. Keep spreading the word and the love.

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